Prepositions used with "duty"

"of duty" or "on duty"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases duty of is used

It's Call Of Duty: Mancunian Warfare.

Just add it to your list of duties.

Right to compel to any act of duty 61.

For Kant 1, what is important is that a person acts out of duty, not out of inclination.

Keeping things because of a sense of duty, or guilt, is no way to feel in your own home.

The morality of duty is a matter of rules or standards, which are regarded as obligatory.

It does so many new things so very well, making it the most groundbreaking Call of Duty since the first Modern Warfare.

Australia's very own Sam Worthington starred in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops as the main protagonist Alex Mason.

We have attracted highly skilled, talented and passionate people who are prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Some workplaces have developed a gold-star approach for people to nominate people who they see going beyond the call of duty.

In 22% of cases duty on is used

Policemen never got killed on duty.

I first ran, looking about on duty.

The leader on duty sounded really upset.

But the production manager on duty asked them to go back to work, saying there was no danger.

Three were members of the company and two were Pakistani officers on duty in the police post.

As I stepped into the health tent, there was a little boy being treated by our doctor on duty.

That good run should continue today, even with the absence of Blaine, who is on duty with Jamaica's beach football team.

A team of nurses keeps moving his body to prevent pressure sores, and an extra nurse is on duty 24 hours a day to monitor him.

The wives of all policemen must be wondering if their husbands also enjoy the perk of extra-marital sex while they are on duty.

He said that those serving in the armed forces as well as police officers on duty during polling day would be called for early voting.

In 5% of cases duty to is used

Brereton was posted to duty elsewhere.

Personal effects are not subject to duty.

Regulations may relate to duties under other Acts 141(1.

In the law, God calls to duty and works, exposes sin, and announces wrath and punishment.

If he needed to report to duty, then perhaps the mustard plaster or hair of the dog would be appropriate.

They had been married that day, rushing into matrimony before the RAF pilot returned to duty the next morning.

Dedication to duty indeed! Over the years I have ordered loads of stuff from amazon and the service has always been great.

To find him at-bats could mean shifting Kinsler from second base to left field and relegating Cruz to duties at designated hitter.

He inspires us also because of his dedication to duty, care for family and fellow workers, generosity to the poor, and life of constant prayer.

His courage and devotion to duty as a military chaplain were legendary, as were the depth of his Christian faith and his loyalty to the Church '.

In 4% of cases duty for is used

This is used for duties that involves fatigue i.

See also Division 2 for duty of employer to consult employees.

To find out more ask for duty manager Peter Boland or Sorcha Connaire.

Apparently, the young officer was reluctant to turn up for duty the following day in case anyone teased him.

Now, neither Petreaus nor Hillary are available for duty to the American people at these scheduled hearings.

Khambata clarified that the government had not asked any particular school to send all its teachers for duty.

The nearby town of Ocho Rios is also one of Jamaica's best spots for duty free shopping, souvenirs and jewelry.

Ocho Rios Shopping Ocho Rios is also one of Jamaica's best spots for duty free shopping, souvenirs and jewellery.

He was originally given only three days to report for duty, creating a storm in MBPJ as the city council would have been left without a mayor.

But our unfitness for duty, when it is natural and not sinful, will have great allowances made for it; God will have mercy, and not sacrifice.

In 4% of cases duty from is used

Absence from duty for a few hours.

Then there's no absolution from duty of care of officials.

The day after receiving this letter, Justice Masuku was suspended from duty.

Tried to get confirmation of this from duty hydrologist and will pick up with them tomorrow morning.

But no charges have been pressed against anyone, although some officials were suspended from duties.

Absence from Duty: Types of Absence Absence from duty for a long time without leave or reasonable excuse.

Coming from duty one bright moonlit night, I noticed something strange about the shapes of some of the mangrove trees.

Applicable Laws on Absence from Duty Ensure that you familiarise yourself with all laws relating to absence from duty.

Applicable Laws on Absence from Duty Ensure that you familiarise yourself with all laws relating to absence from duty.

The unnamed officer at a regional radar centre in Ohio has been suspended from duty along with a manager at the same location.

In 2% of cases duty off is used

Two of them were off duty cops from yet another town, working security there.

He never seems to be off duty and it is evident that he works very long hours.

He seeks the company of men when off duty, and strives to gain their confidence.

The victims included 90 police officers, most of them gunned down while off duty.

Diane Kruger is a celebrity style favorite both for her glamorous looks on the Red Carpet and off duty on the cement catwalk.

Sherman had spent the past hour freeing Donald from the Flag pole, dress and cast with help from Radar and two off duty nurses.

The Mexican attorney general's office has not clarified whether the officers were working or off duty when the attack occurred.

We read of the fun the young trainee nurses have off duty, the strict training given in the 50's 60's and 70 's, Matrons rounds when every thing had to be just so.

I've also loved their knitwear this season like the Skye jumper, the merino slouch and the Off duty jumper -- all very ' on trend ' and classically stylish -- I have all 3.

In 1% of cases duty in is used

He bought a Series 3a in duty free.

They are weak in duty, but their way shall be plain.

Omissions of duty, and in duty, are fatal to the soul, as well as commissions of sin.

He added that out of the number, 100, 000 were involved in duties that were not part of their normal assignments as policemen.

We must create a world of acceptance, where all, but all have his or her own place equal in duties and rights as all the ohters.

In 1% of cases duty with is used

After a year and a half of labor, he went back to the conservatory but by then, he could only get a job as an ordinary worker with duties such as cooking and repairing instrument.

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