Prepositions used with "economics"

"of economics" or "in economics"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases economics of is used

TonyT Communism is a form of economics.

In the world of economics, this is not good.

David Lam is a professor of economics at the.

Osibodu, a graduate of Economics, has decades of banking experience under her belt.

Paul Cantor is a professor of economics at Norwalk Community College in Connecticut.

This is the ShamWow of strategies, the Flowbee of economics, the Ronco of investing.

Elasticity of demand (and supply) is one of the great insights of economics, first postulated by Alfred Marshall.

SOUTH AFRICA Awarded the degree of Doctor of Economics, honoris Causa by the University of Natal in December 2003.

Read the shallow, jingoistic references to the Money Tree and the primary school level understanding of economics.

I am horrified by the lack of understanding of economics by so many people (scientists, politicans and lay public).

In 30% of cases economics in is used

Paul has two degrees in Economics.

Many empirical studies in economics -- Dr.

He has an MA in Economics, and an MA and Ph.

I received all three of my degrees -- BBA in economics, masters in divinity and Ph.

He holds both first and graduate degrees in Economics from the University of Lagos.

He completed his Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Manchester in 1966.

And Mr Summers, the nephew of two Nobel Prize winners in economics, was a whiz-kid - an irritatingly high scorer.

McDonald earned a BA in Economics in 1985 from the University of Manitoba and is a graduate of Ridley College in St.

SOUTH AFRICA Awarded a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Economics by the University of Venda, South Africa in May, 2006.

SOUTH AFRICA Awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree in Economics by the University of Venda, South Africa in May, 2006.

In 4% of cases economics about is used

Immigration is about economics.

This is primarily about economics.

I also agree with the author when he talks about economics and environment.

You have a huge gap in your knowledge about economics that you need to bridge.

But I can tell you I spend average 8 hours in library learning about economics.

Unfortunately most of these ows people don't really have a clue about economics or society in general.

Other important Muslim scholars who wrote about economics include al-Mawardi (1075 -- 1158 ), Ibn Taimiyah (.

I started writing about economics because I hate the way that our dysfunctional economy is crushing the dreams of so many people.

I could go into why, but it would just be a long debate with some of you (ostensibly about economics but really just about politics) and I've seen that movie before.

If you spent an average of 8 hours reading Milton Friedman half of everything you learned about economics is lies and propaganda, you may as well have read Von'Mises or Hayek.

In 4% of cases economics on is used

Paul Krugman is not a worthy authority on economics.

The speech contained some interesting points on economics.

The individuals with the best slogans were awarded books on economics and entrepreneurship.

Any introductory text on economics should have this right after Marshall's supply and demand graph.

Satire on Economics Satire on Racism ASSIGNMENT 1- SATIRE Find three of your own examples of satire.

We just conclude that you are a loony who should not be listened to on economics (or anything, I guess).

The site, independent of the newspaper, aims to provide knowledge and stimulate debate on economics, for business people, students, economists and others.

So please, remind me how Democrats are worse on economics and responsible for this mess? Ryan has played you all for fools, making you believe he's actually a deficit hawk.

I just want you to address the fact that the *vast* majority of economists, even Mankiw at Harvard who is a Romney advisor, don't agree that the Democrats are lost on economics at all.

Had Galbraith devoted more effort to gathering empirical evidence to support his views and to finding ways to test them statistically, his influence on economics would have been greater.

In 3% of cases economics for is used

Continuing cuts will bring job levels to a 20-year low in 2014, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) predicted.

And the papers were all pretty manageable, except for Economics Paper 2 (Essay Writing) and Chemistry Paper 1 (Multiple Choice).

You can pre-order the book at The book hit #23 on Amazon's best seller list for economics books this week despite being on the pre-order stage.

In 3% of cases economics to is used

SHANE So from demographics to economics, Richard.

It changed everything, from politics to economics.

All that confirmed my initial view that religion is - akin to economics - a house of cards, also.

The MEPI was based on four major elements related to economics, education, politics, and women's empowerment.

Tame, were early in pointing out at the time that no consistent defence of liberty makes sense if it is confined purely to economics, a point that some Tories to this day don't seem to grasp.

Let's put it this way, if CO2 emmision was treated like burgalary, would you let a burglar continue because it was in his economic interests? Individuals will not change due to economics or laziness.

In 3% of cases economics with is used

Ebert mentions, something to do with economics/capitalism.

Rather, Graham is characterising the exact problem with economics.

But it has nothing to do with politics, it has only to do with economics.

I for one think that it's all to do with economics and less with religion.

Where it might lead though will be with economics, though not the good kind.

In short, what there is to like or dislike about modern architecture really has a lot to do with economics and politics of space.

Galbraith's only serious flirtation with radicalism showed itself with Economics and the Public Purpose, published in 1973, the fourth book of what turned out to be a tetralogy on the economy.

In 1% of cases economics as is used

The thing that is so objectionable about Posner, today and every day, is that his writings are politics, his right-wing politics, masquerading as economics.

It is any thought or writing about law and its relation to other social sciences such as economics, psychology, philosophy, sociology, politics and ethics etc.

Then, there are the programmes, which provide training in areas such as economics and social structure, politics and government, methods and techniques for workers education and trade union training.

In 1% of cases economics by is used

I do object to its trajectory which happens to be the result of steering by economics.

He became absorbed by economics, reading avidly and developing an ongoing interest in economic theory.

There is no doubt that some new conflicts are driven primarily by economics and will continue to be in the near future.

Geoff C, Wiltshire, UK This is not a problem caused by the poor nor by economics, although in the current world both seem to contribute to the issue.

We hope you will do some books on India too Thank you!!! On a small note you (and the original picture) are mistaking realities shaped by economics with realities shaped by cultures.

In 1% of cases economics from is used

From economics of managing expenses to learning politics first hand from the well represented student wings of political parties.

Mathematical Science Mathematics is, in many ways, the language of science, and it opens doors to everything from economics to space travel.

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