Prepositions used with "dog"

"of dog", "for dog" or "with dog"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases dog of is used

The Love of Dog is, indeed, real.

She loves travelling, any kind of dog.

Every year thousands of dogs are euthanized.

Robert I've owned many breeds of dogs throughout the years and recently got my first Pit.

Robert I've owned many breeds of dogs throughout the years and recently got my first Pit.

I am afraid of dogs and this fear is something intrinsic in me that I wish I could change.

And the rake of dogs we had because she was the only one taking care of them too! That's why I am Thankful for my mammy.

The only real problem we have is the growing army of dog haters who resent his marking behaviour, peeing on their shrubs etc.

This kind of dog could have a strange bad habit and even undergo a very unpleasant situation if not given a proper attention.

Giving your dog a healthful eating plan of dog food as nicely as lots of table scraps will not advantage him in the lengthy run.

In 13% of cases dog for is used

Go for dog tags and a beady chain.

We have no room for dogs who just bark.

Nor is it uncommon for dogs to be injured.

We also have a limit for the number of private cages for dogs that need special attention.

Though the ends are now stopped it is open all the way, for dogs have been sent through it.

They are used for dog day cares, dog therapy, and one of the most exciting applications is dock diving pools.

Psalm 22:16: For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet.

So all up from this set of figures we can estimate that there are 393,334 potential new homes available for dogs and cats.

Louis Senior Dog Project is a not-for-profit dog rescue organization specializing in older dogs but taking in and finding homes for dogs of all ages.

Would one of those big ground screws for dog leashes (with clamp) work instead of a big screwdriver? I've got one of those that can be installed nearby.

In 11% of cases dog with is used

You practically grew up with dogs in your house.

When you sleep with Dogs you'll wake up with fleas.

Craig grew up with dogs and knows how much work they are.

All animals will be playing with dogs around there size or who they feel comfortable with.

I often feel the same way about people with babies/kids that you feel about people with dogs.

I think it's just easier to do with dogs because they're very intelligent, unlike say fish, or a rabbit.

Managing Your Allergies Depending on the severity of your allergies, you may still be able to live happily with dogs.

Use these suggestions to understand more about dealing with dog coaching, having an benefit that won't are unsuccessful.

This is why it is extremely important for people visiting Motatapu to understand that traveling with dogs to the island in not an option.

Has he been socialised with dogs before? Your 2 year old should be very playful and active- and should not react like this with a new pup.

In 9% of cases dog like is used

Most people like dogs more than the cats.

I am this kind of man who like dogs and cats.

Like dogs, sheep are able to learn their names and come when called.

I moved when I realized I was seeing gang graffiti everywhere I looked -- like dogs marking territory.

Other fun side effect? Alex's sense of smell is enhanced to the point where she can smell like dogs do.

People also hit Google to find public places and amenities like dog parks, transit stations and baseball fields.

And we have chosen Honey Boo Boo, the Kardashians, and mentally retarded giants who chase balls in stadiums like dogs.

So you can either sit there crying and eating can after can of dog food until your tears smell enough like dog food to make your dog come back or you can go out there and find your dog.

We are just as vulnerable (as is pretty much any side in the world, it must be added) to an early goal, defense in depth by an opponent working like dogs that also got some very good breaks.

Plato does think that only the Forms are real and that ordinary objects like dogs --pale reflection of the Form Dog -- we experience when we perceive them are real in a less substantial sense.

In 9% of cases dog to is used

And don't restrict to dogs and cats.

Dog one turns to dog two and snaps at her in the face.

Many articles in newspapers compared these groups to dogs.

Some foods really should in no way be fed to dogs as they pose direct risks to your dog's health.

Unfortunately, they also prove attractive to dogs and cause many cases of accidental poisoning in pets.

Yes pigs and other farms animals are not much different to dogs, and dogs are regularly eaten in much of Asia.

The idea of ' hybrid vigor ', from what I understand (and I am no expert in genetics) applies better to plants than to dogs.

We'll also be dog sitting on a regular basis, I expect, so the Sally fan club can look forward to some dog to dog blogs in due course.

All potential adopters must complete an adoption application and are subject to a home visit to ensure a right match for to dogs and the adopters.

I am so bothered by people saying that it is insensitive to dog owners to say that dogs are not the same as people and shouldn't be treated the same.

In 7% of cases dog in is used

Dogs can be placed in dog kennels.

I find there is a big difference in dog behaviour.

If possible, avoid stores that specialize in dogs &; cats with only one or two lizards on display.

It is very important, especially in dogs with longer, shaggier coats, to brush them prior to bathing as well as afterwards.

Shaun Byrne 16 March 2009, 19:06 i want to pursue a career in dog training or professional dog handling when i finish school.

Now Carragher, who has aged in dog years lately and is less mobile than the corner flag, is going to have to play a larger role in the back 4.

Giardia lamblia are microscopic parasites known as protozoa and can be the cause of acute or chronic diarrhoea in dogs, man and other animals.

Clinical signs usually appear within 4 weeks of contracting the virus, although incubation periods vary from 3 to 6 weeks in dogs and 2 to six weeks in cats.

However all my life ive been interested in dogs, and have been surrounded them since birth, and have dreamt of becomin a dog trainer in ireland for a lond time.

However all my life ive been interested in dogs, and have been surrounded them since birth, and have dreamt of becomin a dog trainer in ireland for a lond time.

In 4% of cases dog on is used

Suzy, I just wanted to reply to your note on dog poop.

After an evening of fine dining on dog food, they find the refinery, surrounded by Wez and a gang of marauders.

The two books - one on dogs, and the other on cats - include some of my most helpful tips, and they're illustrated with hilarious cartoons by Per Jose Karlen.

In 2% of cases dog about is used

I didn't grow up in a family that cared about dogs, (why didn't they? ), so what little I could learn from the pets of friends and relatives was spotty, vicarious, start and stop.

In 2% of cases dog by is used

She also said a dozen chickens had been mauled to death by dogs.

Healing Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by dog lovers like you.

We forget that the play between species, enjoyed by dogs and humans, is very rare.

I remember my neighbours having to shoot their horse and its foal after it was savaged by dogs.

The park is massive and the gigantic popularity of it is easy to get to only on foot or by dog sled.

In 2% of cases dog from is used

There is a frightening list of diseases humans can get from dogs.

This article focuses mainly on the diseases that can be passed from dogs to man.

Little flats inside mentioned that date and the spot where the eggs were laid, before the caretaker dug them out and reburied them in the hatchery to protect them from dogs and poachers.

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