Prepositions used with "disease"

"of disease" or "for disease"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases disease of is used

A similar tree is provided of diseases.

It is quite possible they died of disease.

The Lusk Kidney may have shown signs of disease.

Sometimes there are outbreaks of diseases in this house, but generally we keep well.

The severity of disease however does not increase with each addition of a risk factor.

How many people died of diseases and in want of medical attention following the floods in the Singheshwar Mega Camp.

Taking this aside, however, McKeown also points to the importance of understanding the origins of disease in its control.

This means that the benefits of disease genetics research are largely independent of how predictive the genetics actually is.

Although it is associated with the propagation of diseases, HGH is also acknowledged for its help in curing Crohn's disease.

In 19% of cases disease for is used

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have called autism a.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CARE, and the Carter Center.

Jim Curran of Emory University and formerly with the Centers for Disease Control, and Dr.

The myriad risk factors for disease, although additive, do not behave in a linear manner.

It is possible that undiscovered cures for diseases are still waiting to be found in rainforests.

This is the table listing all of the public expression datasets used to build their search patterns for diseases.

The following guidelines are based off of information found on the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) website, www.

So much so that the American Center for Disease Control have decided to investigate the claims of these individuals.

At least half of active males and females have had HPV, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 12% of cases disease to is used

It prunes humanity to diseases and early death.

That makes them more susceptible to disease and climate challenges.

Thirteen patients (31%) had mutations in nuclear genes not previously linked to disease.

This damage then makes them more susceptible to disease, pests and environmental stresses.

It requires the governor to publish an annual list of chemicals that are linked to diseases.

Not only is it a sterile act in terms of procreation, but it leads to disease and even death.

Additionally, parental failure due to disease, orphaning, and armed conflict are major causes.

Life expectancy is 60 -- primarily due to disease, accidents and an infant mortality rate of 5%.

Interesting, that someone who is sure to die is being treated lest he dies early due to disease.

In 6% of cases disease from is used

To die over and over from disease which could have cures.

The death of young children from disease was a major problem in Cuba.

My mother is suffering from diseases (Sur Durd, Joro Ka dard, Dil holi, etc).

Many pupils suffered mainly from diseases such as malaria as was incidence of bilharzias).

This is because millions of children die from diseases that can be prevented through vaccines.

To avoid that one must be alert to protect his or her health from diseases which are caused by neglect.

Many more died as they fled when the Republic fell, or perished later from disease and neglect in refugee camps in France.

So, human beings are forced to continue to suffer from diseases that can be easily and successfully treated using Tesla's technology.

Free their hearts from diseases of all kind so that Kalaam of Allah sinks in their hearts and guides them in every decision of their life.

As faith is the condition of the salvation of the soul, so Christ required it as a condition of the salvation of the body from disease or death.

In 3% of cases disease by is used

There are chances of getting affected by diseases.

It might be different with slow death caused by disease or injuries.

So far some 933 -- or around 30% of kiwifruit orchards -- have being impacted by disease.

Sometimes this is due to deformities produced by disease or pests but sometimes the cones look normal too.

High mortality leads to higher birth rates which is normally controlled by disease, famine or other means.

Not only is death by disease, conflicts and violence common inside this slum but it is estimated 1/5 of the 2.

Necrosis Necrosis is the death of some or all of the cells in an organ or tissue, caused by disease, physical or chemical injury.

These numbers increased dramatically in the 1840s when the potato crops in Ireland were destroyed by disease resulting in famine for the people.

In 3% of cases disease in is used

Above all other remedies, it is useful in diseases caused by fear or anger.

They are one of our main sources for energy, but they also aid in disease prevention.

Food and energy security will be threatened leading to rise in diseases and frequency of natural calamities.

The most important genes involved in disease susceptibility are located in the HLA class II locus on the short arm of chromosome 6 (2).

Nitric acid is employed with great success in diseases of the bones, chiefly when those diseases have been preceded by syphilis or the abuse of mercury.

Conclusion This training prepared DHMTs for implementing the IDSR strategy in their districts, and involving communities in disease surveillance and response.

Never once have I stated that MY opinions on vaccinations and their correlation to increased incidences of certain diseases/disorders was the truth to end all truths.

Effective disease surveillance and response systems help DHMTs make informed public health decisions and enhance efficiency in disease prevention and control actions.

One of the great hopes for genetic medicine is that we will be able to predict which people will develop certain diseases, and then focus preventative measures to those at risk.

In 3% of cases disease with is used

You will need to offer with disease from each angles, not simply one.

Just because we do nt feel sick now means that we wont end up with diseases in the future.

Conclusions Plasma BlyS level was correlated with disease activity and radiological progress, which indicates that plasma BlyS level may become a useful biological.

Clearly that is false, or every person with scoliosis or a simple spondylolisthesis (a scary-looking but generally asymptomatic condition) would be riddled with disease.

Polio is primarily a disease of the infant caused by an enterovirus with disease manifestations that include destruction of motor neurons in the spinal cord causing flaccid paralysis.

In 2% of cases disease about is used

This is the scary thing about disease outbreaks.

If you told me about disease control in grapes, I would not.

A lot of people tend to live in denial about diseases like depression because of the stigma involved.

Robert Young Disease names like diabetes and osteoporosis are misleading and misinform patients about disease prevention.

He was a naturalist, and especially wanted to understand why cuckoos lay their eggs in other birds ' nests! Smallpox People worried about diseases.

Maria: That could be hilarious, right? But then you start reading statistics from WHO about diseases arising from poor sanitation, and you think, well, I can not make a joke about this.

In 2% of cases disease against is used

Laughter strengthens your respiratory system and increases the secretion of hormones which fights against diseases.

And just as stress can trigger ill health, it looks as if friendship and happiness can boost our immunity against disease.

It disappears from the body in eight weeks ' time, but leaves its effects and destroys the body's resistance against diseases.

It disappears from the body in eight weeks ' time, but leaves its effects and destroys the body's resistance against diseases.

The research suggests that by vaccinating men and women at different times of the day could help to ensure they get the best protection against disease.

As phages occur widely they provide an answer to the prayer by human beings to develop newer technologies against diseases which do not respond to existing antibiotics.

Assafoetida is one of the most powerful remedies against diseases of the bones, - necrosis, caries, exostosis, and chiefly when these diseases are of a scrofulous or rachitic nature.

In 1% of cases disease on is used

Likewise, when we examine the general field of natural medicine, we'll see that the focus is almost entirely not on disease, but instead on correcting imbalances.

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