Prepositions used with "dream"

"of dream" or "in dream"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases dream of is used
    The signature set on the theme of dreams.
    Try a magic show at the Kingdom of dreams.
    It was the beginning of dream &; hope together.
    When they rose, each reported a fitful night of dreams that were powerful but unclear.
    I love the world, full of flower branches and leaves, and butterfly garden full of dreams.
    If it is just at the level of dream and nothing is being done to actualize it, please forget it.
    The story of Chariots of Fire is one of dreams becoming reality and determination to live according to your beliefs.
    Some of the drama was the stuff of dreams, as a crewmember on Ceramco discovered after a particularly difficult watch.
    Helios and his Sun Chariot have been ripped from the sky and the God of dreams, Morpheus, has caused the Gods to slumber.
    Layers of ' lived-in landscapes ', function as palimpsests of memory and trace, of overlay and echo, of dream and existence.

    In 23% of cases dream in is used
    Even the ego will react in dream.
    One can observe one's own cremation in dream.
    He had no desire for worldly objects, even in dream.
    But it now appears the aloof and ironic hero portrayed in dreams was a literary creation.
    Obama fabricated that family in dreams and built his 2008 campaign around the fabrication.
    It is going to be yet another farce! They are living in dream land if they think threats of a 2.
    I know it is possible to feel in dreams because in deep sleep all of your senses (except smell) can be active in a dream.
    Reality seems irrational and sometimes you think how wonderful would it be to live in dreams and be cut-off from the real world.
    We run in dream with the legs, we eat a good meal in dream, we can even live and die -- even that experience is possible in dream.
    Hadith Qudsi are the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH as revealed to him by the Almighty Allah through revelation or in dreams.

    In 10% of cases dream with is used
    If he has trouble with dream recall, he needs 25 to 50 mg.
    I saw you playing live in Dusseldorf, Germany on the Progressive Nation Tour with dream Theater, Bigelf and Opeth.
    If you think about it, the series starts small, with dream in a cage, while Season Of Mists starts in Destiny's freakin ' garden.
    Accordingly, poor Hispanics arrive with dreams of golden streets and sure fortunes and the disappointment sets in rather quickly.
    She plays the role of Wilma, a ' babaeng bakla, ' with dreams of becoming a successful businesswoman in the fashion or beauty world.
    For young William Hamilton, growing up Ashwick Station near Fairlie was the special environment that developed a young boy into a man with dreams.
    With dreams of transparent aircrafts and swarms of bees, he started to appreciate the sound of buzzing and the way it complements the string instruments.
    But overwhelmingly it is the willingness of the majority, perhaps too busy with dreams of new motorcycles or even perfect holidays, to simply ignore what is going on around them.

    In 4% of cases dream about is used
    Maraniss's findings about dreams from My Father throw considerable light on one aspect of Obama's public presentation since 2009.

    In 4% of cases dream on is used
    One that tested the effect on dreams of viewing an erotic movie before sleep brought lots of media attention.
    I have done research on dreams before and I know that people often dream about things that they've seen and experienced.
    Her research on dreams of those suffering depression show these fail to regulate mood overnight, and when sleepwalkers behave aggressively they have not had enough time dreaming.

    In 3% of cases dream by is used
    And then every time the survivors go to sleep they are beset by dreams about an old woman and a tall dark man.

    In 3% of cases dream like is used
    Modern, prog-influenced acts like dream Theater and Porcupine Tree can sell out midsized venues.
    Most horses are brown! Who even has a white horse? !!! It looks like dreams really *can* come true! This, is Hoi.
    They aren't talking, and dream Mike doesn't seem in any sort of hurry to get this version of her naked and sweaty (like dream Mike has before).

    In 3% of cases dream to is used
    Therefore I implore us to dream, dare to dream, live the dream.
    Even though Chuang Tzu and Nietzsche lived centuries apart, they, nevertheless, have much in common when it comes to dreams.

    In 2% of cases dream through is used
    Until, as ever, the man walks back through dreams of place.

    In 1% of cases dream between is used
    Often, he did not even wake between dreams anymore, yet he could still remember both quite clearly.
    A wild thunderstorm one morning in Houston last month half woke me up, and I spent unknown groggy time lying in bed wondering, in my dream, why I couldn't distinguish between dream and reality.

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