Prepositions used with "drink"

"of drink" or "for drink"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases drink of is used
    This is not a set amount of drinks.
    Lemons remind him of drink more than drink itself.
    Even the fizziest of drinks taste like tap water.
    Honesty may well be a workable policy in real life contexts, where the signs of drink (e.
    They even offer Ballroom dancing lessons free of charge (consumption of drinks required).
    Had a round of drinks with him last night and I almost felt like reporting him to the police.
    A selection of drinks, local swe ets &; seasonal fruits act as the perfect pick me up, for you to continue your tour.
    For a few golden hours, the only number they need to pay any attention to is the number of drinks they are putting away.
    Lucozade Sport, RockStar, Monster and Coca Cola are examples of drinks containing a mixture of caffeine and carbohydrate.
    After dinner, I met the 2 at the massage parlour and we went for a round of drinks at the Shanghai bookroom along ShanXiNanLu.

    In 26% of cases drink for is used
    Another maiden, and time for drinks.
    Katharine's Docks for drink and lunch.
    This calls for celebration, and celebration calls for drink.
    Alcohol was not the issue though I do have a high-profile conviction for drink driving.
    If he comes to my flat for drinks I will invite everyone I know on Facebook except maybe ACT on.
    For drinks, it is best to serve cold beer or white wine at your lobster boil on a hot summer day.
    Stabler eventually moved back home with his family; he met Kathy for drinks to discuss rebuilding their relationship.
    Always have a designated driver when going out for drinks with friends, or make sure you have enough money for a cab.
    Showbiz site TMZ reports her family was allegedly concerned that her friends were accommodating her craving for drinks.
    For drink driving offences, the most common punishment is a fine and a licence disqualification of at least one (1) month.

    In 11% of cases drink with is used
    Timing was perfect as we got a capsule to ourselves with drinks and all.
    That means if you drive after consuming even one drink you can be charged with drink driving.
    I loved my husband desperately and he ended up killing himself with drink and gambling and left me with nothing.
    We soon had to disembark and head off to the Beach House, but not before we were thoroughly fed and plied with drinks.
    They have a great Breakfast selection and restaurant with drinks and helpful servers to help you get exactly what you want.
    It could be download combofix the better plan to supply appetizer to the friends that they'll gulp along with drinks soon after birth.
    Mornings start with coffee or tea delivered with a wake up call and in the evening usually ends with drinks and tall tales around the camp fire.
    I know how to fill refrigerators with drinks and snacks and how to keep a record of the foodstuff and drinks the guests utilized, and then refill the refrigerator.

    In 5% of cases drink in is used
    The regret oozed out in drink and adultery.
    Though you know that stimulants are bad for your nerves, you continue to indulge in drink.
    Cloves are a versatile spice that can be used in drinks and in both sweet and savoury dishes.
    I actually woke up one morning and decided I was going to stop using sugar after cooking, so no sugar in drinks or on breakfast etc.
    But differences in drink strength can also cause small differences in the rate at which alcohol is absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.
    I'd not the biggest fan of egg white in drinks but this was a very playful drink, with touches of soft fruit and a warmth from the whisky that made it very enjoyable.

    In 2% of cases drink from is used
    Premiums have had to be substantially increased over the years to cover the claims resulting from drink driving related incidents.

    In 2% of cases drink over is used
    The reality is that most of these people send their kids to private school and roll down up? the windows in black neighborhoods, and they will tell you so over drinks.

    In 2% of cases drink to is used
    A bit like inviting two completely different groups of people to drinks -- when you thought the twain never would meet.
    It is common for people to add this substance to drinks in order to sweeten the flavor, as well as to include it in many food recipes.

    In 1% of cases drink at is used
    It means when you're out at drinks with your girlfriends gossiping about your favorite sex position, I have no idea what you're talking about.
    On 59 at drinks the scoring rate had to be picked up and Green Gibbo, who has been the master of patient batting this season, hit 35 of 32 balls.

    In 1% of cases drink by is used
    We will be providing private tours of the space, followed by drinks on our 21/F terrace.
    Not because it was under drink that I realised the problem of there, but because the natural slowness and stupidity of the human is exaggerated by drink.

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