Prepositions used with "difficulty"

"of difficulty" or "with difficulty"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases difficulty of is used

Landmine victims face a lifetime of difficulties.

The level of difficulty for this release is addictive.

The five methods are progressive in scale of difficulty.

If two sets of papers have different levels of difficulty, they have to be dealt with.

Troubles we encounter Home teaching a prison inmate is not completely free of difficulty.

Choking sensations: For people who suffer with anxiety, meal time poses a challenge of difficulty in swallowing.

The actual portion of challenges comprises of difficulties utilizing applications which are used with the group.

Failed early-season trips to Japan have left them short of their best and awkward draws add another degree of difficulty.

End up Good quality Assist Without an excessive amount of difficulty if you have been others trading as if you tend to be.

In 21% of cases difficulty with is used

How Can it be Treated? With difficulty.

The dispatch of aid to Madrid is proceeding with difficulty.

Experience suggests that such a process is fraught with difficulty.

Abdullah pointed out that such a journey was fraught with difficulties and hardship.

They are a means of putting up with difficulties and of aiming to achieve great things.

The trade realizes nearly 500 per cent, and will, therefore, with difficulty be put down.

Psychologists use their understanding to help people with difficulties to change their lives for the better.

With certain exceptions hydrogenated fats are not found in nature, and are metabolized with difficulty in the body.

Everybody has to learn all about the trade at home or with difficulty secure a contract to play professional cricket in England.

It is a plant with hairy, not smooth leaves, and the fresh root is tough, breaking with difficulty and rarely exuding much milky juice.

In 14% of cases difficulty in is used

They increase in difficulty as the week progresses.

Mr Wardell was in difficulty over the gap in the tape.

If you are in difficulty, never be afraid to ask for help.

He used to tell his employee:? If you come across any debtor who is in difficulty, let him off.

Yet the French were in difficulties, as they did not have the cash to advance to the weavers.

Despite all his faults, though, Brown had personal integrity and a deep compassion for those in difficulty.

In difficulties we need only have recourse to Jesus Christ and beg His grace with which everything became easy.

Fire damage to many of the components resulted in difficulty in identifying the specific airframe location of some of them.

Whenever she hears the call of one who is in difficulty, or it is appropriate to give generously, she responds to the need.

Moreover, we also know that a diluted portfolio will result in difficulties in managing and hence maximizing your returns.

In 8% of cases difficulty without is used

He won re-election twice, though not without difficulty.

You'll hand over the new nuclear element Highplunium 600 without difficulty.

Every one of these enable the person to manage files without difficulty in skin cells more exactly along with just.

Thus, it was psychologically and materially possible to make an economic community of the Six, though not without difficulties.

So effective had been the bombardment that initial objectives on the heights overlooking the beaches were overrun without difficulty.

Gayathri without difficulty, brings the divine elixir, which is enjoyed by the Self, and whatever is left over is shared by the sense organs.

He may also find another part time job once he has acquired the required level of English language skills and begun to manage his coursework without difficulty.

Animals which are kept for 24 hours or more at a slaughterhouse shall be lairaged and, where appropriate, tethered, in such a way that they can lie down and feed without difficulty.

With integrated reporting, real time and minute by minute status reports can be delivered without difficulty, enlightening you as to the progress of both manual and automated routines.

In 6% of cases difficulty into is used

Three people were rescued from a yacht which got into difficulties.

The four motorists ran into difficulty while making their way through the Gorge shortly before four o'clock in the morning.

I am reminded of the time Carmen Lawrence got into difficulties because comments she made were implicated in a person's suicide.

CONSULAR HELP ABROAD If you get into difficulties abroad, you may need to contact the nearest Nigerian Consulate, Embassy or High Commission.

At this time, the rivers can be very dangerous, and many people have been gotten into difficulties trying to cross back over them after heavy rain.

This is especially due to cases when parent companies are required to prepare audited consolidated accounts but run into difficulty due to one of their subsidiaries being audit-exempt.

From a practical point of view, you may run into difficulty carrying briefcases full of cash through Dublin Airport and opening an account in Berlin will not be the answer to your prayers.

In 6% of cases difficulty to is used

Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you to difficulties.

In testing financial times, it is a sensible approach, but in the football world, it can lead to difficulties.

Bad punctuation can have serious consequences, leading to difficulties in understanding and even to complete misunderstandings.

This led to difficulties when, not long after Christopher began his schooling at Westminster, the English Civil War broke out between King and Parliament.

This has already given rise to difficulties in Judicial Separation and Divorce cases and it is inevitable that similar issues will also arise for civil partners in the future.

In 2% of cases difficulty by is used

Dyslexia is a distinct learning disability characterized by difficulties in decoding individual words.

Not paying fares is variously justified by difficulties with buying or validating tickets, inadequate information about ticketing requirements, poor quality of service, and expensive prices.

Carrier operations during July, limited though they were by logistic problems and frustrated by difficulties in control, had been reasonably successful, but they had not been free from cost.

In 2% of cases difficulty through is used

I believe it struck a chord with people cause I think we're all going through difficulty in our lives like that.

In 1% of cases difficulty about is used

The women talk about difficulties on their farms, problems in their families, the recent flooding of a nearby river and plans for their farms.

I know it seems like a million years ago, but I and I know other people were really interested in what some of the participants wrote about difficulties in criticism, and/or reviewing.

In 1% of cases difficulty Despite is used

Despite difficulties, the AFP has moved into the multimedia age beginning in 1997, with a rapid intensification in 1999-2000.

Despite difficulties, their dedication is remarkable, demonstrated by their request for information and for the provision of catechetical training.

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