Prepositions used with "education"

"of education" or "in education"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases education of is used

Department of Education 1993b).

Secretary of Education, Richard W.

Ministry of Education, Wellington.

I believe that online learning will continue to grow and be the future of education.

A few days later the Director of Education (a British Officer) appeared at my house.

In addition each service has unique programs to help pay for the costs of education.

In the area of education, we aim to develop financial literacy, especially for youth, as well as online learning.

The self-evaluation report is evaluated in March-April in the target negotiations with the Ministry of Education.

Personally, I don't see how your level of education is relevant in any way other then maybe statistical purposes.

It was the first time that aesthetic education was apposed at the same level with other three kinds of education.

In 16% of cases education in is used

Give the boys job in education.

I'd a massive believer in education.

Moi also has invested in Education e.

A background in education and training of mental health professionals is necessary.

Some examples may be green energy, investing in education, improving infrastructure.

Generally, our Ahmadi children who are living in Germany are excelling in education.

Further Education can give you more time in education or help you into employment or further study at University.

Senior clerics became concerned about the rise in education standards for women and their demands for more rights.

As a graduate student in Education, I appreciated the breadth of research and ideas represented in only 219 pages.

In 11% of cases education to is used

Before moving to education, Dr.

I again, ultimately, go back to education.

Don't make acting an alternative to education.

She has since been supported to return to education, successfully passing her exams.

Besides, the Prophet's Mosque enjoys a respectable status when it comes to education.

In 2003, Greg was made an Officer in the Order of Australia for his contributions to education and public debate.

Building access to education requires strategic planning and a great collaboration among people, to make it work.

The Government should make certain measures for treating them equal in respect to education as well as employment.

Discrimination in access to education and health leads to a lack of awareness of basic rights and social mobility.

In 10% of cases education for is used

Minister for Education &; Skills Mr.

You are ascribing a telos for education.

Support for Education is hard to qualify.

Note that the educational price list and order form is for education purposes only.

The Secretary for Education, the Honorable Michael Suen, was also a Guest-of-Honour.

The conclusion briefly considers the implications of this new knowledge for education.

Kerry Schott Member appointed by the Minister for Education &; Training pursuant to Section 9(1) (b) of the Act.

I know we all pay for education through general taxation but like the NHS the economies of scale make it affordable.

The Department for Education's website has a map scattered with dots, denoting free schools due to open next September.

In 7% of cases education on is used

National Policy on Education 1986.

Topic: Research on education and learning.

The Convention places a high value on education.

It was perfect timing knowing our community outreach platform was focusing on education.

That's the same one that is trying to sink the National government on education changes.

If the health service spent more money on education and preventative medicine, it would.

Angara, Chair of the Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture, during the committee hearing held yesterday.

Maybe it's time the NRL gave up on education and did some personality tests before they take them into their ranks.

They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.

The Finance Minister, Mr Barney Kina, said today the rise was needed to help to pay for increased spending on education.

In 2% of cases education through is used

The idea was to deal with it through education.

In my mind, free will can only come through education, not indoctrination.

These kids are learning how to tackle their own problems through education.

Stupidity can not be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation.

Through education and self awareness you can find relief from any of your ailments.

The founder grew up without much, but her family raised itself up through education.

COMBATING AIDS Working with the youth to combat AIDS through education and awareness programs and mobilization.

The Centre brings Australia's world leading expertise in mining to resource rich developing countries through education.

She is extremely excited to support the Touch Foundation as it creates lasting and sustainable change through education.

One of the key enablers of increasing productivity is to increase knowledge through education, training and development.

In 2% of cases education with is used

Social justice begins with education.

Yes, with educational genius, he will be.

He has a bachelor of arts with education (B.

The problem with education today is that it doesn't do enough for the ordinary kids.

She continuously lets the classrooms know that all things are possible with education.

There are also student unions in place to assist with education, healthcare and finance.

Combined with education on hygiene, food preparation and clean water for good health, the World Neighbors water projects are.

Was it right from childhood that you chose to be an educationist? Well, all my life I have had something to do with education.

I wish we had a system similar to the US, where the President appoints people with education and relevant experience in his cabinet.

The empirical research that is conducted in disciplines concerned with education has essentially always been pragmatically oriented.

In 1% of cases education about is used

Her job was to talk to young people about education.

What really bothers me here is what TLC said about education.

But there is nothing special about education in regards to Gittip.

Even members of the media will say this whole thing isn't really about education.

Rather than being about education these schools will be about will be about indoctrination.

I'll take the comment about education funding being about school outings with a pinch of salt:).

For many tourists, culinary travel is less about education and more about finding unique eating and drinking experiences.

However, comparative data about education in a global context does place the British educational system in a wider context.

When we know who we are and what we are supposed to do, it is easier to make important decisions about education, careers, and marriage.

It almost seems it's not politically correct to acknowledge that Republicans do something about education reform, while Democrats are forced.

In 1% of cases education as is used

Other factors such as education, social, or family problems may affect behavior.

In fact, even basic facilities such as education and food items are becoming more and more costly.

The author is clearly a proponent of respectful ways to address population growth such as education.

Others issues, such as education, infrastructure, jobs and the tax code, should be the legislature's top priority.

But the challenge to producing fast, and adding features is taking business customers off guard as well as education.

Since the 1960 's, activists and thinkers in areas such as education, social welfare, and rural development have drawn upon his teaching and advice.

What are the policies of austerity? They involve the cutting of public investment and services such as education, health care, and retirement insurance.

The latter section included aspects of policies that are of particular relevance for youth, such as education, vocational training, and access to labour markets.

I hope that the exchanges and cooperation between the DPRK and the UK will be strengthened more and more in many fields: such as education, science and technology and so on.

In 1% of cases education by is used

By education I am an Englishman.

Women can not rule men, neither by education or power.

Ebrahim Qassim is a Chartered Accountant by education.

However, change is far better achieved by education and inclusion, than by any sort of ban.

Because mankind was infinitely perfectible, human failings could be eradicated by education.

An inverse relationship by education appeared to be the strongest predictor for all persons (OR = 0.

By education and familiarizing yourself with issues, using inclusive language, and knowing some history, you begin the process of becoming an ally.

How the debate plays out will be watched carefully by education experts in the UK, where 24 free schools, built on the Swedish model, opened this year.

But of course, this contradicts liberal creationism which religiously decrees that all people are born equal and that everything can be solved by education.

In a circular sent to all County Directors of Education, District and Municipal Education Officers and Principals of Secondary Schools and signed by Education Permanent Secretary Prof.

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