Prepositions used with "degree"

"of degree", "by degree" or "in degree"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases degree of is used

It is always a matter of degree.

The difference is one of degree.

It's a question of degree though.

A major factor in non-completion of degrees is the question of inadequate financial preparation.

But so what? We have our own set of degrees that are perfectly suited to our unique Bangali tastes.

Because of the large number of degrees of freedom, methods with low computational effort have to be used.

Such space, where the number of degrees of freedom is less than the number of dimensions, can be said to be sparse.

In the case of technical and vocational education, a number of degree, diploma and certificate level courses are offered.

Over a period of time, ISM has produced a list of a variety of degree applications that our applicants have evaluated by ECE.

Grade inflation (already a reality in many situations) is a serious risk, the value of degrees will plummet still further, etc.

In 14% of cases degree by is used

Thus is public life coarsened by degree.

But, by degrees, we got reconciled to our purchase.

Let him accustom himself, by degrees, to this small but holy exercise.

His intellect and understanding develop by degrees, slowly from time to time, little by little.

Symbols are very powerful, they are everywhere, and they are in one battle, or by degrees, the consequences.

These memes created our consciousness by degrees (mildly put, they had a tremendous influence on our thinking).

If New South Wales was now truly interested in federation, let it join the Federal Council which by degrees could grow into a stronger union.

And ' by degrees, a higher class of mechanics such as watch and clockmakers, white-smiths, and mathematical instrument-makers, began to be wanted '.

Would you please tell us something about you and your site? I am a telecommunications engineer by degree, an entrepreneur by passion and a writer by.

Either way, the ground-breaking and border-defining treaty was a huge achievement that made Latin America a more stable and by degrees peaceful place.

In 12% of cases degree in is used

To a certain degree, FDR got lucky.

Sexism in Colombo, however, is different in degree.

Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree.

Breathlessness - this can vary in degree from very mild to obvious shortness of breath.

It breaks your goals and objectives into a four quadrant chart, layering items in degrees of urgency.

And there is no difference, in principle -- but only in degree -- between political and chattel slavery.

Though military coups in the region appear to be a relic of the past, today's tactics are different only in degree and method.

Students with University Entrance or higher are most likely to proceed directly to tertiary education and to enrol in degree level courses.

In 9% of cases degree with is used

This gives those with degrees in STEM subjects an advantage.

D 's, and almost none with degrees in areas of science relevant to the evolution issue.

Edward Hoffman, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in New York with degrees from Cornell University and the University of Michigan.

You are part of the new wave, a veritable tidal wave of people with degrees and diplomas that include climate and sustainability.

When I was a model I put on everything in the world with degrees of brilliance and awfulness, and as an actress you're forever trying things on for characters.

The count goes up to at least 30, all with degrees in varying sections of engineering some even with masters degrees who are for some reason unable to find jobs.

This suggests that STEM graduates are able to progress further than those with degrees in other subjects or perhaps they are able to secure the better graduate positions in the first place.

He graduated with degrees in video, film and communications from the University of Kansas in 2004 and has five years of professional video experience, including work in NYC and Washington DC.

In 8% of cases degree for is used

Angle unit identifiers are: ' deg ' (for degrees ), ' grad ' (for grads ), and ' rad ' (for radians).

These subunits form chains of varying length, referred to by the unit? dp? (for degree of polymerisation, i.

Fees for degree programmes in NUI Galway consist of three elements; Tuition, Student Contribution Charge and Student Levy.

Probabilistic coherence plays much the same role for degrees of belief that consistency plays for ordinary, all-or-nothing beliefs.

In general, full degrees can not be earned at these sites, but courses and study at them fulfill requirements for degrees at the home campus.

Obviously there is a sliding scale for degrees of hiccups; while some like Mauritius are prosperous, some like Angola are moving towards prosperity and some like Somalia linger in failed paralysis.

Obviously there is a sliding scale for degrees of hiccups; while some like Mauritius are prosperous, some like Angola are moving towards prosperity and some like Somalia linger in failed paralysis.

In 8% of cases degree to is used

I would switch to degrees mode and try again.

Many people working in computing hold qualifications equivalent to degree level.

I have completed a CE/HD(ECE/KG) and wish to upgrade my qualification to degree level.

Regarding admitting kids with EE or less onto degree programs is in my opinion morally wrong.

But by and large, and to degree, the idea of Greening something is not considered as a governing idea (See cartoon).

The chosen language (French, German or Irish) is studied to degree level, with emphasis on aural, oral and written fluency.

Noel Chinyama Hi I have a diploma in Accounting, I want sponsorship to proceed with my education up to degree level anywhere.

The CAE schools have met specific requirements related to degree, curriculum, graduate count, faculty composition, graduate quality,.

It appears that they have widened participation just about as far as possible, even admitting kids with 2EE or less onto degree programs.

You can either convert the degrees (060-010 = 50 by the way) to radians, or you can switch your calculator into degrees mode and try your calculation again.

In 5% of cases degree at is used

It has been my desire to study law at degree level since the age of fifteen.

At degree level (level 7) 20 percentage points more females than males participate.

Therefore, students in more isolated regions, must leave their home to study at degree level.

At degree level (level 7 ), there was a 26 percentage point gender difference in favour of females.

In 2% of cases degree about is used

Ask them about degrees, subjects, internships, scholarships, alternate entry and employment prospects.

This gives information about degree programmes, assessments, entry requirements, application and selection procedures and financial support.

How do I find out more about NUI Galway and about degree programmes? Refer to Degree Programmes in this website for information on all full-time degrees open to mature students.

In 2% of cases degree between is used

Yes-Frank, the gap between degree programs at Uni.

Only about 2% of our undergraduates have ever transferred between degrees.

It makes transfer of credit between degree schedules more difficult than it needs to be.

It is possible to transfer the courses between degrees and switching degree can be done.

In 2% of cases degree on is used

For information on degree programs and career advice for international as well as local employment please contact Jani on 0777 517517.

They obtained their first degrees in 1996, and separately earned an honours degree and a Master of Education degree in subsequent years.

When she and her family moved to Ho Man Tin for her son's secondary education, she took advantage of their proximity to the OUHK and embarked on degree study.

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