Prepositions used with "drive"

"of drive" or "to drive"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 28% of cases drive of is used
    And it turns out that their method works on all types of drives.
    And it turns out that their method works on all types of drives.
    Must Try Harder Mother loves me still despite My failing health and lack of drive.
    We'll announce her successor as the permanent co-presenter of drive in due course.
    And it's been expanding with young people who are hard-working and full of drive and pay lots of taxes.
    The hurricane broke metal grills, and dragged cars dragged out of drive ways and parked them on lawns or piles of rubble.
    Similarly, all you could because of drive traffic to your internet internet site will need to have ones customers planned.
    To inject purpose into those who have lost it, now performing as cold ' professionals ', must require loads of drive in the leader.
    Typical Fareed drivel -- ' expanding with young people who are hard-working and full of drive and pay lots of taxes ' -- not true in the case of illegal immigration.

    In 25% of cases drive to is used
    Naturally, Ariza tries to drive left.
    Booker obviously wants to drive, so the closeout is weak.
    Beal sees Taylor flying out at him and prepares to drive by.
    When I first read the script to drive, I felt like this is a guy who's just seen too many films.
    The medicos are quick to advise not safe to drive, but they don't add any caution about increased gullibility with scams.
    With the MVC structure, you can move around your root directory from drive to drive, folder to folder and it will still work.
    What do you make of these findings? Were you surprised? Top Tips How To Use Affiliate Coupons To drive Higher Sales via avantlink.
    I have learnt that every person on earth has a purpose to serve and a mission to accomplish (even if its only to drive you nutts or bring out the worst in you).
    Learning How to drive for Teens In the state of Queensland, your children have to complete certain matters before they could be permitted on the road like a certified driver.
    If we are to have a first world data communication network then it is up to Government to drive the process and supply the necessary infrastructure, like they did with the national grid in the 1930s.

    In 14% of cases drive in is used
    You played the lead in drive recently.
    So, today you get in your car, turn the key to start, put on your seat-belt, put the gear shift lever in drive, check traffic, signal, and away you go.

    In 7% of cases drive by is used
    The busy nightlife, shopping and bars of chaweng or lamai are both 5 mins away by drive.

    In 5% of cases drive after is used
    There after drive west to view point and down the escarpment to the Rift Valley floor heading for the famous for Lake Nakuru National park.
    Pacific Lutheran outgained the Wildcats in yards, but the Lutes had five turnovers which stalled drive after drive, keeping Linfield in front.

    In 5% of cases drive plus is used
    My husband and I met at the track and he used to work there plus drive one of the trucks (ugh!).
    I had been on a long 1000km plus drive out of the city and it was a totally refreshing experience.
    In spite of the fact that there were lunch breaks this was just too much sitting for my body, and the fact that I had a 40 minute plus drive each way every day with more sitting didn't help.

    In 4% of cases drive for is used
    It has two sets of card slots and 4 eSATA connectors for drives, and can maintain myltiple copies simo.
    Many companies now turn to onsite hard drive shredding so they can witness the destruction right at their location and there is no chain of custody for drives that still have information on them.

    In 4% of cases drive over is used
    Bollywood gossip mongers are on over drive and she has become a laughing stock everywhere and everyone knows.

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