Prepositions used with "debate"

"of debate" or "for debate"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases debate of is used

The standard of debate was high.

It is full of debates but no solutions.

Or, more to the point, the lack of debate.

Let's now continue with the fairy tales, which are the subject matter of debates like this.

However, there is still a considerable amount of debate about how to measure social media ROI.

You are not the target of debates, you are simple the trained minion to vote along party lines.

In the United States, the shootings resonated with years of debate at home over the proper focus of counterterrorism.

In fact, I think that the death of debate and discussion is one of the most depressing developments in society today.

Simple, straightforward stuff here, this is the kind of debate that has been played out over and over again in the last few years.

It upholds laws that discriminate against third parties by keeping their candidates off the ballot, out of debates and off the media.

In 23% of cases debate for is used

That is currently up for debate.

Besides, this isn't up for debate here.

But that perception is also up for debate.

Whether the player can make a step forward and inspire a generation is cause for debate.

Only in backward, primitive circles is the president's ethnicity still fodder for debate.

Whether they should be considered terrorists or Well Intentioned Extremists is rather up for debate.

So in a public policy debate like this, we have various strategies for debate, depending on whom we are debating: 1.

California passed a similar law in 2009, but it is even more intrusive than the one up for debate in the Supreme Court.

Not just in North America where rights to our own bodies and birth control are somehow still up for debate, but everywhere.

But whether fans will get the opportunity to have a cold one while watching the Royals play next year is still up for debate.

In 14% of cases debate in is used

He was fearless -- and peerless -- in debate.

That being certain is sign of strength in debate.

I'd not very good at getting my point across in debates lol.

While both candidates criticised China in debates, Mitt Romney was notably more aggressive.

Focusing on increasing thought and nuance in debate is addressing the symptom, not the root problem.

If the principle of? confessional candour? has been respected in debate, those will be plain for all to see.

Candidates get a bounce from their conventions, a bounce when they choose a running mate, a bounce when they do well in debates.

On both occasions, you will be evaluated on your participation in debate and ability to intelligently discuss the assigned readings.

If playing as a goalkeeper, leaves the penalty area (not beckoned by the referee) to engage an official in debate regarding a decision 3.

In 10% of cases debate to is used

However, it is certainly open to debate.

How they will use the alien equation to feed fear is open to debate.

He or she must consider if a recall is to debate matters of ' public interest '.

There's probably some truth to these explanations, although how much is open to debate.

That agreement was predicted prior to debate number three, and the prediction was undeniably accurate.

The Pattullo will also see increased traffic, although how much more it can handle during rush hours is open to debate.

I think there are swing voters in Labour and National parties who are open to debate and willing to listen to both sides.

How much poetic licence the journalist added to whatever he'd been told is open to debate, but the language was emotive to say the least.

Now whether they were good jobs is open to debate, but at least jobs here, not China, India, Vietnam or whatever the globalist flavor of the month is.

In 3% of cases debate into is used

The notion that Obama is running around recklessly targeting people is a silly diversionary tactic injected into debates to hornswoggle the unwary.

Well what exactly can one say? i haven't followed all the leaks and i havent gotten into debates but having justs watched the above link i was shocked.

They immediately launched into debate, though I was too far away to hear, and I understood that he enjoyed other people's company more than I thought he would.

In 2% of cases debate under is used

Investor protection is set as one of the tasks of the new Civil code now under debate in Duma.

Even though the issues under debate are usually very similar (costs and benefits, safety issues ), the outcome of the debate differs from country to country.

The Congress met according to adjournment, and resuming the consideration of the subject under debate -- came into the following resolutions: SULLIVAN 'S DRAUGHT.

In 2% of cases debate with is used

Democracy does not end with debate and common sense.

It broadcasts a news program every 30 minutes along with debates, interviews, or continuous coverage when needed.

The work was intended to engage with debates about art in public places and offer new possibilities of looking at landscape.

At one point, the Democrat quibbled with debate moderator Jim Lehrer who tried to cut him off for going over his allotted time.

In 1% of cases debate during is used

We are also not going to be having folks insulting each other during debates.

For example, the Standing Orders envisage that the President will act so as to maintain order during debate.

When the Copyright Bill was introduced in the Senate in August 1905, questions were asked during debate about the origins of the clauses in the Bill.

In 1% of cases debate through is used

Going through debates and articles of Ali Sina, I realized the real evil of Islam and it gave me much strength to carry on my own research.

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