Prepositions used with "draft"

"of draft", "in draft" or "on draft"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 33% of cases draft of is used
    Introduction of draft Resolutions SIRODJIDIN M.
    The paper takes the form of draft guidance on which he will consult until 5 March.
    They are marked as completed after their Output Resources lose their Status of draft.
    The set of draft STRs, which cover both human and robotic technologies, was distributed publicly in December 2010.
    My favorite though is drafts Dropdown which I think does save a lot of time if you have a lot of drafts which I do.
    Of course, when we were of draft age there were ways to ensure that the Right People never had to worry about getting sent over.

    In 23% of cases draft in is used
    In draft form -- FSM bless the WordPress app.
    That protocol was published in draft in October 2009 it was only a paper exercise.
    This feature is still not released formerly and is now in testing stage in Blogger in draft.
    I learned that lesson from several terrific writers who've kindly read my work in draft stages.
    This week the newspapers were filled with stories about NICE's recommendation not to fund Avastin, a bowel cancer drug that costs 21,000 per patient, in draft guidance.

    In 23% of cases draft on is used
    Knowing all your fantasy football player ratings will help you greatly on draft day.
    He'll be a sleeper favorite on draft day and he's a great late pick in NL-only leagues.
    IMHO people focus too much on draft position, and not enough on method of acquisition by their current team.
    Redd was one of the best perimeter shooting players in college basketball yet he fell out of sight on draft night.
    The mouth-watering list of cold Czech imports on draft are served with Czech accents, as are the potato dumplings and burgers.
    As regards the former, there was a range of about 7 different typical styles on draft (Sadly though the Fischers Helles was not on).
    Now obviously the lack of depth at catcher makes Posey's numbers look even better and he will likely be gone by the second round at the very latest on draft day 2013.
    Passed Over On draft Day Despite a successful college career, no other NFL team jumped at the chance to grab the under-sized Hunter, so San Francisco was able to steal him in the 4th round.

    In 7% of cases draft with is used
    But to have been satisfied with draft No.
    Many amateur writers would have had early-onset satisfaction with draft No.

    In 3% of cases draft at is used
    Along with many transcripts, I offer step-by-step ' genetic closereadings ' that look at drafts layer-by-layer, trying to trace all possible notes used in each layer.

    In 2% of cases draft During is used
    During draft day last spring in one of my late rounds I chose Adam Dunn.

    In 2% of cases draft round is used
    Others of Note Sam Selman (SP) - Selman was the Royals ' 2 nd round draft pick this year, and proceeded to make Rookie League hitters look silly to the tune of 89 strikeouts in 60 innings pitched.

    In 2% of cases draft to is used
    Will players still have to opt-in to draft? No.

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