Prepositions used with "distribution"

"of distribution" or "for distribution"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases distribution of is used

Iron Law of Distribution: Them what has -- gets.

The volume of distribution (V d) may be altered in children.

In agriculture, the cost of distribution in India is the highest.

Wakefield's Refutation of the Iron Law of Distribution: Them what gets -- has.

This has implications both for channels of distribution and scale of operations.

A period of contraction inevitably throws up issues of distribution -- how the pain is to be shared.

They correlate neither to usage nor to quality and should not be used to measure the market share of distributions.

Records of Distribution of Plaques and Scrolls The records from the factories producing the plaques no longer exist.

GPL-covered software The GNU GPL (General Public License) is one specific set of distribution terms for copylefting a program.

There are great treasures of oil and natural gas in the South, but there is an extreme imbalance of distribution of these riches.

In 28% of cases distribution for is used

I presume ABC cables for distribution.

License Fee for Distribution of DLL: Shareware and Commercial Software: $100.

When the fully aged beer is almost ready for distribution the keg beer is sampled.

This text was presented to the Standing Committee, which has now approved it for distribution.

Bloggers &; you PR websites are great for distribution, but their networks often don't focus on the independent blogger.

His job was to offload supplies from Landing Craft Tank (LCTs ), across the sand and into dump trucks for distribution to the troops.

The supplies are done with special vehicle for distribution, because they are highly inflammable and are mostly done in domestic areas.

Kejriwal alleged that pocketing money meant for distribution of contraption and aid to the differently abled is the worst kind of corruption.

That said, I have a minor suggestion for distribution of the program (rather than the program itself ): have APT/RPM repositories and signed packages.

In 16% of cases distribution in is used

Pay no commission or get huge savings in distribution costs of the product.

As the films were not topical, the delay in distribution to rural cinemas was not a concern.

There has been a significant expansion in distribution channels in India during the past few years.

In the late 1990s, given the increase in distribution costs, they were pressured to diminish their fees.

The state was the best judge of how the common good was subserved in distribution of material resources, he argued.

Most noticeably, there has been a significant increase in distribution out to the widest thirds of the field, with 72.

There are no ready-made goal-scorers up front and the defenders are not good enough in distribution to build from the back.

The arsenic contamination is not uniform in distribution, some wells have high concentrations and others have low concentrations.

Around 35 various governmental and nongovernmental organisation were engaged in distribution of blankets and beddings to these affected people.

In a relief chain distribution network, as a disaster can strike suddenly at any place, the location and number of beneficiaries can n ot be predicted.

In 5% of cases distribution with is used

This would also be a help with distribution.

Therefore justice is concerned, in some way, with distribution.

Much of this thesis is concerned with distributions of time delays in queueing networks.

The local companies with distribution agreements are not happy to have Amazon come in and take over much of their business.

However, unlike the commercial supply chain, Humanitarian relief chain still lack studies that directly deals with distribution network models.

In 4% of cases distribution on is used

The chapter also looks into the preparedness aspect of the state that had an impact on distribution at the time disaster.

Yet, some coffee shops may choose to focus on distribution speed and fast turnaround as its unique and hard-to-duplicate value for customers.

In 4% of cases distribution to is used

We've helped cook meals and gathered donations to distribution centers.

It is essential that the file number is allocated prior to distribution of mail to staff members for action.

It is important to remember that this difference in the eliminate rate is by far outweighed by gender differences related to distribution factors.

In 3% of cases distribution as is used

Relief efforts such as distribution of food and clothing by government and non-government organisations as well as individuals continued for a second day yesterday.

Perhaps one would admit that the theory of classical economics, otherwise interpreted as capitalism, does not give much room for things such as distribution of income between individuals.

In 3% of cases distribution into is used

So I sort of do all of that and then at the same time, we've recently gotten into distribution; so I'd heavily involved in the distribution and the picking up of films.

In 2% of cases distribution before is used

Transmission Once generated the power goes to the major substation where the voltage is increased mainly before distribution.

In 2% of cases distribution through is used

Typical of many artistes who emerged in the late 1960s, Lewis gained a following in Europe through distribution of his songs by British labels like Island Records and Trojan.

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