Prepositions used with "driver"

"of driver" or "for driver"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases driver of is used

Wow, what a lot of driver-bashing going on.

GT is nice but difficult to accomodate the taste of all segment of drivers.

GT is nice but difficult to accomodate the taste of all segment of drivers.

But I still think she was a prime example of drivers who can't be trusted to be safe.

The brochure also points out that unrealistic speed limits create two groups of drivers.

The number of drivers on your insurance policy will make a difference to the premium amount.

A whopping 90% of drivers in New Hampshire also carry car insurance, even though the laws don't require them to do so.

In some cases, these tools included scanners to read ID information off of drivers ' licenses, greatly speeding the check-in process.

A quality repository method may keep track of driver utilization, specifically when looking at general search terms as well as requests.

The insurance companies set the rates based on the number of drivers in your home, so by reducing that number, you can pay a lower premium.

In 22% of cases driver for is used

This would make it easier for drivers to become owners.

Not enough income is left for taxi operators and even less for drivers.

To report possible medical conditions, complete form DS-7 (Request For Driver Review).

A physician can use form DS-6 (Physician's Request for Driver Review) to report the condition to the DMV.

This free-for-all event provided yet another means for drivers so inclined to smash into their opponents.

Police event As discussed, there is a responsibility for drivers to give way to all vehicles on their right.

Because assignment fees are so high, not enough income is left for taxi operators and even less for drivers.

Alternatively, purchasing is perfect for drivers who are much more worried with lengthy-phrase fees and needs.

That's right, Tom Tom had the comedy duo in to record a special set of instructions for drivers the world over.

Always remember to stand up for your rights also and avoid trucking companies that are always looking for drivers.

In 12% of cases driver to is used

Taxi and Livery, Class E: Issued to drivers age 18 or over.

What do you think? I am rather new to driver development; and while I have been.

Junior License, Class DJ: Issued to drivers under the age of 18, with restrictions.

The article shock factor is the death of teenager due allegedly to driver having used cannabis.

If you're turning into a lane, you must yield to drivers who are already travelling in that lane.

Also, as a general rule, drivers who are turning must yield to drivers travelling in a straight line.

They are giving out tickets to drivers who run red lights, jay walkers and to drivers who nearly hit pedestrians.

That's not a bad idea, but do you realise that will take rom away from the area of road apportioned to drivers? Oh wait.

Their removal will make no noticeable difference to drivers using Jarvis for their commute, and will make the street dramatically less safe for bikes.

So we are allowed to listen to Driver A fretting about a lack of front-end grip, or Driver B being told to put in a couple of super-quick laps while a rival is stopping for a tyre change.

In 8% of cases driver from is used

As a rider, I have experienced every single one of the points above, from drivers of cars to lorries, from buses and other bikers.

Piglet Not under enough surveillance yet? The mayor of DC, seeking to extract millions of more dollars from drivers, wants to blanket the city with cameras.

The center, which has an office at the main pilgrim grouping area in Madinah, regularly collects urine samples from drivers contracted to transport pilgrims.

Local cyclists reported a rise in road rage from drivers around the same time and directly cited Jones as a source for the increased tension experienced on the roads.

As a cycling commuter dealing with traffic five days a week, alI I saw was the risk from drivers and accepted the premiss I was totally ' responsible ' for my own risk.

In 7% of cases driver by is used

Many of these crashes are caused by driver error or delayed reactions due to inattention, distraction and impairment by alcohol, drugs or fatigue.

Absolutely, apart from the odd graze or fracture, or the odd mental health issue associated with having your bike stolen and being aimed at by drivers with road rage.

In 6% of cases driver with is used

Look two ways or make eye contact with drivers.

Oil leaks, engine fault lights, issue with drivers door list goes on.

Oil leaks, engine fault lights, issue with drivers door list goes on.

With drivers delivering an average of around 140 parcels per day, it isn't possible to guarantee even AM or PM delivery.

Both have been unpopular with drivers, often criticized as revenue generators for cities that do little to deter accidents.

A complete travel package was fully delivered with drivers, hosts, lodges, sites and attention to detail all delivered as promised.

The result: In England, a parish council in Norfolk rejected expensive speed cameras and instead played with driver's peripheral vision.

Jen, Somerset Peugeot 206 CC 2005 I have had my Peugeot 206 cc for nearly 5 years from brand new and have only had one problem with driver side door/window.

Daily breakfast (other meals can be ordered from the villa's menu at extra cost) Car with driver up to 8 hours daily (petrol costs 10% discount Long Stay: Bookings longer than 14.

Nevertheless, we've all shared the road with drivers who are veering, not maintaining a proper speed, and making careless lane changes because they're holding a phone to their ear as they drive.

In 4% of cases driver on is used

Read about the graduated driver license law and restrictions on drivers under age 18.

Just imagine taking a complete newbie and trying to explain absolutely everything on driver robot.

The Cambridge, ON driver intends to run the final two events of the season in the #27 Passer Racing Chevrolet.

Recently mysterious messages appear on drivers information panel falsely, and a couple of times power assist steering has gone off.

This, in turn, would justify making greater demands on drivers, including requiring them to pass a more stringent street and location knowledge test.

While that includes things like passports, university ID cards, the state assumes most voters will rely on driver's licenses or nondriver identification cards for voting.

In 3% of cases driver in is used

After the first year had engine oil leak, followed by break lights failing and constant rattle in drivers door.

In Drivers of Violence- a study on Male Disempowerment in The African Context, published by Mvule Africa, the author Anzetse Were makes a strong appeal for concerted Male empowerment.

In 2% of cases driver about is used

About Drivers ' license permit, honestly, I think you should be eligible.

In 2% of cases driver between is used

The tribunal will, from next year, be free to hear disputes between drivers and operators, and operators and their clients.

All of the rickshaws are fitted with microphones, as the network will soon set up a call centre to coordinate between drivers and customers.

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