Prepositions used with "decision"

"of decision" or "in decision"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases decision of is used

None of it is yet a set of decisions.

Judicial review of decisions may exist.

It's at these times that making any type of decision feels like a major accomplishment.

The real power of decision would remain with the heads of states in such a case however.

Readership: Students and scholars of decision theory, political theory, law, and justice.

What's more, the current DRS is not particularly agile about distinguishing between these two types of decisions.

Fair procedures are central to the legitimacy of decisions reached and individuals ' acceptance of those verdicts.

It's easy to forget that most people are in their own bubble, where the ripple effect of decisions isn't as obvious.

There is no appeal process, If a pardon is denied, the applicant must wait one year from date of decision to reapply.

In 16% of cases decision in is used

Boards must be flexible and practical in decisions made.

The proposed amendment would make the consequences in decision 27/CMP.

Many loops close in decisions made in people's minds (see, Mental Models).

He doesn't involve his Cabinet (other than Hillary Clinton) or Congress in decisions.

WINTERING PARTNERS participated in decision making and enjoyed the profits of the trade.

Consensus in decision making means that all members genuinely agree that the decision is acceptable.

The 200-page book quotes several instances of political interference in decision making and posting of police officers.

At CMP 1, the procedures and mechanisms relating to compliance under the Kyoto Protocol were adopted (in decision 27/CMP.

Family planning requires that couples communicate with each other and that each of them has an equal say in decision-making.

Apart from these, increased authority/freedom in decision making and promotions/pay increase also help improve job satisfaction.

In 14% of cases decision for is used

Overall time limit for decision 130(10.

We provide evidence for decision making.

The application is sent to the IND for decision.

Give good detailed reasons for decisions to unsuccessful tenderers.

Give good detailed reasons for decisions to unsuccessful tenderers.

Rapid response is often necessary for decision makers in their ad hoc information requests.

Industrial tribunals have been blamed for decisions allegedly against the national interest.

The Munster semi final is scheduled for December 2nd, as there are 2 quarter finals down for decision prior to that.

He describes the various biases that influence thinking and points out that there are two systems for decision making.

For others, there is less choice about their attractions, though perhaps still some room for decisions about labeling.

In 9% of cases decision to is used

It's aimed mainly at staff new to HSE and those new to decision making.

To understand that there are balances in life, nuances, corollaries to decisions.

Only four or five clubs rely on statistics when it comes to decisions on who to buy.

America should never subject her fate to decisions by such an assembly, unless we long for national suicide.

That money helps create their bonuses and pays off our politicians in ' soft donations ' and ' access to decision makers '.

Instead of cultivating it further, he said, Netflix needed to focus on art, creativity, and intuition as guides to decisions.

Since probability theory is central to decision theory and game theory, it has ramifications for ethics and political philosophy.

Consequently, there is over-reaction to decisions and actions, which in turn are based on such misunderstanding, whatever the political and electoral gains.

However, this insight-based approach to decision making is often not reflected within the actual design process -- decisions aren't backed up by real user insights.

In 7% of cases decision with is used

Stay in touch with decision makers if you can.

The vast quiet of the landscape helps shape the space in Del's and Hope's minds as they wrestle with decisions.

Some of this has to do with her personality; a lot of it has to do, I suspect, with decisions she has made along the way.

Not only do you have to pick a make and model, and a place to buy it, you have to contend with decisions such as mileage, condition, and age.

In accordance with decision IV/3, the first extraordinary meeting of the Conference of the Parties was opened on 22 February 1999, in Cartagena, Colombia.

Some of us might be struggling with decision making, whether to violate the arranged marriage setup and go forward to marry someone they love or to leave their love for someone and surrender to the.

In 4% of cases decision on is used

However, it would have no impact on decisions already made.

Opening up so that any student can vote on decisions of their association is imperative.

What has been the Indian government's response to virtualization of IT? To me the Indian government is frozen on decisions.

Productivity is slowed because employees are reluctant to follow the lead of a manager who acts on decisions with a decided lack of planning.

Based on decisions made at this meeting, ATLIS Consulting Group, under contract to the Library of Congress, began making revisions to the DTD.

I would not suggest allowing the builder to design your kitchen, best to hire a design professional from the start to work with you on decisions and options.

This is also the argument against game theory which makes prediction on decisions made by rational people, that there are irrational people who do not play by the rule.

In 3% of cases decision about is used

It's a game about decisions and you can't go back and say what if.

To Maita Gomez, the beauty **26;3772;TOOLONG, life was about decisions and choices made.

But you seem to be saying that I am making some inference about decision processes behind the numbers that I set out in detail.

Mr Mitchell, who quit the Government last month after abusing police officers, is facing questions from MPs about decisions he took as International Development Secretary.

The largest part of the Tribunal's workload arises from applications about decisions in the areas of family assistance and social security, taxation, veterans ' affairs and workers ' compensation.

In 3% of cases decision by is used

Dylan pulls out another victory here by decision.

Prediction: Gingrich by decision - because all heavyweigt bouts are decisions.

The prison crisis was something that we ourselves created, law by law, decision by decision, state by state.

Trust built this and trust sustained it over the past decade, but now researchers are uncertain, their trust has been shaken by decisions being made related to the ongoing state funding for research.

In 2% of cases decision from is used

Appeals from decisions * of the three-judge district court go directly to the United States Supreme Court.

It is clear from decisions of the Authority that strict management or some kind of personality clash will usually not be enough to support a claim of bullying.

In 2% of cases decision into is used

But of course Olivia's illness meant everyone got rather emotional, and it forced them into Decisions - even if not necessarily the Right Ones.

One of the challenges we have encountered and very relevant to using participatory methodologies is gauging whose learning counts and how learnings get factored into decision making.

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