Prepositions used with "discipline"

"of discipline" or "to discipline"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases discipline of is used
    Because of lack of discipline,.
    It is kind of discipline to be invested what we consume.
    It takes a very high amount of discipline for me to do that.
    Their background is journalism, a vocation that calls for normal standards of discipline.
    It is like a rudderless ship in a storm! Lack of discipline is not a manifestation of democracy.
    Perhaps the military ideals of discipline and loyalty toward one's peers and one's superiors (e.
    If I were the duty officer and in charge of discipline, then making him bale the long-boat seems suitable to me.
    He was a puritan in every possible way, and he lived a life of discipline, just as a saint lives in a monastery.
    The practice of Dharma enabled citizens to inculcate a sense of discipline in conducting themselves in the society.
    It's not that the boy is altogether devoid of talent, but he is devoid of discipline, compassion and emotional depth.

    In 22% of cases discipline to is used
    The family unit in the UK when it comes to discipline is very lax.
    Parents aren't allowed to discipline their children anymore apparently.
    Their parents either are unable to discipline them or are unavailable to discipline them.
    Sure it happens but only because the league sees fit to discipline players not officials.
    But Susan is not going to leave Clara because Susan wants to be the one to discipline her.
    As a parent myself, I know there are many, many ways to discipline a child without resorting to physical violence.
    But everyone needs to discipline themselves so technology is used as a source to be helpful but not your social life.
    Lupe then tells Alvira that she must not worry about it because Lupe knew that she is just trying to discipline Clara.
    Although I commend your efforts to discipline your expenditures, I hope you have kept an open mind about buying a house.

    In 6% of cases discipline across is used
    Measurement of these costs across disciplines can reveal useful insights.

    In 6% of cases discipline in is used
    Good practice entails a number of stages in discipline and grievance handling.
    I hope to spend more time on these two days in discipline for the two devas I love.
    The organisers welcome papers ranging in discipline and on any topic related to Rupert Thomson's work.
    The empirical research that is conducted in disciplines concerned with education has essentially always been pragmatically oriented.
    To point out that he believed in the division of spirit and matter is so stupid as to say that he believed in discipline and self- sacrifice.
    Prerequisites Bachelor degree or equivalent, with double major, major or sub-major sequences in discipline studies relevant to the post-primary curriculum.
    Understanding the processes (physical, chemical and biological) that lead to formation of sedimentary material is key in disciplines ranging from geology to environmental science to archaeology.
    She developed a platform to help users find and discover recreational classes in disciplines like yoga, dance, martial arts, cooking, photography, beauty, and fashion on-the-go, at their convenience.

    In 4% of cases discipline with is used
    It includes core professional studies in education and key curriculum areas, along with discipline studies and some.
    The Saban Blueprint Begins with discipline Jamie Squire/Getty Images Nick Saban is a relentless recruiter and detail-oriented coach.
    Let us: Learn Islam with ambition, Observe Islam with sincerity, Practice Islam with discipline (Sunnah ), Spread Islam with truth and kindness.
    Both in bioethical cases and in science-law cases, judges have to face and to manage with disciplines and fields which are different from the law: morals, philosophy or life sciences.

    In 3% of cases discipline for is used
    And here is just the perfect place for discipline and it's not a boot camp at all, it's more of a course.
    What did she do? This Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) suspension is for discipline reasons.
    Jamaicans by and large are very physically violent with their children because that is their only frame of reference for discipline.
    And some parents even so thoroughly expect their children to rebel against household rules, that they see it as normal and not an issue for discipline.
    There were certain well-defined indications both of his respect for discipline and of the strong self-discipline exercised over his thinking and habits.
    How could Woods, renowned for discipline and control, have allowed himself to leave so much evidence that can find its way into the tabloids and on the Internet.

    In 2% of cases discipline about is used
    Even the way I take my dance company -- that's about discipline.
    Anything would be more interesting than the two Charlies they had on this morning: a teacher and a mum, talking about discipline in schools.
    As Anderson and his staff became aware of what children were eating, and started linking it to data about discipline problems in the two periods of lunch, nutrition became a critical concern.

    In 2% of cases discipline between is used
    He found connections between disciplines that fascinated him.
    It was expected to be a close race, so smooth, fast transitions between disciplines were expected to be one of the keys.
    This can be improved by sharing keyword lists and desired landing pages between disciplines using extranet or keyword management software.
    Teachers and parents have absolutely no need to inflict physical punishment on children- instead, both parents and teachers need to be made aware of the difference between discipline and punishment.

    In 2% of cases discipline on is used
    What interests me is, where does the SWP stand on this? We know that the SWP leadership are extremely hot on discipline.
    Although they don't have the pace of the former two and rely more on discipline, consistency and subtlety to take wickets than swing or bounce - they claimed many scalps together.

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