Prepositions used with "direction"

"of direction", "for direction" or "in direction"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases direction of is used

I move it in all kinds of directions.

As if, there is no ' sense of direction '.

Twitter aggregates in a number of directions.

De Meijer has been working on precisely this type of direction - sensitive detector.

The onus is on us as fans to make it clear we want a change of direction and manager.

From A Sense of Direction: My friend Tom was trapped at home in a tiny, distant city.

Some individuals might feel that they are now at a career crossroads, and that a change of direction is required.

It is so easy for us to be tempted in a variety of directions, and when we stray, we impact our entire ministry.

Poor writing, poor direction, over the top commercial input and branding, no teamwork, no sense of direction, etc.

And to the lakhs who were disgusted by a lack of direction, drift, marginalisation happening among Mahrashtrians in Mumbai.

In 31% of cases direction for is used

He uses MapQuest for directions.

For directions visit **28;17629;TOOLONG.

Works autonomously and without need for direction.

I can say that once I was lost in the dark, looking for directions aimlessly and Gothere.

Kim Collier took home the award for direction, for her intimate and immersive staging of the play.

That may be why men have trouble asking for directions; they don't have a sense that they're lost.

These and other considerations cause us to go to prayer for direction and to discern God's will for our mission.

First I went to some large, rich hotels near the station; I asked them for directions to a less-expensive operation.

Of course, when I realized this, I also became good enough with maps and sky bridges that I stopped asking for directions.

Having success with tourists, the trails were altered for ease of use: rock and wooden stairs and signs for directions everywhere.

In 19% of cases direction in is used

We truly do need a fundamental change in direction.

Most Obama supporters want a real change in direction in US government policy.

That will either be a change in direction or a change in distance travelled over time.

However, you can often predict shifts and broad changes in direction; in the embraced it.

There are also a couple of useful terms to describe changes in direction relative to the wind.

A start-ups Stage 2 is a pivot, a change in direction, a leap in growth rate, adapting to change.

There is no doubt that the NEX-7 (and others) mark a change in direction and an increase in options.

This may be a change in direction for Wenger, bringing in winners to help add confidence to the team.

This can be the main reason why this brain rotated in direction of Louboutin reproductions of vintage designs.

This will supply your business in direction of the notice of one's possible buyers, prime you the many strategy to profit.

In 5% of cases direction with is used

Issue remits back with direction to decides on the basis of above mention judgment.

He later explained that he purposely arrived super early because he was really bad with directions and he'd never been to that part of town.

Some ares requires 4 post claims while other require just 2 post claims stating the distances right and left of each post along with directions.

According to Argos they have been told that HND drivers don't carry mobile phones and so cann't phone back to the depot for help with directions.

In 3% of cases direction to is used

Race launching has priority over boat recovery, subject to direction by the Dockmaster.

I wouldn't say Jay's there yet, but this past week was without a doubt the best seven-day stretch he's ever had of listening to directions.

In 2% of cases direction by is used

As the Crown has the right of an appeal against an acquittal by direction full reasons should be given at the time of the acquittal or immediately thereafter.

In 2% of cases direction on is used

I am not saying everyone in his team is naxalite, I can't say it for Kiran Bedi, but most of them are naxalite and they are working on direction of Sonia Gandhi.

Many exemplar schemes appear to rely on direction &; commitment from the landowner -- basically their philanthropic wish to achieve a good quality development on their own land.

In 1% of cases direction about is used

Now, it should be obvious that this says nothing about directions.

Stock market winners only care about direction and also duration, while market losers are enthusiastic about the whys.

In 1% of cases direction per is used

She said they are hospital staff and they are to be sent to doctor's room on priority/out of turn as per directions of higher ups.

In 1% of cases direction without is used

It was Billy Talent without direction.

He didn't ask for his food to be re-heated, the waiter noticed and put in an order without direction from us.

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