Prepositions used with "department"

"of department" or "in department"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases department of is used

Our Head of Department for IP Program, Mr.

Plan B: Ask head of department if I can leave early.

Prof Leonard Berry was the first Head of Department (1965 -1969).

The Head of Department will have to forward your application to the concerned PIO.

Penney operates a network of department stores in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Johnson Ishengoma Senior Lecturer in Education Planning and Administration and Head of Department Dr.

All heads of departments should be employed by the council on renewable, reviewable, performance based contract.

All heads of departments should be employed by the council on renewable, reviewable, performance based contract.

A Murrah buffalo herd is maintained at Livestock Development Farm of Department of Livestock Services at Pokhara.

In 17% of cases department in is used

Some discuss it in department meetings every day.

Whitehall must get smaller, with a reduction in departments and ministers.

The only jobs created could be those in Dept of Human Services, ie a growth in welfare funding to unemployed.

He also mentioned that even though the Bhagwad Geeta has so much of relevance and importance it is not being read in dept by people.

CREDIT CARDS: International credit cards are widely accepted in department stores, major hotels, up-market shops and restaurant.

Gorman,? Low Intensity Conflict: American Dilemma,? in Department of Defense, Proceedings of the Low-Intensity Warfare Conference (1986 ), pp.

We who attend craft fairs and shop in department stores don't always have a clear picture of the time, skill and materials that an artisan has put forth.

The District Court in Department of Labour v Nalder &; Biddle (Nelson) Ltd 31 imposed a fine of $8,000 where the injury suffered was work-related stress.

Sarkesian,? Commentary on Low-Intensity Warfare: Threat and Military Response,? in Department of Defense, Proceedings of the Low-Intensity Warfare Conference 14? l5January 1986, p.

In 9% of cases department to is used

Nevertheless this experience will naturally discourage the Prince from sending further missives to departments.

Its an everyday struggle starting from the walk from the Silver Jubilee gate to going from department to department.

No more opportunities for everyone from mayoral candidates to Department of Health executives to pay less by taking their earnings in a certain form.

This chapter is reproduced below to provide information and guidance to departments and agencies that are responsible for drafting subordinate legislation.

Internal affairs detectives aren't accustomed to running personal errands, and trolling for dirt on their colleagues, at the behest of major donors to department projects.

From drugstores and home shopping to department stores and catalogs, Paula Begoun and her team review the hottest skin-care and makeup products major cosmetic and skin-care lines.

During the same period, four times as many child pedestrians -- 42 in an average year -- were killed in Britain in road traffic collisions, according to Department for Transport figures.

According to Department of US Health and Human Services Medicaid eligibility requires applicants to have no more than $2,000 ($3,000 for a couple) in countable assets one day out of the month.

In 8% of cases department by is used

Our special forces rescue craft is licensed by Dept Of Marine.

FIPB approval is subject to guidelines issued by Department of Atomic Energy.

It is surprising that this was not discovered by Department of Trade whose report has still not been made public.

It allows comments, voting, and a facility to organize literature discussions on a department by department basis.

Participants will view an example of the integration of forest and wildlife habitat management practices at the Bill Clayton property on a walk led by Department of Forestry forester Bob Kennedy.

In 8% of cases department for is used

He also designed a line of affordable coats for department store V &D; for the the second year now.

The budget code field is a compulsory field and is useful for departments that always use the same code for their print jobs.

Meanwhile, blue state dwellers are shopping at Costco for discounts, Nordstrom for department store necessities and Apple as their second favorite retailer overall.

The second key element of the strategic framework is for departments and agencies to lay the foundations for agency digital scientific data policy and make the policy publicly available.

These objectives serve as the catalyst driving development of functional strategies for departments and subsidiaries and are expected to become instruments for strategic monitoring and control.

In 6% of cases department from is used

They buy bedding collections from department stores when they are out of season or no longer available.

Its an everyday struggle starting from the walk from the Silver Jubilee gate to going from department to department.

Picture from Department Of Defence For Australian English, the basic rule for all these words is simple: the spelling which uses a C is the noun form.

Leave a Reply Suzanne Pilaar Birch SMKE scholar from Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge Suzanne E Pilaar Birch earned her B.

There are lots of things wrong with buying from department stores, chief among them the poorly paid laborers that make most things you'll find in a mall/dept.

A Focus on General Management Skills Diversity of industry and job function amongst programme participants aids in the key transition from department manager to business manager.

In 5% of cases department at is used

Sales at department stores rose 1.

Nominations are accepted at Department of Natural Resources offices until April 15, 2012.

Ursula is calling for appropriate visitor management at Department of Conservation ecotourism sites.

In 4% of cases department with is used

Reviewing the Framework 140 The SSC reviews the Framework, including fee levels, through regular surveys and through ongoing contact with departments.

Remittances on account of repayment of principal and interest shall be reported separately on forms ' M ' and coded as 1952 and 1212 respectively with Department code 121.

It's not until the fifth paragraph that you get the startling news that only 91 percent of registered voters could be matched with Department of Transportation records of identification.

But after municipal staff met with Department of Environment (DoE) officials over their plans, a number of issues were raised that made the proposed project less desirable from council's perspective.

In 3% of cases department as is used

Such as dept of justice or immgiration statistics.

Further advancement opportunities include positions in administration such as department chair, dean of students, or college president.

In 3% of cases department between is used

The makeup of geomatics programmes varies between departments.

Previously we have shared the function of B2B market between departments, but the time has come to get an expert in the field who has a passion to communicate with our customers.

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