Prepositions used with "defense"

"of defense" or "in defense"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases defense of is used

Department of Defense, or the U.

In April 1997, Secretary of Defense William S.

Forrestal, became the first Secretary of Defense.

Nego-ti-ations lead-ing to peace must be the pur-pose of a legit-im-ate war of defense.

No justification needs to be given to anyone for whatever the Ministry of Defense does.

The sheikh also congratulated Crown Prince Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, Prince Ahmed, Makkah Gov.

Its customers include military forces, Departments of Defense and the world's leading Aerospace and Defence companies.

So al Qaeda seems finally to understand interdependence better than the State Department or the Department of Defense.

At least now the world will see and understand that Sri Lanka has an unqualified, crude, thug, for Secretary of Defense.

In 23% of cases defense in is used

In defense of the Mayor's charity.

This is not so in defense of backside function outsourcing.

In defense of gorillas-its crazy scary b/c its crazy risky.

Added time Carroll defends the corner, he's made more of impact in defense than attack.

In November 2001, the Government of India lifted the ban on agents in defense purchases.

In defense we could use Danny Simpson at right back and another quality back up center defender.

I know he saves Johnson in defense and all, but concede one and score two - that is better than losing on penalties.

King and Terry in the center will be solid and Cole and Johnson possess the pace to get back in defense when needed.

In those games we ferocious in defense, our game had tempo, and our attack was structured and just about unstoppable.

Clara then say in defense to her mom and dad that Mara is just pretending to be a good person and is very mean to her.

In 13% of cases defense on is used

On defense, Pittsburgh has also dominated.

He falls asleep on the backside on defense.

I'd rather have him on defense in LF than Duda.

I don't blame Hamilton for that, but I wouldn't call him the total shutdown on defense.

Fernandez-Lobbe was excellent in the lineout and made a nuisance of himself on defense.

They mixed things up on offense and they were aggressive on defense from start to finish.

This is a pretty creative way to let Kyrie save some energy on defense so that he can continue to dominate on offense.

While Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters are trying to carry much of the offensive load, Gee is holding down the fort on defense.

Tyshawn was pretty much like having a 6th defender on the floor, because he could cover so many teammates mistakes on defense.

He looked like he had man-marking duties against Rooney, who still had an amazing goal, but he did an overall great job on defense.

In 8% of cases defense for is used

Obviously if it had been stopped it was not necessary for defense.

The Indian defense sales market today offers great potential for defense suppliers, but U.

Once the private airport is ready, the existing airport would be used by HAL for defense purposes.

But as for defense, it's going to be killer with Pau and Bynum clogging up the lane with their length.

To continue their campaign, the Confederates would have had to cross Raton Pass, excellent ground for defense by the Colorado Militia.

However, it was not clear from the research how to effectively scale these approaches to the levels required for defense applications.

We're all paying for the Affordable Care Act, just as we all pay for defense spending, we all pay for Medicaid, and we all pay for Social Security.

As a pastor in Colombia, Castrilln Hoyos earned high marks for defense of the poor, including his willingness to challenge the country's notorious drug barons.

In Phase II, performers determined the mechanisms behind electric and acoustic suppression and evaluated the scalability of these approaches for defense applications.

This is talent! Mr Philip Yeo Formerly Permanent Secretary for Defense Born 1946, is the chairman of SPRING Singapore and Special Adviser for Economic Development in the Prime Minister's office.

In 2% of cases defense to is used

When DC go back from atack to defense they are runing backward?! and allways slower than rival attackers.

Best solution is to raise top rates and make cuts to defense along with reducing corporate loopholes and subsidies.

Heinrich told us election night he will try to win a spot on the Senate Armed Services Committee, a panel important to defense funding in the state.

I predicted here and at other websites -- automatic cuts to defense will spur our ' friends ' the Israeli's to provoke enough conflict to make DEFENSE/OFFENSE our highest priority.

In 1% of cases defense about is used

How could they discuss with me about politics? We usually meet and speak about defense issues.

He was a close aid to former German Defense Minister Manfred Woerner, the later NATO Secretary General and is author of five books about defense policy.

I'd not talking about defense contractors like Halliburton or Lockheed/Martin, but organizations like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, numerous fast food and retail stores.

In 1% of cases defense at is used

Over time, because Cal stresses it, he will get better at defense.

As for the Christians of old Phocea, there was not for one instant an effort at defense.

Considering that only Vidic and Evra were at defense, this was a good United performance, toothless up front though I have to say.

Although details of the cuts have not been made clear, sequestration impact at defense and civilian agencies are expected to be similar:.

In 1% of cases defense by is used

But the Tamil National Alliance is clinging on to it and dancing, which I can not comprehend was stated by Defense Secretary Gottabaya Rajapakse with much annoyance.

Members of the Senate Armed Services Committee who were briefed by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Friday that it seemed clear that the Libya attacks were planned and premeditated.

In 1% of cases defense from is used

Half of that would come from defense.

I would take an additional $200B from defense -- that's $800B.

They have been allowed to shift the money from defense to health care, by relying on American largess.

And last night, spokesman George Little read a statement from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on a flight to Australia.

They are going to move the spending cuts away from defense and on to the middle class and poor by hacking away at Medicare and Medicaid.

In 1% of cases defense with is used

With Defense portfolio Kwankwaso has nothing to offer to his state.

Over the past few years, he also has been locked in conflicts with defense industries over purchasing new weapons, pushing them to lower prices.

National security concerns are already dealt with in the new provisions of the ICA and these provisions should be adequate to deal with defense or security-of-supply issues.

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