Prepositions used with "determination"

"of determination", "with determination" or "for determination"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 38% of cases determination of is used
    Also known as the coefficient of determination.
    The coeffi cient of determination for the model was computed as 0.
    What does it take to be an opera singer? Years of determination and training.
    Advance stages of breast cancer with this type of determination are extremely rare.
    Continue reading? Weight loss in San Diego is definitely will take plenty of determination.
    His famous experiment of determination of the electronic charge is described elsewhere in the article.
    A second album, In the Wake of determination, followed in 2005, but did not achieve the success of its predecessor.
    Abbott's portrayal of the prim and upright Barbara showed she had both a spirit of determination but with moments of vulnerability.
    A development application currently being assessed by a local council can be withdrawn at any time prior to a notice of determination being issued.

    In 27% of cases determination with is used
    Ustilov's face became grim with determination and he took his stance.
    Change will come when we fight the good battle with determination, unbowed and unafraid.
    Yvonne believes she can accomplish whatever she wants to do with determination and perseverance.
    Being a people person with determination, intuition and creativity will help make this a successful experience.
    Also includes a national survey to identify existing land management practices to assist with determination under the CFI.
    But you can pay it down with determination, our free debt-fighting resources, and the good graces of a few wealthy relatives (see tip No.
    This should be an opener that beauty pageants is not only for tall girls but rather It should be for woman with determination and substance.
    All available parking space in our immediate neighborhood was sought with determination by members of Congress whose offices were across the street.
    Joaquim impressed everyone with his agressive and colorful style flashing his carbon boat around with determination, finishing with a high score of 728.
    When we play the likes of Thailand and Oman we know it is going to be difficult but we go there with determination to win and the belief that we can beat them.

    In 22% of cases determination for is used
    The schematic diagram for determination of q/m is shown elsewhere.
    Rule 2A gives two options for determination of value of Works Contract Service.
    For determination of Cg, a row of fasteners is defined as any of the following: 1.
    The NDS contains design criteria for determination of Cg for additional configurations.
    Any doubtful ballot papers are passed on to the counting officer for determination on their validity.
    Having heard the arguments and submissions from both sides, the issue for determination here is whether this court should uphold the preliminary objection raised by Mr.

    In 3% of cases determination on is used
    To summarize the discussion, it was based on determination, focus, passion, flexibility, unity &; oneness.
    I'd also working on determination tour, a project to empower youths with hope, skills and opportunities to be better.

    In 2% of cases determination in is used
    When fasteners in adjacent rows are staggered but close together, they may have to be treated as a single row in determination of Cg.

    In 2% of cases determination through is used
    Young as he was, Yunfeng achieved the marvelous transformation of Marco Polo through determination and persistence.
    The big Olympic message is that individuals can overcome their enviroment or disadvantages through determination and self-will.

    In 1% of cases determination about is used
    So it's all about determination to believe that with God, all things are possible and that you can succeed.

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