Prepositions used with "dress"

"of dress" or "in dress"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases dress of is used
    Nowadays the manner of dress is more casual.
    It might be produced in the right group of dresses.
    This mode of dress is not Australian - simple as that.
    The Burqua is a recent and extreme form of dress invented by extremists to control women.
    If we start proscribing modes of dress we are little better in principle than Saudi Arabia.
    The fight may have been something as trivial as the mother not approving of the wifes manner of dress, or behavior, etc.
    It created a whole culture within itself, a style of dress, hairstyles, a certain demeanour, the way you carried yourself.
    Although she wouldn't mind that we wore the same style of dresses, she would prefer that we wore different colours of them.
    I'd also a well dressed female, and as I'd leaving I am always complimented on my way of dress as all they see is blue jeans.

    In 18% of cases dress in is used
    Colourful in dress and metaphorically too.
    At the time, little boys were also put in dresses.
    Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
    Never consciously place them in dresses that are unflattering.
    Membership is often manifested by differences in dress andlife style.
    Since I write a wedding blog, I assumed she was about to ask me about a trend in dresses or flowers.
    To say that you can not step outside your own personal property in dress of your choosing goes too far.
    Modesty in dress and behavior between women and men figures prominently as a means of exhibiting self-control.

    In 5% of cases dress with is used
    And dressing modestly with dresses that hit my knees was not a bad thing either.
    To get updated with dress A Girl Australia's daily activities and events, check out my blog here.
    I was always a tomboy, and I loathed any attempt to try to mask that fact with dresses and frills.
    When of course, it makes more sense to spend the most on shoes you wear the most, such as a good pair of comfortable but smart flats that work with dresses and trousers.

    In 4% of cases dress for is used
    Brocade and lace are certainly in the forefront for dress detail.
    In case a law is made for dress code, it should apply to locals only at best, not foreigners.
    We found on average prices were between 4-7 thousand Naira for dresses (depending on if its a party or casual dress ), and about 4-5 thousand for the tops and skirts.

    In 4% of cases dress to is used
    Ghiba in relation to dress is saying his dress is dirty, torn, old, long or short.
    Speedy 30 is a classic silhouette in style for years to celebrities, going well with everything, from jeans to dresses.

    In 2% of cases dress about is used
    What about dressing of christian nuns and priests.
    The idea that government could legislate about dress sense is scary and is the ultimate betrayal of ' Australian Values '.

    In 2% of cases dress from is used
    Most people are looking for a certain Korean fashion store which can offer them all they need from dresses, tops, shorts, skirts, and other forms of clothing and apparels.

    In 2% of cases dress over is used
    Decisions over dress, the ' look and feel ' portion of Apple's claims, hit on nearly every Samsung device outside of the Samsung Galaxy Tab models.

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