Prepositions used with "departure"

"of departure" or "before departure"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases departure of is used

The place of supply is the place of departure.

The Department must be notified in advance of departure.

It was a major port of departure for Irish emigrants to the U.

Firearms must be bonded and are held by the proper authorities until time of departure.

No Change Intra-Community Transport of Goods B2C Place of supply is the place of departure.

Each ticket will have your date of departure, the train number and your seat or berth number printed on it.

If the reservation is made within 45 days of departure the whole amount must be paid at the time of confirmation.

In order fully to appreciate the scope of these achievements, it is necessary to remember the point of departure.

Espoir Voyage is a journey to find a greater understanding of the issues of departure, memory, loss and inter-African emigration.

This would allow you to conveniently lock your bicycle up right at your point of departure and simply board the next Viva vehicle.

In 25% of cases departure before is used

Reservations open one month before departure.

Inspects bus - checks fuel, oil, and water before departure.

Remember that reservations only open 60 days before departure.

A few minutes before departure, the warriors must go through a sorting process.

Reservations open 60 days (2 months) before departure, you can't book before then.

I was so nervous so much so that I went to the airport 3 hours before departure time.

Please note that the departure gates at London Victoria Coach Station will close one minute before departure.

These fares were about 8% lower than average fares available six months before departure, according to Kayak.

You should ensure that onward or return flights are reconfirmed with the airline at least 72 hours before departure.

Exploring the World with your Child Kids with Maps Get your child excited about the upcoming trip long before departure.

In 17% of cases departure to is used

The balance is due 35 days prior to departure date.

You must start walking daily few weeks prior to departure.

Cancellations 90 days or more prior to departure will receive full refund.

Agents can sometimes put families in seats held just prior to departure for disabled passengers.

Please note that payments made at NZ Post Shops must be processed at least 2 hours prior to departure.

A full refund can be claimed for cancellations made more than two hours prior to departure on a Flexible Fare only.

We undertake to advise you of any changes known to us prior to departure, but the possibility of change without notice, must be accepted when booking.

Whereas visas can be obtained at the Airport upon arrival, it is advisable to obtain the visa from the Kenyan Embassies/High Commissions abroad prior to departure.

In 6% of cases departure for is used

You would then be transfered to the airport for departure.

I did not want to spend the next hour sitting on a bus waiting for departure.

Soon an announcement was made about the flight being ready for departure; everybody got up at the same time.

After I had done this, I headed for departures where I then had to go through another security check for my hand-luggage (laptops and liquids out, coats off).

The excuse for departure I received was that Hinn felt restricted within the A/G, that he wasn't free to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, so he left of his own volition.

In 5% of cases departure on is used

The bonded firearms will be returned on departure.

The flight was delayed on departure but made up some of the time en route.

A grudging acceptance of Le Boss ' prowess and intelligence was given on departure.

You can pay on departure a fine of PhP1000 per month of overstay plus the PhP2020 fee.

To avoid confusion on departure, it would be helpful to retain receipts for any souvenirs purchased, including crosses, which could be mistaken for a valuable cultural artefact.

In 3% of cases departure with is used

The next day was the beginning of my train journey to Perth, but with departure not scheduled until 6pm I had all day in Adelaide.

Ailments are associated with departure from these standards, and they can be corrected by appropriate physical and/or chemical means.

The big terminii have been redesigned to look like airports; with departure lounges with huge flat empty spaces surrounded by Burger Kings and Sock Shops and Ben and Jerry's kiosks.

The City Sightseeing tour includes a coach trip around the main landmarks of Paris as well as skip-the-queue entrance to the Eiffel Tower and takes 3 hours, with departures at 9am, 12pm and 2.

In 2% of cases departure at is used

I cry when my parents drop me off at departures because I know after that I'd on my own until I reach the other end.

In 2% of cases departure in is used

Unlike the two earlier peaks, the most recent peak in departures to Australia did not coincide with a recession in New Zealand.

In 2% of cases departure until is used

They will be kept in custody until departure.

Otherwise firearms will be removed and bonded until departure.

Maldives: Firearms must be declared on arrival and will be confiscated until departure.

Noonsite says: Firearms must be declared and will be kept in the custody of customs until departure.

New Zealand: Firearms must be declared to customs, and are normally kept in police custody until departure.

If staying less than three days they can be kept on board, otherwise must be bonded by the authorities in each island until departure.

Grenada: Firearms must be declared to customs and will be sealed on board in a proper locker or kept ashore in custody until departure.

These must be declared to customs at the first port of arrival, and will normally be taken off the boat and put under bond until departure.

Firearms must be declared on arrival, and can be sealed on board, but if a yacht has no suitable locker, the firearms will be held in the custody of customs or police until departure.

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