Prepositions used with "distance"

"of distance" or "to distance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases distance of is used

They are those of distance and time.

It is the abolition of distance and time.

There a lots of stars with planets in all kinds of distances.

Through the 1970s and ' 80s there were more advancements in the realm of distance education.

I've got a couple of children and there's a lot of distance between them now and my own childhood.

The campus in Ho Man Tin, built in 1996, was constructed based on the needs of distance education.

Figure 7 - How the rescue effect modifies curves of immigration, extinction, and turnover as a function of distance.

On the other hand, most have only a remotely accurate sense of how close point A and point B are in terms of distance.

Again following the Census Bureau, we will assume that the earth is a perfect sphere whose radius is one unit of distance.

He said SMU is ranked in India as the number one of Distance Education University for results and efficiency by Careers 360.

In 27% of cases distance to is used

Proportional to distance of course.

In some cases it may be proportional to distance.

I therefore urge you to distance yourselves from this ' event '.

It's a way to distance the healthy from the sick, the well-off from the unfortunate.

My parents, especially my mother, tried for several months to distance me from Islam.

Mindfulness might help people to distance themselves from negative or stressful thoughts.

Yeah! Many times I have thought about changing my name in order to distance myself from the Latino/Hispanic crowd.

At the same time, several of them were able to distance themselves from traditional notions and attach other meanings.

The real constraint to distance is effective cycle paths -- on a good cycle path even a unfit person can do 25Km in an.

The real constraint to distance is effective cycle paths -- on a good cycle path even a unfit person can do 25Km in an hour.

In 12% of cases distance from is used

Massimo Ambrosini blasted off target from distance after the restart.

This leads to a switch-operated battery pack used to set the IED off from distance.

After the restart Nocerino fired over from distance and Mexes turned wide from a corner.

I think Ox has a great shot from distance so I would love to see him belt a few early as well.

As well as physical presence in the middle of the park, Pogba has an excellent shot from distance.

We definitely need to invest in two attacking midfielders who can also hit the target from distance.

While Reng's perimeter game is still raw he hasn't found himself relying on his increasing range from distance.

Very rarely do you see Spain running directly at players, whipping crosses into the box, or shooting from distance regularly.

Adebayor releasing a left foot shot from distance, but it sails over 19min Walker with a good defensive header back to Friedel.

Perparim Hetemaj drilled wide from distance, but Cyril Thereau? s daisy-cutter was on target and Abbiati got down well to palm it round the upright.

In 8% of cases distance by is used

Centre of mass is determined by distance and gravity by the square of separation.

Students, who are unable to attend classes, have the option of studying by distance learning.

The Warwick MBA by Distance Learning allows students to choose six electives from 13 options.

With a keen interest in learning, Chi-kwong decided to study for a degree by distance learning.

Prior to this I worked as a Teacher's Aide full time at a primary school, while I studied by distance education.

She found studying by distance learning gave her the flexibility to fit study in at times that suited her, backed by Open Polytechnic tutor support if needed.

In comparison with what I just take for granted, the people of Sangram, including the brothers, have been isolated not just by distance but also by communication.

The group was not only separated by distance, but was now divided into two separate dioceses, and it was not easy for priests to travel from one diocese to the other.

Being able to study the first two years by distance was great and gave me the flexibility to work at my own speed and at times that better suited my other commitments.

What's another way to understand genetic differences? The best way to understand the genetic differences that we find in human populations is that populations differ by distance.

In 6% of cases distance with is used

Collimation refers to the degree to which the beam remains parallel with distance.

This maritime influence is strongest near the Atlantic coasts and decreases with distance inland.

The immigration rate declines exponentially with distance, as we've previously seen in a variety of data.

Panel d) Polar plot with distance from the center as mean change and?, the angle with the horizontal axis, as agreement.

In other words, a smaller diameter beam will suffer more divergence and greater spread with distance than a larger beam.

This is a result of Earth being oblate, with distance from the middle of Earth to equator being longer than from the pole.

The reality is the phone signals are usually not trapped, vary in power and the signal level reduces very quickly with distance.

Cons of Online Education: Briefly explained are some factors that could negatively affect your success with distance learning courses: 1.

Distance: In the same way that heat from a fire is less the further away you are, the intensity of radiation decreases with distance from its source.

As the 18th century wore on and costs rose with distance, the trade came to be controlled by a small number of BOURGEOIS, who hired hundreds of wage-earning VOYAGEURS.

In 5% of cases distance for is used

These small nocturnal mammals glide between trees for distances up to 135 m.

An earlier version of this report included two incorrect metric conversions for distances.

Compare mortality rates and collision rates to overall cycling population normalising for distances travelled.

The regional accrediting bodies also have guidelines and standards for evaluation for distance education programs (Howell, Baker, Zuehl, &; Johansen, 2007).

In 5% of cases distance in is used

For these species a change in distance should mean less in shifting immigration rates.

That will either be a change in direction or a change in distance travelled over time.

Medium Long runs -- these are runs that range in distance between the 10 and 15 mile mark.

With no experience in distance learning, Kit-ching encountered some difficulties at the beginning of her studies.

Our board members are here to help you, whether you are just getting started in distance riding or you are a veteran with a question.

He was the first Englishman to sail directly to the American coast, thereby saving nearly a thousand miles in distance and at least a week in sailing time.

Robots are walking on Mars, a planet light years away in distance, digging samples of rocks and taking spectacular pictures to impress on us the genius of man.

Then again, if you're sitting in the back row of a Biology 101 lecture with 600 other students, you're practically participating in distance learning right now.

In 2% of cases distance at is used

The preceding action had been brutal in a fascinating contrast of styles, Chisora bullying at close range while Haye wanted to keep the fight at distance.

In 2% of cases distance on is used

It was easy for me to select a provider based on distance.

In addition, running focused on distance is performed at the AT pace or slightly lower than AT pace once a week.

Dependent on distance, these intermolecular forces influence the motion of these particles and hence their thermodynamic properties.

In 2% of cases distance through is used

Or you can achieve this degree through distance learning system.

Sir i want to know that what in master i can do being here through distance learning and from which university of Pakistan? 487.

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