Prepositions used with "diabetes"

"of diabetes" or "with diabetes"?

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In 37% of cases diabetes of is used

Too much sugar in the blood is a hallmark of diabetes.

The other type of diabetes, type 2, sounds less serious.

The most common symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination.

However, they are suggestive of a protective effect of diabetes medicines on nerves.

The prevalence of diabetes was significantly higher in the group not exposed to TCDD.

The other type of diabetes, known as type 2, is less easy to define in any clear way.

One might have a family history of diabetes but the disease is not manifested if one eats correctly and exercises.

A study has found tucking into a bowl of pasta at night can actually reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

While the DPP also showed that some medications may delay the development of diabetes, diet and exercise worked better.

The importance of diabetes education is in allowing people to quickly understand the situation once a diagnosis is made.

In 22% of cases diabetes with is used

Anyone with diabetes can do it.

I was diagnosed with diabetes only by accident.

India alone has 63 million people living with diabetes, second only to China (92.

I have studied many families with diabetes and will speak of a classical family X.

Both of my parents were diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Best way to introduce ourselves and then discuss our history's and lives with diabetes.

This brief look at the risk looks at the chance of developing diabetes, and at the chance of dying with diabetes.

While pondering over the menu, you need to consider people with diabetes, vegetarians and those with food allergies.

We included men with diabetes, extended the treatment duration to four weeks and tested three different doses and a placebo.

A film about a robot helping young children cope with diabetes shows how artificial intelligence has developed since Turing.

In 10% of cases diabetes for is used

This is an indication for diabetes.

Some advise that, fruits are not good for diabetes.

She said I should go and get myself checked for diabetes.

You'll get to discover: That most of what you have heard about eating for diabetes is wrong.

This family also said they paid a fortune for diabetes meds for the father each and every month.

He and Charles Best were instrumental in the discovery of insulin in 1922, a life-saving treatment for diabetes patients.

Emerging evidence suggest s a low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet may be more effective for diabetes than a conventional low fat diet.

The definition of Type I diabetes mellitus was based on the 1985 WHO classification and diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus (18).

In 8% of cases diabetes to is used

Eventually the constant up and down leads to diabetes.

The two main class II alleles that predispose to diabetes are DR3 and DR4.

Improved adherence to diabetes medications can lead to better health outcomes and reduced costs.

Early detection and lifestyle changes can improve outcomes, and in the case of pre-diabetes can even delay or prevent progression to diabetes.

Too much eating of meat, fats, eggs, milk, butter, cheese and all flesh products, that raise blood cholesterol level, can also lead to diabetes.

I never went wildly out of control (I wasn't admitted to hospital due to diabetes until a once in a lifetime incident last year ), but the constant measuring and injecting was very trying.

Full exposure to diabetes education can quickly enable the patient to return to a standard quality of life, with one proviso that they will need to administer the insulin from that point on.

If it would be better for you to donate some money to cancer research than to donate it to diabetes research, then it would be wrong for you to donate the money to diabetes research, and so on.

Any damages to these delicate organs could lead to diabetes, due to the fact that the body can not naturally produce the required insulin to utilize blood sugar (glucose) in the cells of the body.

In 7% of cases diabetes as is used

Therefore, they can usually avoid diseases that encourage cancer, such as diabetes.

Whats more, an eye condition could hint at a more serious general problem within the body, such as diabetes or cancer.

Maori were also more likely to have other health issues, such as diabetes and heart disease, which affected their ability to beat cancer.

There is a higher prevalence of other autoimmune diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 1, vitiligo and thyroid disease in these patients.

These are obviously not symptoms which can be used to definitively state that someone has diabetes, as they can be caused by so many other sources.

People with chronic diseases such as diabetes testify to the immense benefit of the scheme as they pay nothing towards the high cost of the medication.

A good percentage of our population at the Center receives regular medication for mental illness and other illnesses such as diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension, etc.

Research demonstrates that a large percentage of healthcare costs are related to common, often preventable or manageable conditions such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

They are more likely to have other conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure, making it all the more vital that they get proper treatment fast.

In 5% of cases diabetes from is used

My father suffered from diabetes most of his life.

And thank God, I'd clear from diabetes this time around.

He never gets to take a break or have a vacation from diabetes.

Years later, her health started to continually decline from diabetes.

Men suffering from diabetes are more inclined towards getting infected.

During the last years of his life, he suffered from diabetes and heart problems.

A special meal plan is available for those, who suffer from diabetes or hypertension.

When you are suffering from diabetes frequently, then your injured nerve can lead to such a condition.

During the last few decades, deaths from diabetes show the highest rate of increase among all causes of death (1).

Aides said the patriarch had suffered from diabetes for many years and had become too frail to take his medication, leading to renal failure.

In 4% of cases diabetes about is used

I distinctly remember a lecture about diabetes in first year.

I mostly write about diabetes and exercise both together and separately.

There are far more people prepared to employ diabetics, now that they understand more about diabetes.

The first important fact to understand about diabetes is that there are two distinctly different types.

The first and most basic step to be taken in informing people about diabetes is to distinguish between the two different types.

There is much general dietary advice to be found on the Internet and in cheap books, and most of this will be highly useful to the person concerned about diabetes.

The first vital point to understand about diabetes is that there are two distinctly different types of the condition, and they will affect the patient in completely different ways.

In 3% of cases diabetes in is used

Earlier, however, Banting had become deeply interested in diabetes.

The last two decades have witnessed steady improvements in diabetes management across the world.

The rapid increase in obesity in the Caribbean has been accompanied by increasing mortality in diabetes and hypertension.

There is little doubt that the increases in diabetes and hypertension deaths are related to the increases in obesity (6).

Just 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity, coupled with about a 7% reduction in body weight, produced a 58% reduction in diabetes.

My doctor advised me not to since i have a high-risk in diabetes coming from a family of diabetic so i am always on the struggle to lessen my sugar intake.

Consequently, we could explore creating a ' tolerogenic ' vaccine, such as those now being explored in diabetes, which could induce tolerance by the body of this self-protein to stop the.

In 2% of cases diabetes like is used

Almost 30% of such stories are connected with a problem like diabetes.

Robert Young Disease names like diabetes and osteoporosis are misleading and misinform patients about disease prevention.

Which is why diseases like diabetes are on the rise and why science is now pointing to reduced lifespans for kids born today.

In 2% of cases diabetes on is used

Drugs This covers the effects of ' mainstream ' drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, on diabetes control including how to work out your insulin: alcohol ratio.

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