Prepositions used with "economy"

"of economy" or "in economy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases economy of is used

The law of economy is transcended.

For the ministry of economy, Jinnah appointed CR.

The problem with those kinds of economies is that when they hit the wall, they hit it real hard.

Turning back from that democratization of economies is unlikely to be reversed, nor should it be.

This is an epitome of the statist miscomprehension of complex systems, of economies and ecologies.

Through exploitation of economies of scale and scope they are able to produce medium-tech products.

The independence of the Insee, direction attached to the Ministry of economy and finance, is questioned.

Economy and minimalism are also briefly discussed (he returns to the theme of economy in a later chapter).

Privatization or liberalization of economy is not the problem worldwide but the states ' regulation of economies.

Privatization or liberalization of economy is not the problem worldwide but the states ' regulation of economies.

In 23% of cases economy in is used

A new ticket will have to be issued for travel in Economy / Premire.

A little respect and a little personal service, even in economy, should be the norm.

In the longer run, it will be helpful for inflation, growth in economy and rural income.

For those who can not study and had to start working, they contribute in economy as a steady supply of workforce.

Also corruption plays a important role in economy of India which also leads to no manufacturing investments in INDIA.

And I'd not just saying that because I was lumbered with a middle seat in Economy Class on Korean Air in both directions.

Get the Investing Ideas newsletter Share this article I have bachelors ' degree in economy and master's degree in finance.

And Charles Ponzi, in particular, whose name went down to the courses in economy and investments, discovered this principle.

The Gassim route will be operated with an Airbus A320 in a two-class configuration of 12 seats in First Class and 132 in Economy.

SERVICES AND TRAINING CENTERS: Training centers should be promoted in economy to equip the labor with training and technical skill.

In 9% of cases economy for is used

He was fighting for economy, not slavery.

Click here for BA's seating guide policy and pricing for economy.

When I said I had used the other lounge for $25 - the price dropped! No way! Gabfol Lounge is THE lounge for economy customers at Lagos Airport.

The report also includes the first forecast from the think-tank for economy activity in 2013, which it believes will see an increase in GDP of 2.

Like so many American decisions in the years following the Second World War it appeared to answer the felt needs for economy while maintaining at least verbal adherence to previously stated goals.

In 6% of cases economy on is used

See I need to tell you about a guy who has control of his on economy and does very well.

In 6% of cases economy to is used

And both were tied to economies that were going nowhere.

Such crippling blows to economy will never allow this country to develop.

The benefits in doing this though will be considerable - generating affordable homes and a stimulus to economy will be a price worth paying.

The IMF is the banker of last resort to economies in trouble, lending money when nobody else will, extracting promises of reform from hapless borrowers.

In 4% of cases economy from is used

Widdison argues that this tendency will follow not only from reduced advantages from economies of scale.

You can also Connect with Facebook by clicking here: Recently, i upgraded my package from economy to ultra pack but etc is not available.

By the very nature of how the service provider delivers the service, they will benefit from economies of scale that the individual or SME's could not.

Primetown Tower Makati Travellers always enjoy being upgraded whether it be from economy to business on a plane, or from a deluxe room to a suite in a hotel.

In 3% of cases economy about is used

The i30 can cope with rutted and ridged roads every bit as well as the Focus or Golf, and even the back road blat -- as long as you're not thinking about economy -- is appealing.

In 2% of cases economy With is used

The fact is the Western Pacific ought now to go forward as rapidly as possible consistent with economy.

He has statutory authority to examine and report to Parliament on whether departments and the bodies they fund have used their resources efficiently, effectively, and with economy.

In 1% of cases economy between is used

It is emphasizing the balance between economy and the environment, in contrast to the old days when I could see plenty of water and air pollution.

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