Prepositions used with "dialogue"

"of dialogue" or "in dialogue"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases dialogue of is used

There is a quantum of dialogue.

Nevermind the lack of dialogue.

Three consecutive sentences of dialogue.

I didn't remember this bit of dialogue from when I first saw Up in the Air at the cinema.

Nope, they just outright kill him after he gets maybe two lines of dialogue the entire show.

This break from the conventional mode of dialogue allows adaptors to put a bit of themselves back into Shakespeare.

He said seven rounds of dialogue have been undertaken while US secretary of state Hillary Clinton will soon visit Pakistan.

May the birth of the Saviour support the prospects of dialogue and cooperation in Myanmar, in the pursuit of shared solutions.

Grass-root initiatives such as that implemented in the Sool Sanaag Cayn regions was a formula of dialogue, discussion and consensus.

In 19% of cases dialogue in is used

I would be happy to engage in dialogue with you.

They should not appear in written English except in dialogues.

Trivikram never lets you down in dialogue department and he is in best form here.

In Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief Systems of the World (1632) Galileo argues as follows.

In the first few pages, in dialogue with his wife he emerges as clever, cynical and strange.

The big advances in dialogue and cooperation in recent years have provided useful support in this respect.

At the heart of the concept is the conversation philosophy (listening and engaging in dialogue) that forms the basis for the strategy.

The results of the Master Plan of tomorrow will be created in dialogue with the policy makers, agriculturalists and engineers of today.

Unfortunately Assad has never been interested in dialogue and compromise and believes repression and violence will work for him in the end.

What audience is the text written for? Who is it in dialogue with? (This will probably be other scholars or authors with differing viewpoints.

In 12% of cases dialogue for is used

I think there is need for dialogue to resolve things.

Support for dialogue and reconciliation efforts can help to consolidate sustainable peace.

There are other voices that are speaking about the need for dialogue regarding changes to Indigenous policy and law.

The need for dialogue for a comprehensive approach Therefore, in order to face food security challenges, we need dialogue.

For Lasallian establishments to be the living expression of the Good News, they must be places for dialogue in truth, freedom, and hope.

Since 2007 we have been bringing young Georgian and Abkhaz adults together in locations in Western Europe for dialogue and joint learning.

The Nairobi Convention is an important platform for dialogue between Governments and the civil society at the regional and national level.

This program is designed to embrace all groups on campus, providing them with a space for dialogue and opportunities to work together on fun projects.

Why are we doing this? It takes a lot to bring groups from the South Caucasus together for dialogue activities in the UK -- a lot of time, money and nerves.

Now considering the story was a call for dialogue, it is not surprising that different voices were sought, but the result was an unnecessarily polarised debate.

In 12% of cases dialogue to is used

I will be glad to dialogue, and acquaintance.

Students will also bring their own poems to dialogue with Prof.

This section is just an introduction to dialogue, so there are no consequences.

Orji Kalu, has offered to dialogue with Boko Haram on behalf of the Federal Government.

Learning to dialogue is seen as one of the core competencies to be enhanced through the course.

Strong feelings of anxiety, anger or hostility are not conducive to dialogue and reconciliation.

In addition to listening to dialogues, I listen for 2 hours each day to vocabulary lists (10-20 new words/phrases/idioms).

Maryknollers in Musoma have been called to assist, to counsel, to listen, to dialogue and be so attentive to this new community of local church.

Also if you did not buy direct but through a reseller then you need to dialogue with the reseller since that is with whom you have the sales contract.

It would be more effective for Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia to dialogue with Europe's Muslim and Arab neighbours in the context of the OIC about development.

In 9% of cases dialogue through is used

The desire to resolve conflicts through dialogue must be of paramount importance.

It is an experimental drama where through dialogues the main and only character remembers his past.

He said Pakistan and India would have to resolve all issues through dialogue because war was no solution to any problem.

Through dialogue, we draw out these subtleties and address the complex issues of a building's character, image and symbolism.

Therefore, the only way out of this crisis is through dialogue that can lead to acknowledging the other based on citizenship.

Johnson, responsible for fleshing out the character further through dialogue, kept a notebook with him in order to jot down ideas and new putdowns as they come to him.

This engagement happens through dialogue, games and best practices sharing, through which people understand what the triple bottom line is about and the rationale behind it.

I'd curious to see if they fill-in those ' years ' in blood and chrome, through dialogue as opposed to flashbacks since there's so much we don't know about how the war started.

In what way are you a realist then? Or, how do you want to be more clear on my point? The answer to your second question is that my goal is to achieve clarity through dialogue with you.

Contemplation of nature is seen through dialogue but also through Tsukinaga's camera work; Katsu's career in forestry is a result of his passion for trees, and this is expressed through the shots.

In 3% of cases dialogue into is used

Theatre then becomes an extraordinary tool for transforming monologue into dialogue.

John the Baptist, like Jesus, enters into dialogue with them: ' Rob no one by violence or by false accusation and be content with your wages ' (Lk.

In 2% of cases dialogue on is used

Considering ' romantic comedy ' is a genre known for its reliance on dialogue, this is very impressive.

We can all remain friends, but the best friendships and fullest kind of development, are built on dialogue, discussion and flexibility.

In 2% of cases dialogue with is used

I mean, you're sitting there writing a book and you're going along for months with dialogue and scenes, and you want to bring it up to a point where you can get some release as well.

In 1% of cases dialogue about is used

Even though it was a trip about dialogue, I valued the occasion as a tourist.

What was important was a vision that we carried through the film about dialogue between all sections of the people.

In 1% of cases dialogue from is used

Najib said the elevation of Asean-US relationship from dialogue to strategic partnership was also another.

Najib said the elevation of Asean-US relationship from dialogue to strategic partnership was also another important outcome.

One of the advantages of the third person is that these voices (apart from dialogue) do not have to be created so frequently.

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