Prepositions used with "design"

"of design", "in design" or "by design"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases design of is used

The great principle of design have faded.

Information of design to commit such offences 150.

That's entirely up to you and your sense of design.

After all painting abstract pictures makes one very aware of the principles of design.

This is achieved through the consistent application of design and branding throughout.

I agree about the horde of designers but I think the producers are doing it on purpose.

He is also President of the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo and a member of the Design Museum Helsinki board.

With the help of Designs R Us website designers we have created a new and exciting way you can keep in touch with us.

I guess my solution would be to make the type of design job clear in the posting without resorting to lists of acronyms.

The streakers were brilliant pieces of design, specifically aimed at being able to berth at Dunoon in brisk southerlies.

In 15% of cases design in is used

In design, as in art, small things matter.

In design development terms, that is a mere blink.

They are complex in working, but simple in design.

The rooms are simple in design, yet adequately equipped with all that a traveller needs.

The successful solution of all these assures the success not only in design, but also in.

And how everything in spite of how equal it is in design, really isn't equal in real life.

There was no observed consistency in design in terms of width, height, and continuity of footpaths or road-crossings.

I have been working in design for around five years, give or take, and in this time have worked at a range of studios.

Again, these are slightly larger and more robust in designs, but also aesthetically pleasing to match the environment.

He asserts that the major factors in designing devices are considerations of economy and style - both matters of choice.

In 13% of cases design by is used

They were most likely by design.

The device is semiblind by design.

This is not Conrad's fault by design.

Etown-ers would just pop in and out and meet others both by design and by serendipity.

And we spawned great initiatives: our Innovation By Design awards, our iPad edition, our Co.

This year the brief has been set by Designs of the Year 2012 Furniture nominees Silo Studio.

If this was a pure coincidence, then the office of the president has bad timing, it makes more sense to aver that it was by design.

But they (the neighborhoods of SFHs) don't have to be accompanied by designs and zoning/policies that create total car dependency.

The firm has remained relatively small by design and it continues to provide highly specialized legal services to a broad client base.

There are other ways of maintaining poverty through dependence and there is no reason to believe that this tax simply does that by design.

In 9% of cases design for is used

I would use them for design ideas only.

The first instinct that he indulged was his passion for design.

Lee also co-founded and served as CEO for Design Reactor (designreactor.

While this may make sense for complex business rules, it doesn't make sense for design.

In May 2012 we added additional guidelines and requirements for Design and Technology projects.

Planning to study in Parsons The New School for Design and School of Fashion and the Arts after college.

However, he does attempt to resuscitate the argument from design by renaming it as the ' new argument for design '.

Chapter 3: The six requirements for design All but one of the six facets presented have clear parallels in software.

Remember all our design work is FREE, we don't charge for design work - only for the finished product - even on one off's.

When we look for design improvements, we should consider not only the benefits to humans, but even to domesticated animals.

In 6% of cases design on is used

A Fashion designer should be artistic and creative.

I based my opinions on design, beauty, size, location, and age.

Over the past few years I have worked on design projects for a.

It is difficult to know how many there are, as there is no organization for fashion designers.

Fashion design differs from costume design due to its core product having a built-in obsolescence.

At present, developments focus on design details like pilings and grouted connections rather than the concept itself.

Do they put a focus on design? One of the top grossing eCommerce sites, Amazon, clearly doesn't skip on their design.

In the offshore wind turbine sector, we're working to standardise the design as much as possible with our Triton design.

It is only through understanding drawing's importance in the design process that these systems can be based on design needs.

In 6% of cases design with is used

At present, everybody is in love with design.

It also has to do with design of course, as it needs to be a pretty device.

The body of the boar is covered with designs of scales, dragons and beast masks.

The body of the buffalo is covered with designs of phoenix, dragons and beast mask.

With Croc's Fall collection comes with a commitment to come up with designs with fashion in mind.

I sometimes end up with designs that probably don't work together but at least I think they don't look too wooden.

For more about Wohlstetter and his affiliation with design circles as well as his dealings with Meyer Schapiro, see Pamela M.

Successful lean prototypes have been created with code, with design software such as Adobe Fireworks and even with PowerPoint.

Alternatively, this may be accomplished with designs that otherwise prevent the fittings from being over-tightened or loosened.

In 4% of cases design about is used

Part of the solution is about design.

Do people really want it or not? But it's not just about design.

What about design? Apple has always been lauded for its design prowess.

The review this time is to talk about design philosophy and personal vision.

Know that your first internship is NOT about designing a palace or the next Google office.

Am yet to see separate biological and technical nutrients as the basis for thinking about design.

And we don't have to make all possible money by letting our designs be controlled by clients who don't know the first thing about design.

Suitable for anyone who works in the design-related industry, is passionate about design or wants to build the foundation for a new business.

Engineering is about design and prototyping that culminates in an explicit and detailed plan that describes how to build or manufacture the end product.

The commen-ter painted that in negative light, saying that while the makers of the site care about design, they obviously don't care very much about creativity.

In 4% of cases design from is used

From Design for how the world is to Design for how the world could be.

Clock signals are being one of most noise sensitive and critical signals from design point of view.

The argument from design is unusual in that it can be cast in mathematical terms and be shown to be unsound.

However, he does attempt to resuscitate the argument from design by renaming it as the ' new argument for design '.

The Argument from Design is only convincing if you agree with that premise, and the vast majority of atheists wouldn't.

Here they are: The Argument from Design The universe is such a beautiful and orderly thing that it must have been designed.

This is one of the reasons I find Anselm's argument more compelling then the the argument from design, the cosmological argument, and so forth.

Mendel? Tedd says: 11:59am 14/11/12 Philosopher says (11:13am) my understanding of teleology is its appeal to function and arguments from design.

The rest is all food related and ranges from design (a mutual passion of both of us ), food tradition, people we love and our own journeys with conscious eating.

In 2% of cases design at is used

But it's a great design and the win is certainly justified.

We first became aware of John Gabler at Design Junction this September.

Apple is stagnating while Google is getting better at design all the time.

Flash factories at Design Shows and designer-makers like John Gabler are moving towards a new.

It was a great design, but I would think the actual costume worn by the Rockettes would have to be changed.

There was something for everyone to bid on if they were truly at Design Care 2012 to support the Peete's vision.

Few have proven to be as savvy at design, marketing and logistics as the pioneering Fly Now, which has twice opened London Fashion Week.

Because those designers who make it to the end may not be so good at designing over a longer period of time and that's why they flounder in the finals.

International speakers from Europe and North America joined together recently at Design &; Health Africa 2011, an international symposium held from 25-26 October 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2% of cases design to is used

From Design for how the world is to Design for how the world could be.

But when she opened her mouth, it was the pice de rsistance to Design Care 2012.

In addition to design and construction the contractor looks after financing, maintenance and management.

But in education and social sciences it is still rare for people to design experiments that can give a clear answer.

In my life I experience tremendous change, moving from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, from one person to the next, from advertising to design, my roles change every minute of the day.

The Spherique Indian Ocean Art Project focuses on promoting every form of artistic expression, from painting to design, to illustrate the local artists ' originality and virtuosity.

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