Prepositions used with "destruction"

"of destruction" or "to destruction"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases destruction of is used
    America is on the verge of destruction.
    They are now drunk on the power of destruction.
    They are stopping this pipeline at the point of destruction.
    This angered the Engineers and caused them to make a plan of destruction for mankind.
    They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.
    The overall style of the film is the same, only the means of destruction seems to be different.
    So in the logic, their conscuiousness is correlated, so they prefer the complementarity instead of destruction.
    With this conquest has come a pattern of destruction of churches, degradation, persecution and forced conversions.
    I think the TFG needs resources at the moment, the south and unlike north somalia has had 20 years of destruction.
    General Lloyd Wheaton also urged?? swift methods of destruction? to bring a? speedy termination to all resistance.

    In 22% of cases destruction to is used
    Then I test them to destruction.
    It also wreaks havoc on ' infrastruction ' to destruction.
    All these could change the course of a life and lead it to destruction.
    Such are they who are given up to destruction because of that which they have earned.
    It will just lead to destruction and collapse, individually as well als collectively.
    The world in which Noah lived was doomed to destruction because of disobedience to God.
    Andrew's peak winds in south Florida were not directly measured due to destruction of the measuring instruments.
    You must let her know that the road she is taking will lead her to destruction, especially when there are kids around.
    That they were always exposed to destruction; as one that stands or walks in slippery places is always exposed to fall.
    Murray says BDO should set up an inquiry PAUL MURRAY spent more than a year of his life trying to save Rangers from the path to destruction.

    In 10% of cases destruction from is used
    He asked again, what is the best means of deliverance from destruction, Imam said,? Trust in God?
    Let us not forget that we are kept from destruction, and delivered from our enemies, to be the Lord's servants.
    I dreamt not that there lived one, out of the priesthood of Isis, who would have saved Arbaces from destruction.
    His earthly remains were saved by the Will of God from destruction to become a sign to man, as it is written in the Qur'an.
    Footnote 2/6 I regret that the Court has stopped short of this holding indispensable to preserve our free press from destruction.
    No other Savior but Jesus; no salvation if his is rejected; no other name or power to save from destruction, unless he is accepted.
    This turns out to be the forewarning for an otherworldly invasion, and mankind needs a champion to save the world from destruction.
    The intention here was, as protectors of the nation, to catalog and safeguard the ancient literature from destruction by the then Mughal rulers of the subcontinent.
    In this type of film, the world is usually saved from destruction, but just barely, and often wrapped in a lesson about our own mortality and something we are doing wrong in our own age.

    In 9% of cases destruction for is used
    Between 1975 and 1979, over 2 million Cambodians were targeted for destruction.
    They are almost unthinkable, now, when the latest official enemy is being targeted for destruction.
    I pray everyday for destruction of these Ravanas, born as BD, RS, SG, PR, AG and similar neo-converts.
    Approximately, two-thirds of those who died in World War II were civilians -- many of them targeted for destruction.
    That way, these guys will not have the same ambit for destruction, while maintaining the rewards of their talents in later life.
    It has come to the attention of not only people using phones but also the media that autocorrect has this dual personality, this penchant for destruction.
    In the light of this, it is unfortunate that so much is spent on stockpiling armaments, the utility of which is limited to their capacity for destruction.
    Authorities sometimes arrested labor organizers for destruction of property and other charges, in what some NGOs considered repression of labor rights activists.
    To show the world how easily the Muslim can be poked for destruction, and put hinders for Islam which is even know the most fastest spreading religion in the world 2.

    In 3% of cases destruction with is used
    I heard the Lord All-Powerful threaten the whole country with destruction.
    Psalm 5:9 Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with destruction.
    We were told that if we got sick, we could be charged with destruction of government property.
    Bring in the IRS and see who has been threatened with destruction for not playing ' president ' with obama.

    In 2% of cases destruction by is used
    The land was still beautiful, although now achingly so, as it was marked by destruction.

    In 2% of cases destruction in is used
    Temptation ends in frustration, frustration ends in destruction.
    And Worstall points out that if anyone does see prosperity in destruction, it is only because of the ridiculous way GDP is measured.

    In 2% of cases destruction towards is used
    Funniest thing is that the more he is writing about the movie, the more IBNLive is heading towards destruction.
    Our government system is moving towards destruction due to which not only the teachers are taking interest, nor the students are getting satisfied.
    What is important with regards to a company is the fact that he / she will likely be bonded and also covered towards destruction as well as mishaps.

    In 1% of cases destruction on is used
    Overall, this is certainly a story that hinges on destruction; but, perhaps more importantly, it's also a story about what comes next.

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