Prepositions used with "democracy"

"of democracy" or "for democracy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases democracy of is used

Law of democracy -- majority rules.

This expresses my idea of democracy.

Good job, well done, good use of democracy.

The pace of democracy will not be the same for Hong Kong as for other parts of China.

Sampanthan we have come forward to walk the path of democracy, peace and negotiations.

In the end, it is a dance of democracy both here and back in desh but it can sometimes.

One of their particular demands carries larger significance on the issue of democracy in the university campuses.

It's not a bad life for a man who lives selflessly for the rakyat, the self-styled Voice of Democracy in Malaysia.

The well-developed and fully evolved form of democracy that we witness today has matured over a long span of time.

If Jamaat wants to enjoy the benefits of democracy then it will have to go by the basic rules of political conduct.

In 20% of cases democracy for is used

We already have Wealth Too Big For Democracy.

Secondly, RTI is very essential for democracy.

It is a pretty sad moment for democracy in Kenya.

Of course, some in the left of center Alliance for Democracy share in this malaise.

I am engaged in activismo, ' he says, ' for democracy, free unions and a free press.

There may be 79 different languages in Ghana, but you speak with one voice for democracy.

Speakers include three representatives from DIPD's new partner in Tanzania, Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD).

He brought bad luck to Alliance for Democracy, AD, in 1999 when he was endorsed as the party's presidential candidate.

The people of Middle East saw the West's campaign for democracy in world around but they were excluded, for the most part.

But I believe in giving credit where credit is due and acknowledging O'Duffy's role when he once fought a war for democracy.

In 9% of cases democracy to is used

When it comes to democracy in China, I am an optimist.

This is a downside to democracy as new arrivals can't vote.

Sharia runs completely contra to democracy and human rights.

If the transition to democracy ends up a failure, it could destabilize the entire region.

Its enduring authoritarian regime is the biggest hurdle to democracy and freedom in the region.

When we have people who show no loyalty to the law, no loyalty to democracy and no loyalty to liberty.

Parliament is dissolved, political parties banned, whilst Rawlings still claims to be returning Ghana to democracy.

This statement of the realities above more clearly define what is plaguing America than any reference to Democracy.

At one extreme are those who still insist the war was a noble enterprise, sabotaged by forces hostile to democracy.

We welcome you both to Democracy Now! Oliver Stone, you've been working on this for years, unbeknownst to many people.

In 5% of cases democracy in is used

Unfortunately this is a major ' grey area ' in democracy.

Joy of victory is permitted in democracy such as sadness of losing.

This is the structural commitment to future debt inherent in democracy.

In democracy, public demonstrations are hardly orchestrated by governments; they are spontaneous.

A very benevolent man, Udenwa allowed enough space, as ought to be in democracy, to the opposition.

This was a violation of the whole historical tradition of Bolshevism, which was steeped in democracy.

Some people may be critic to my views by saying that in democracy, everyone has equal right and anyone can contest.

Muslims hardly believe in democracy; they rather would see a vicegerent whom they will call Allah's appointed ruler.

Had the application of non-violence been limited to a form of civil protest in democracies, there would be no objection.

In 4% of cases democracy on is used

I also think we need some lateral thinking on democracy.

European initiatives do not focus directly on democracy or democracy-building.

Thus I find the modern Republican Party's assaults on democracy to be immoral and vile.

We have an modern culture based on democracy, secular government, science, and global media.

His ' sin ' was to be too keen on democracy, and so he was out Silvio Berlusconi, too, got on the wrong side of the EU.

And it is from this context that Ghanaian leadership on democracy, religious tolerance, human rights and the rule of law stands out.

The draft Protocol on Good Governance had specific pillars on democracy and democratisation with comprehensive strategies, he noted.

Unlike the proverbial lone voice in the wilderness, Amy Goodman's is sounded every day on Democracy Now! with a partner, Juan Gonzalez.

He is the author of Governing the Other: Exploring the discourse on Democracy in a Multiverse of Reason (Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2010).

In 3% of cases democracy about is used

We're not talking about democracy.

There is NOTHING democratic about democracy.

It's also about democracy and accountability.

See our home web site for more about democracy reform.

Pakistanis have no faith in the politicians and there are many public doubts about democracy.

My sympathies are much more with them than with those high politicians who speak to us about democracy.

What principle are you talking about? This country, its politicians, and its people have no clue about democracy.

It indicated that they did not really care about democracy, but cared more about getting along with the oligarchic kleptocracy.

The EU's founding fathers had mixed feelings about democracy -- especially the populist strain that came into vogue between the two World Wars.

So anyone serious about democracy has to address not what's wrong now and how it might be in an ideal world where we had a tabula rasa -- but ask how and why it is that we got here.

In 3% of cases democracy with is used

GONGOs, needless to say, have nothing to do with democracy promotion.

Never has freedom of information been so closely associated with democracy.

It has gone to war and occupied countries on the justification that it was to replace tyranny with democracy.

All these are triggers for another bout of agonising about why so many voters -- or, rather, not-voters -- refuse to engage with democracy.

For those who would give the example of the ongoing unrest in Jammu &; Kashmir, my response would be quoting Jawahar Lal Nehru, ' The sole problem with democracy is that it functions slowly '.

In 2% of cases democracy against is used


We are against Islamic fundamentalism, for instance, because it's against democracy.

Thus did Great Britain help to strike the first blow against democracy in independent Ceylon.

Therefore, if anyone rules oppressively and against democracy, we will without fear of life, oppose such action.

In 1% of cases democracy from is used

It is well said because the well-being of the rakyat derives from democracy and progress.

This is as far removed from the religions of the Ancestors as the BNP is from democracy and diversity.

I wouldn't call it ' capitalism, rather a particular kind of capitalism that excludes any effective balance from democracy.

The further from democracy a nation strays, the greater the opportunities to destroy the world's living systems, however unpopular that destruction may be.

In 1% of cases democracy towards is used

After all, don't forget Burma was working towards democracy when the army coup in 1962 took place.

It was the same spirit that guided Nelson Mandela towards democracy and tolerance in post-apartheid South Africa.

Living Silence ' s conclusion is realistic, rather than optimistic, and since its publication there has been no significant move towards democracy.

Interestingly, though, Vietnam has done that without making the slightest step towards democracy -- like China, it remains proudly communist and no citizen has a vote.

The interim Prime Minister told reporters that the President's decision to resign and peacefully hand power is a sign of good governance and the country's progress towards democracy.

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