Prepositions used with "destination"

"of destination" or "to destination"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 53% of cases destination of is used
    What are your holiday plans? Being pregnant may affect your choice of destination.
    If his listeners can handle the truth, I got a couple of destinations they might check out.
    Travellers from Malaysia can also enjoy packages to a variety of destinations in the Pearl River Delta.
    It can be dangerous and expensive, but on arrival in the country of destination the smuggled person is free.
    If you use OSR, then customs duty is payable in the UK, and VAT is accounted for in the country of destination.
    In each of the target markets, campaign work will link the promotion of destination New Zealand to travel offers.
    There are a number of destinations of India, where tourists can get a great experience of enchanting hill stations.
    Packages beyond Hong Kong Travellers from certain countries can book packages directly to a variety of destinations.

    In 23% of cases destination to is used
    Over 30 groups of students have traveled to destinations in.
    I hate working flights to destinations like Vail and West Palm Beach.
    There are a lot of people required to make an airliner fly safely from departure to destination.
    Universal Adaptor -- handy for travel to destinations that use a different electrical voltage than what you use at home.
    Easy connections to destinations further afield are made possible by Kenya Airlines ' Skyteam Alliance and codeshare partners.
    Individuals must cope with narrow doorways, steep hills, bumpy, muddy roads and long distances to destinations like school and work.
    Tours are available to fit your schedule to destinations such as Beijing, Guilin, Yangshuo, Kunming, Lijiang, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xian and more.
    When I travel to destinations that I've been dreaming about for ages I seem to forget that once upon a time they were not crawling with tourists.
    However, on direct or through flights with one or more intermediate stops, JPMiles will be determined from the place of origin to destination of travel.
    CHopper was one of three finalists under NASA's Discovery Program, an effort to see smaller, lower-cost missions launched to destinations throughout the solar system.

    In 7% of cases destination for is used
    The 2013 Cube goes up by $180, now starting at $16,760 before $790 for destination and handling.
    Consider bringing gifts for people you are planning to meet -- gifts that promote cultural exchange, eco-products (organic, vegetarian, non-violent, and appropriate for destination).

    In 5% of cases destination from is used
    That migratory (shifting from destination for a yet another) trip worth mentioning wild birds signal the start of slide.

    In 3% of cases destination in is used
    Weddings in Italy by Regency - Weddings in Italy specializes in destination weddings in Italy.
    Government and the industry can make (or ensure) the necessary changes in destinations where in the national economic interest.
    Many island and mountain destinations have very limited waste and recycling facilities, so it is worth leaving all the unecessary packaging that comes with holiday purchases at home.

    In 2% of cases destination about is used
    They have no central information about destinations or schedules.

    In 2% of cases destination at is used
    It's may be hard to imagine, but the offerings in public transit here versus driving and parking at destination make it an absolute no brainer.

    In 2% of cases destination between is used
    Travel time between destinations can be a major factor.

    In 1% of cases destination around is used
    I am passionate about cruising and have enjoyed many voyages to and around destinations such as Alaska, Mexico, South Pacific, Asia and New Zealand.

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