Prepositions used with "development"

"of development" or "for development"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases development of is used

Langkawi has actually a lot of development.

We probably differ on the meaning of development.

Published in the Journal of Development Economics.

Most of the work is already done and the costs of development are shared by many.

This happens at a very early stage of development, such as that of the blastocyst.

Agricultural poverty demonstrates the level of development of the African culture.

Now, the focus in China is both on political change and on moving the economy to its next stage of development.

His dynamic leadership has ensured Jaago Foundation to become a successful name in the field of Development of.

World Brand Congress is a non-profit making activity &; aimed at a professional cause of development and growth.

The project illustrated the fundamental challenge of development projects with a significant research component.

In 19% of cases development for is used

The NGO Women for Development / www.

University for Development Studies, Tamale 7.

Develop a global partnership for development.

It is dedicated to be the leader of Chinese top city for development potentiality.

MISEREOR is the German Catholic Bishops ' Organisation for Development Cooperation.

Conditions are not conducive for development of a private market in the near future.

Being able to use the same language on the front end and the back end makes life easier for development teams.

The area is zoned for development so the Planning Service would be inclined to grant permission for the scheme.

Toledo founded and continues to serve as the President of the Global Center for Development and Democracy (www.

In the 1992-97 Government she was Minister of State for Development Cooperation and Overseas Aid (' 94 to ' 97).

In 14% of cases development in is used

Degrees in Development Studies.

Fascinating to hear the song in development.

I've got a post in development hell on this.

But the 80s comedy is now in development again as a vehicle for Cedric The Entertainer.

Harris, or those who credit him, because statistics do show a huge boom in development.

The gap in development between urban and rural regions has been a crucial issue in China.

Honestly software in HTML/Javascript costs in development 40-60% more than for example Silverlight application.

A bit later in development there are vast and robust differences between boys and girls, seen all over the world.

John Never in the history of ever should a screenplay currently in development be reviewed, period, end of story.

Sean Toohey Great Article, I think few people really understand the power of prototyping in development and design.

In 9% of cases development to is used

Karan Thapar: Let's come to developments in Burma.

They look at such culture as detrimental to development.

Issues that are germane to development would not be considered.

It has a much broader aspect which is an example to development programmes all over the world.

AVSI's approach to development fosters personal development and human choice through education.

Due to development, she said local wildlife has either died out, or avoid the trapline entirely.

There are many new technologies and proven mechanisms for integrating disaster management into development plans.

The lungs are not fully developed until our 8th birthday and our brains continue to development well into our 20s.

It shows how from the colonial times to the present, government is crucial to development in a complex set of ways.

The United States does not support the right to development, which is a concern of most of the developing countries.

In 6% of cases development on is used

Paul Tigga has vast knowledge on development activities.

There are certainly more checks on developments than there used to be.

Mobile App Companies invest massive amounts of time and money on development.

These agents give a report on developments in the UK economy at each MPC meeting.

The government has spent about 360 billion taka a year on development expenditure.

The students are being supported by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

As such, you have to spend even more time on development trying to achieve a site that fits with your SEO strategy.

Development isn't aid, so measuring impact on development is about a whole load more things than the impact of aid.

In 1994, he founded Africa Broadcasting Network, an electronics media NGO for disseminating information on development.

In 3% of cases development with is used

S I will keep you updated with developments.

May, UWC) together with development professionals (Dr.

Showing the NBA with development and opportunity big men can develop.

The event is organised in cooperation with Development Perspectives, and takes.

With developments in optical switching 100Mbit/sec is just the beginning and multiple Gbp/s is achievable.

With development in the next few seasons Jordan last year put up 7 points 8 rebounds and 2 blocks per game.

But Irish law is clearly now out of step and ineffective, having failed to keep pace with developments in society.

This town developed in the mid of 20th century with development of gas and oil and growth of infrastructure in the region.

In association with development and changes of the way of life, the image of wildlife roaming free is slowly getting erased.

Sometimes we're happy to be added to a regular mailout and at times, we add ourselves to some to keep up with developments.

In 2% of cases development by is used

We are not discouraged by developments in Europe.

From the 2011 average, it increased 400,000 barrels a day in the first quarter of this year, led mainly by developments in North America.

Starting in 1998 the city has adjusted those fees to reflect the lower vehicle-miles generated by developments in more multi-modal locations.

On the other hand, it offered an absolute rule for distinguishing between what could have been and what had to be explained only by development.

Russian e-commerce saw steady growth in annual turnover (up to 40 percent) in 2011, driven by development of user data security and improvements in logistics.

How long can we pretend that we are not affected by developments in the Banilad area? Can we just easily let go of hundreds of trees in this tree-starved metropolis? In Oposa vs.

In 2% of cases development under is used

Excellent guide from Mark Pilgrim, still under development.

Volt was under development at least a year or two before the bailout.

We also have some of the world's most exciting copper projects under development.

There are many similar projects under development to help generate a policy for a site.

Please note that the product is still under development and hence the feature list changes every day.

Thus he calls sketches graphic metaphors for both the real object and the formally drafted object under development.

The new website for the UN internal justice system is under development and will replace the temporary website upon completion.

In fact, says law professor Hank Greely of Stanford, an infrared device under development might read thoughts using little more than a headband.

A new game named Shadowrun Returns is currently under development thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that reached its goal within just 28 hours of going live.

In 1% of cases development about is used

I didn't hear enough in your talk about development.

But often employees are the last to know about developments.

Khanna spoke with Devex about development and diplomacy in today's globalized world.

Or worst way to say Indians have become selfish and least worried about development with low salaries.

To find out new about developments around the world, check the Basic Income News website http: //binews.

To learn more about development taking place on your handset, go to the forum, scroll down and find your phone.

The films admit to no conflict between being enthusiastic about development and progress and defining Irishness as traditional and rural.

If you would like to learn more about developments in the ICT industry in the Asia-Pacific region, you must be present at Carriers World Asia 2013.

It would be more effective for Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia to dialogue with Europe's Muslim and Arab neighbours in the context of the OIC about development.

Bond markets, nervous about developments, could not see how governments could finance themselves during the fiscal consolidation and to support their banking systems.

In 1% of cases development from is used

Not an easy task, to be sure, but quite different from development.

The land has been protected from development and oil drilling, he added.

The Muslims became more and more hard-line, distanced themselves from development in the West.

In the past CAD system attributes have primarily been driven from developments in the computer industry.

New thought-provoking impulses arise from development phases: a new application or a new product is created.

I also think a lot of the bugs created for this game came from development projects that deviated from the simple PvP based theme.

The Academy will offer a variety of courses and training programmes for all levels of players from development squads to national teams.

Footnote: I couldn't help thinking that some of the welcome for Greening's reiteration of DFID's commitment to women from development NGOs was clutching at straws.

The remainder is provided by income earned from investments, donations from faith groups and civic organizations and grants from development assistance organizations.

Few conservatives are so extreme that they deny all mutability in the tradition or question the possibility that the church might have something to learn from developments in secular society.

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