Prepositions used with "delivery"

"of delivery" or "for delivery"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases delivery of is used

Phoned and assured of delivery on 15th Sat.

Proof of delivery of entry is not proof of receipt.

He had mammoth selection of deliveries up his shell.

Would having fleets of delivery vehicles and trucks be better than supermarkets? Yes.

This phase lasts for about 30 weeks, and development continues until the week of delivery.

Judgments for delivery of goods may be enforced by a writ of delivery: s 105, Forms 48, 51.

I work at a radio station in the centre of Bradford and have had dozens of delivery's from Amazon to my work address.

Every invoice and notice from us to you will be deemed served 48 hours after posting or on earlier proof of delivery.

If you are not satisfied with the fit of the product, you can exchange it within 30 days of delivery at no extra cost.

Points will be awarded by Nectar within 35 days of delivery, unless otherwise stated under Important information below.

In 31% of cases delivery for is used

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Just before 7:00AM it was ' out for delivery '.

The tracker showed that the parcel was out for delivery.

Register at your nearest public hospital as soon as possible and go there for delivery.

Judgments for delivery of goods may be enforced by a writ of delivery: s 105, Forms 48, 51.

Please allow extra time during peak periods like Christmas and for delivery to remote areas.

You would have to pay far above $5 to get physical silver or be willing to wait for months or longer for delivery.

The invention of the fax machine nearly killed FedEx because the need for delivery of overnight letters died over night.

The order I placed last Friday made it to my local depot Mitcham yesterday and was loaded onto a lorry for delivery to me.

BPM-LUX uses couriers for delivery, so expect to pay about $40 for shipping, and then add to that local customs, VAT, etc.

In 9% of cases delivery on is used

Discount is not available on delivery charges.

Today (07 Aug) it said: 6:50am ON DELIVERY VAN (Daventry Depot).

Full delivery details are available on Delivery information page.

Most companies now ask for a signiture on delivery to prove the item has reached the buyer.

On delivery you can use your hanko (??, the seal stamp) or just sign if you don't have it on hand.

All Customs duties, sales taxes and other regulatory charges are payable by the receiver on delivery.

Perhaps Bolly did not enlighten him as to protocols on delivery of news that may be inconsistent with Govt propaganda.

On delivery day we couldn't take it from the dealer as there was a general safety recal but they would not tell us what for.

I can't wait to come back on here and have a good old moan about non delivery, after all the customer is king and is always right.

The problem I have with groceries on delivery is that as good as it sounds, delivery is NEVER at the most optimal time for your convenience.

In 6% of cases delivery to is used

This took 3 months to delivery.

Click the ' Continue to delivery options ' button.

From packing in Australia to delivery takes just 24 hours.

From discovery to Delivery is the focus of the conference.

You do need enforcement, but those trucks also need to delivery somewhere.

Their US headquarters is in Arkansas? pretty well suited to delivery to Texas or the northeastern US.

Everything of course is based on the story advertisers wish to tell and the experience they wish to delivery.

But when I did I found that HDN tried 4 times to delivery my goods of which the money was taken from my account quick enough.

Also when it comes to delivery we use state of the art mapping technology to ensure that we are using the most fuel efficient routes.

The pair are the first instalment on a batch of 14 Australia has said it would buy with a view to delivery from 2014 through to 2017.

In 5% of cases delivery with is used

They were incredibly fast with delivery.

Amazon customer service with delivery tracking.

I don't believe there are any risks associated with delivery when the mother has GD.

Kept checking on-line and saw the parcel was despatched on 25/10 with delivery being between 26/10 and 31/10.

Religious Studies Teacher (Part-time) Well-qualified and experienced with delivery of Y7-13 curriculum, integrating ICT for 2013.

In DC, it is generally legal to double-park for the purpose of making a delivery, so there's nothing to enforce with delivery trucks.

I will admit that private industry is more efficient with delivery, but we're speaking of a government department and we all know that all governments throughout the world have inefficiencies.

In 3% of cases delivery after is used

His mother died two weeks after delivery, and his father is missing.

Her mother died soon after delivery, and she was brought to Upendo when she was just 3 months old.

Normally within four to five months after delivery the hair resumes its normal growth pattern again.

In 2010, nearly 3,000 specially trained ASHAs will make three postpartum home visits to mothers within the first week after delivery.

Only three months after delivery, the new Albacor 5 has started to punch results like this second place in St Tropez, for the 2012 edition of the Madraco Cup.

Active Management of the Third Stage of Labour is a technique used to prevent and treat mothers for over bleeding after delivery and is recommended for all natural deliveries.

I would like my husband to be with me more than visiting hours (6-8 pm) and I know that I won't be able to get the much needed rest after delivery with so many other people around with babies crying.

In 3% of cases delivery at is used

Any anomalies found at delivery (e.

What irked me most though was that after the 2nd attempt at delivery I rang the number on the card and explained my problem.

The yearly number of deliveries in Denmark decreased slightly during 2000-6 (fig 1? ), whereas the mean maternal age at delivery increased from 29.

I now always check with any companies what delivery service they use cos if it is HDL I refuse to proceed and make alternative purchase arrangements.

For example, suppose an African ship builder agrees with another African to be paid half the value of a boat at the moment wood, nails and strips shall be purchased en the other half at delivery (3).

In 3% of cases delivery in is used

What was he afraid off? I used to work in deliveries, so I know the pressure the drivers are under.

What do you do with my personal details? Ans: We need your particulars only to contact you in case of any problem in delivery or to reconfirm the orders in case of high value items.

In 2% of cases delivery from is used

In-Correct Goods: It is your responsibility to notify us of any in-correct goods supplied within 7 days from delivery.

Any shortages must be noted on the consignment note and it will be your responsibility to notify us within 10 days from delivery.

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