Prepositions used with "district"

"of district" or "in district"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases district of is used

District Shimla Arki Sub-Division of District Solan 4.

The continued presence of District 3 won't help them, either.

The average household income for the people of District is 387,709 per month.

The brief was filed in connection with the landmark case of District of Columbia v.

Power of District Magistrate to cancel any bond for keeping the peach or good behaviour 125.

A meeting of District Coordination Officer (DCO) Saqib Zaffar and traders was also convened reviewing the security situation.

Mr Satish Sail, KPCC member, Mr Gajanan Naik, convener of the forum, Mr Shambhu Shetty, general secretary of district Congress and.

District Kinnaur, Sub-Division Spiti of District Lahaul &; Spiti, Sub-Division Anni of District Kullu Sub-Division Rampur of District Shimla.

The formula guiding the placement will be such that computation of district quotas for the balance of candidates to be admitted in a national school.

This audit will provide evidence on existing capacities of districts health facilities in financial management and their actual needs and reliance on HBF.

In 23% of cases district in is used

The jail will be established in District Swabi.

This time, Democrats took all three seats in District 51.

Ted Daley in District 51 in Eagan, are heading back to the Capitol.

It was the same in government offices -- both at headquarters and in district and field offices.

Fifty-three percent of the voters in District 9 followed my advice and stayed home this election.

In District West there are eight divisions, including Liaquatabad, Gulberg, North Karachi, New Karachi and Orangi.

Redistricting left all but one of the 60 seats in the Legislature up for grabs, some in districts that were more favorable to Republicans.

The decentralised units of the NHIS are the Mutual Health Insurance Schemes which have been established in Districts, Municipal and Sub-Metropolitan areas.

Earlier, he held several senior positions in district administration and Departments of Health and Labour and Finance in the State Government of West Bengal in India.

In 13% of cases district to is used

Court of Session to send copy of finding and sentence to District Magistrate 373.

Experience providing technical support to district and/or national level government.

Plus it varies with a considerable degree from city to city, district to district and school to school.

ACCESIBILITY TO HEALTH INSURANCE To make the NHIS accessible to all, it has been decentralised to district level.

Maxwell Park Elementary School - Most of the former Maxwell Park students are heading to Horace Mann Elementary this year, according to district records.

Just look at Missouri - there are many ways to district Missouri that would result in a fairly representative D-R balance, but KC and STL and STL CO are packed.

The CLTS will also be responsible for providing technical support to district level government authorities to support their engagement in NAP implementation and CLMS.

This amounts to an export value of about $4 billion, with a quarter being earned by opium farmers and the rest going to district officials, insurgents, warlords, and drug traffickers.

According to district forest department data, thousands of families have benefited from training in nursery and forest management, as well as cash for work programmes set up to conduct the planting.

In 8% of cases district for is used

President Zardari earlier announced several development projects for district Mandi Bahauddin.

I also told the people what I bring to the table for District 10, and what my public policy views on our major issues are.

A number of us want to take a look at can we streamline programs to make them easier to administer, easier for districts to understand.

The land for District Garages at Budgam, Bandipur and Samba has been acquired and the work shall be started soon after the funds are released by the government, the meeting was informed.

In 8% of cases district from is used

Senators and representatives shall be elected from districts established by law.

Usually the audits identify money the Ministry of Education can claw back from districts.

A number of officers from districts adjacent to Gopalganj too were victims of politicisation.

Through the committees, communities have been able to demand improved health care and other services from district authorities.

Cases brought before the judiciary typically proceed from district court to appellate court and may even end at the Supreme Court, although the Supreme Court hears comparatively few cases each year.

The multi-stakeholder event brought together senior government representatives, and a broad cross-section of civil society, from district representatives, NGOs and environment agencies, to academics.

In 7% of cases district at is used

Such courts and tribunals spread all over the country at district levels.

To suggest ways of improving disaster logistics at district level in Bihar.

As part of the Community Energy Initiative approved by city council in 2007, the city is looking at district energy systems in locations such as the Hanlon Creek Business Park, she said.

In 7% of cases district by is used

Suckers! I don't know why EVs aren't handed out by district like in Nebraska and Maine.

Support for patients at the end of life is frequently provided by district nurses, GPs and other community providers.

Last year, the number of drug offences dealt with by district courts increased by 5%, from 16,939 to 17,715, and involved almost 12,000 defendants.

I suggest that each of us look to our own states: district by district, precinct by precinct to look at our own data--population, registered voters, turnout.

In 4% of cases district on is used

Because there are generally more close votes on district levels than states as whole, district elections increase the opportunity for error.

A second term would allow President Obama to continue the rampage on district courts and the conservative appointed majorities on the appeals courts.

It was also given out that construction work on District Garage at Kupwara was in final stage and the work on District Garage Udhampur has been completed.

In 3% of cases district between is used

Similarly, there is a total absence of guidance as to the standard of proof necessary to establish abuse and, therefore, practice varies as between District Court areas.

In 3% of cases district with is used

But till recently, he was found sharing the dais with district president Anubrata Mondal and minister Chandranath Sinha.

Just to clarify, the regional gardens do not include the likes of Pukekura Park and King Edward Park which remain with District Councils.

Department Of Rural Housing Responsible for promotion of policies for rural estates development and the co-ordination of rural housing delivery programmes with District Assemblies.

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