Prepositions used with "disaster"

"of disaster" or "for disaster"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases disaster of is used

Their litany of disasters is unmatched.

The number and frequency of disasters is growing.

I'd also enthralled with the mechanics of disasters.

A cataclysmic conflict of this sort would be the worst kind of disaster for Pakistan.

For a In the Thick of Disaster Relief at the IDP Camps in Vavuniya, 2009 Speakers Dr.

On the evening, they held candlelight vigil, praying for the people of disaster areas.

This must say something about a hugely distorted perception of disaster, and an unchallenged desire to exploit it.

Learning from the Past: A look Back at Evaluation and Reviews of Disaster Preparedness Programmes, November, 1999.

So where does this leave us? The issue of normalization of disaster losses is tricky and can not be considered resolved.

In 21% of cases disaster for is used

Using the cloud for disaster recovery.

That is a sure fire formula for disaster.

A world without truth is a recipe for disaster.

I think that translating actual code and library keywords is a recipe for disaster.

Obama who had been sent to Haiti to be the president's point man for disaster relief.

Without proper safety and repair kits on board you are just asking for disaster to strike.

On the contrary, the 13th Amendment is a recipe for disaster; it'll be a breeding ground of disharmony and conflict.

I don't accept this second method of ' letting the people decide ' because it's a recipe for disaster not democracy.

As it stands now the reader is in the same boat as me: unaware that I was heading for disaster, and then suddenly in it.

When planning for disasters or emergencies, special consideration needs to be taken to include people with disabilities.

In 15% of cases disaster to is used

To disaster that strikes our city, our community.

And appointment without anointment always led to disaster.

It was Mujib who was taking Pakistan down the road to disaster.

Secondly, and perhaps more usefully, I have acquired a measure of immunity to disaster.

Vulnerability to disasters is determined by the ability of people to make sustainable choices.

We have responded to disasters and put aside money to help the rebuilding of greater Christchurch.

Rushing a product to market, after spending billions, and coming in less than 2nd in your segment, is a key to disaster.

This is partly because the poor reside in areas which are more vulnerable and prone to disasters, such as the coastal belt.

It has a key role in trying to maintain international peace and security but also addresses issues related to disaster relief,.

Since both are transmittable in honey, it takes just one jar ending up in the recycling for bees to follow a honey pot to disaster.

In 14% of cases disaster in is used

The media plays a major role in disasters.

This is why the military has a key role to play in disaster management.

Habib Torikul and Sonia Farjana are pursuing MS in Disaster Management Department of.

Let's contribute our own part to global capacity building in disaster risk reduction.

Federal Emergency Management Agency funds go toward the welfare of animals in disaster zones.

Special programs build a partnership with private companies to assist in disaster management.

I'd grateful to the Red Cross who has been so responsive not just here, but in disasters around the country.

Lack of co-ordination amongst various governmental and nongovernmental organization working in disaster response.

Her comeback also ended in disaster when fans complained she had lost her talent and seemed confused during concerts.

In 5% of cases disaster on is used

Romney also has a record on disaster relief.

They sprinkle fairy dust on disasters and turn them to gold.

De Bernardinis suggested he was an expert on disaster response rather than predisaster judgment.

He also called on the Maldivian Parliament to enact the law on disaster management that has been pending for some time.

President Obama has cut the interest rate on disaster loans for farmers and made it easier for affected areas to receive government financial assistance.

Several stakeholders from the Caribbean who attended the fifth annual Caribbean Conference on Disaster Management at the Rose Hall Resort and Spa attended the forum.

Robert Francis Garcia is Oxfam's advisor on training and knowledge management systems for the program, ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response (AADMER).

Mathbor has published extensively on disaster relief, community preparedness, social development, coastal zone management, migration, health, economics, and international social work education.

In 3% of cases disaster from is used

Allah Ta'aala redeems His human servants from disasters for their sake.

We urgently need research to quantify and account for the effects of better mitigation technology that has -- so far -- kept losses from disasters manageable compared to historical precedents.

In 3% of cases disaster with is used

Obama has had his plate over flowing with disasters.

Interview with Disaster Response Coordinator Written: 11/8/2012 The Rev.

Severe floods could overwhelm the capacity of Bangladesh to deal with disasters.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I see nothing abnormal about your fascination with disasters.

It would also provide rehabilitation programmes to deal with disasters (Ekram Kabir, September 12, 2004).

Trained as a federal agent and now working as a volunteer police officer in the Rockaways, Aviles was prepared to deal with disaster scenarios.

In 2% of cases disaster about is used

Share what they know about disaster aid and its providers.

But something about the way he talked about disasters struck a chord in me.

He is as unconcerned about disaster relief as a Presidential candidate as he was as governor.

In 2% of cases disaster by is used

It was an era marked by disaster fears.

And so does America continue to decay, sucked dry by corporate leeches and plagued by disaster and war.

Good luck! chuck Yes I get that, I'd simply referring to known disaster area's that get revisited by disaster on a regular bases.

However, Daily flood report by disaster management division dated 28/08/08 suggests that government has taken this into account during the very initial days of relief distribution.

In 1% of cases disaster into is used

The theory of countries having natural resources turning into disasters is a stark reality.

Earth shakes as a result almost everyday in some part of the world and every so often it turns into disaster.

As long as it cling on to this shallow thinking, there will never be peace and the country will slip further into disaster.

Further, when Bill Clinton signed the Galss-Steagall Act out of existence he gave the green light to banks to plunge he economy into disaster while enriching themselves beyond measure.

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