Prepositions used with "defence"

"of defence" or "in defence"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases defence of is used

Tun Abdullah is also the Minister of Defence.

He appointed his brother as the secretary of Defence.

Petro Cateriano, a lawyer, was put in charge of defence.

In 1965, Hochstadt became the Acting Director of Manpower at the Ministry of Defence.

It is not a weapon of offence? a weapon used to start a war? it is a weapon of defence.

Embassy and works closely with the Nigerian Ministries of Defence and Health (NMOD) to.

Yeo was a Cabinet Minister and has served in the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Communications and Information.

Black smoke was billowing into the sky from the General Staff Command, where the minister of defence has his office.

The Good Soldier THE attempt to assassinate the Secretary of Defence, in the very heart of Colombo, came as a shock.

In fact he was rewarded for being a law unto him by being appointed as the Monitoring MP for the Ministry of Defence.

In 19% of cases defence in is used

Our final ' problem ' is cover in defence.

China is becoming self-sufficient in defence.

Don't cower in defence go and have a go at em.

It is amply evident that the investment in defence over the years paying off handsomely.

In defence, Branislav Ivanovic and Ashley Cole are amongst top five defenders right now.

He later achieved a Masters degree in Defence Studies from Kings College, London University.

In defence they often made use of field defences, especially earthworks as a defence against artillery and cavalry.

AND, just as with any form of terrorism, they only need to get lucky once, you have to be perfect in defence every time.

The JTF vehicles are either Ford or Toyota Hilux pick up vehicles marked in Defence Headquarters or Nigerian Army colours.

They had good line speed in defence and punished the Bulldogs to race out to a 12-4 lead before it all went horribly wrong.

In 9% of cases defence on is used

Most peaceful countries allocate 2% to 4% on GDP on defence.

One of the teams will start on defence, the other on offence.

During this period, Rs191 were spent on defence and development.

She was still spending ludicrously large amounts on defence, as much as 8% of her GNP by 1950.

The 2011/2012 season was a campaign in which the spotlight remained heavily focused on defence.

The overall expenditure on defence in the region as percentage of GDP remains stable averaging 0.

Rachel Shebesh, appearing before the parliamentary committee on Defence and Foreign Relations uttered a statement that might never be considered.

Early in the season the Redskins defence lost a couple key players on defence, one being OLB Brian Orakpo, which would be a huge spot to fill for any team.

After all, the Tories presumably don't have the same hang-ups about appearing weak on defence, which often seem to inhibit the Labour leadership in this area.

It must also be said that the referee had a shocker of a game, the Irish were offside most of the time on defence but that is the captain's duty to point that out.

In 8% of cases defence for is used

Dr Yeo Ning Hong Was Minister for Defence Got Plenty Money Dr.

In the resulting Cabinet shuffle, Chifley became Minister for Defence.

D for defence: Defence is the new offence after 2010 (if it already wasn't before).

These spines give the fins greater rigidity and also might be used for defence or offence.

It has not developed the high standards of technical proficiency required for defence technology.

For example the Minister for Defence works with the Department of Defence to implement laws about defence matters.

Example of this is Hitler's Germany where the civilian manufacturing industry was remodelled for defence production.

Any industry established for defence production should have the capability of producing items of use in private sectors.

Minister for Defence 1931 The Scullin government began to fall apart under external economic pressures and internal dissension.

In 3% of cases defence by is used

They were not represented by defence lawyers and were granted bail of S$10,000 each.

Infrastructure development is another major contribution to the nation by defence forces.

The blatant over pricing of equipment being supplied to the army by defence PSUs stands exposed.

Julian is held in very high regard by defence experts and has brought this real experience and expertise to my Front Bench team.

During cross-examination by defence lawyers A Rehman and Kaynat Ali Shaikh, Nadgouda said when he reached the site there was no fire.

The witness, who was being cross-examined yesterday by defence lawyer Valerie Neita-Robertson, denied suggestions that he was a ' rogue cop '.

The second prosecution witness against former BNP minister Abdul Alim, Md Saidur Rahman, was cross-examined by defence lawyer AEM Khalilur Rahman for the second day.

The umbrella body for EC border agencies, Frontex, which came up with the idea, has hosted demonstrations by defence companies for member states to show them the range of drones available.

DO IT!!! There are few projects under defence ministry that develop local defence related products and one major one is mine clearing machine which was developed in SL by defence ministry.

In 3% of cases defence from is used

In broad brush terms, Devo Max is actually a very straightforward concept -- everything is devolved apart from defence and foreign affairs.

From defence contracts to infrastructure projects to provision of services and consumables, the annual spending budgets run into hundreds of billions.

Following a request from defence solicitor Cahir O'Higgins, the judge granted McDonagh legal aid and recommended he get any appropriate medical treatment.

Into the second half and an early break forward from defence by experienced midfielder Melford Knight set up Matty Ward but his shot from the edge of the area narrowly missed the left hand post.

Laurens De Bock Linked with: West Brom &; Stoke A young and versatile full-back who can also play on the wing; his attacking interest from defence and overlapping runs liken him to Leighton Baines.

In 3% of cases defence to is used

The average ' ' flyaway price ' ' for each of the first 14 JSFs, according to Defence, is about $95million.

Saraswat, the Chief of Defence Research and Development Organisation and the scientific advisor to Defence Minister A.

When about 300 yards off the beach they fired smoke signals in the air and the bombardment lifted to defences further inland.

Kaira, who was appointed as general secretary of the PPP Central Punjab a few days back, said he has now shifted to Defence Lahore.

Otherwise, the industry engaged in civil production should be so geared that it can switch over to defence production in time of emergency.

And Arg is not a militar power country, so only the navy, militars them, uses it to learn to sail, and to patrol and to defence if necessary.

The rulers during their visit to Pakistan are invariably taken to defence industrial complexes, but so far no major defence industry has cropped up as a joint venture.

In 2% of cases defence with is used

Key hasn't quite learnt this with defence matters, he has with intelligence matters.

Anthony appears to have become close to her legal team, and she may stay with defence attorneys Jose Baez or Dorothy Sims, who wept after the not-guilty verdict was read out.

In 1% of cases defence about is used

For example the Minister for Defence works with the Department of Defence to implement laws about defence matters.

Further, the government is sometimes unwilling to open this field to the private sector because of obsession with secrecy about defence production capabilities.

In 1% of cases defence as is used

He served in various ministries such as Defence, the Public Service Commission,.

Accordingly, the Defence counsel sought to produce Mr Bali as Defence witness before the Tribunal.

The other classes each have their roles, such as defence, healing, single-target spike damage, flanking, etc etc.

The rugged tablets are popular in industries such as defence, utilities and construction, as well as by workers in.

On 22 October 2012, the Tribunal ordered that it would not issue any summons, but that the Defence was at liberty to produce him as Defence Witness.

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