Prepositions used with "diversity"

"of diversity" or "in diversity"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases diversity of is used

I name = name ' s index of diversity.

Look at God's creation -- it is the height of diversity.

Reduced sustainability translates into loss of diversity.

But legumes are such a treasure trove of diversity that we can only scratch the surface.

I don't presume they're funding the Suzuki Foundation in the interests of diversity of opinion.

In a world of diversity and overwhelming choice - the consumer seeks filters and known and proven names.

The value of? (alpha) which gives predicted values closest to the observed values is used as a measure of diversity.

These principles of diversity are universal whereas diversity dynamics are local and at the level of practical detail.

The Inner Spirit makes men feel that behind every appearance of diversity there is an interdependent unity of all things.

This loss of diversity may be attributed in part to the use of nitrogenous fertilisers and aerial deposition of pollutants.

In 24% of cases diversity in is used

Unity in diversity is its Aha! effect.

Diversity The APS is a leader in diversity of opportunities.

They do spiritual practices to help them see unity in diversity.

In many niches, you won't get any domain diversity unless you click on the PPC ads.

The people were kept ignorant of true facts and the value of equality, tolerance and unity in diversity.

Domain diversity for one of our primary key words has had the top 2 companies take up the top 4 results.

The historical facts are reminded to stress the importance of unity in diversity, which is normal in modern societies.

The real foundation in diversity is to be found around a personal financial plan and determining how much an investment return is required.

This is an issue which NGOs need to discuss openly in the spirit of the women's movement's history of frank dialogue and philosophy of strength in diversity.

What's the Crowding Connection? It's tough to say if the slight decrease in crowding (increase in diversity) is directly related to the explosion in 7-result SERPs.

In 15% of cases diversity for is used

Adding tokens for diversity won't be any worse.

Sutak said he enjoyed the performance for Diversity Week.

The Mission Estate concerts have set standards for diversity, colour and exuberance.

Nikita Jones, a junior theater major at YSU, said she was excited to perform for Diversity Week.

And if we can not end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.

And if we can not now end our differences at least we can help to make the world safer for diversity.

There is another method to get a green card which is known as the DV lottery system where DV stands for diversity visa.

I think it will help support the respect for diversity, work together cooperatively and similar programs at school and.

My take on this is that it is imperative for Somaliland to separate allowing for diversity and tailoring of its needs to itself.

So it isn't arguing for sameness it is usually arguing for diversity and always against discrimination that has no justifiable basis.

In 5% of cases diversity on is used

Isn't it wonderful that this world operates on diversity? I think so.

A journey to showcase the best of Indian, Indian American and other children's books focusing on diversity, nature and other eclectic themes we passionately care about in reading to our own children.

In 5% of cases diversity with is used

I think that's to do with diversity.

Cavitation phenomenon is interesting by itself with diversity, contradictive and amazing discoveries.

There are beings with diversity of body and singularity of perception, such as the devas of the Brahma hosts generated by the first jhana.

In 3% of cases diversity to is used

Figure 9 - An alternative view of characteristics of species contributing to diversity on Kapingamarangi atoll.

Tammy King, associate dean of the college, said she wanted a way to bring awareness to diversity while also allowing students to have fun.

In 1% of cases diversity by is used

Single celled critters are the most successful things on Earth, measured by diversity, numbers and biomass.

Economically, Australia dominates in this region which is characterised by diversity in levels of development.

In 1% of cases diversity through is used

Our partners in the EU can provide strength through diversity.

The exhibition reveals the extraordinary creative range of Igbo people through diversity of objects that depicts their social life.

That is the nature of dictators because just as the nature of democracy is to muddle through diversity and wallow in dissent, the necessary condition for the survival of autocracy is the opposite.

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