Prepositions used with "death"

"of death" or "to death"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases death of is used

Time of death not made public yet.

Graham's date of death is unknown.


Because of this inevitable but unknown fear factor most people avoid thinking of death.

St George's University revealed that the number of deaths related to substance misuse.

The diagnosis of cancer for yourself or a loved one can seems like a sentence of death.

However in the case of Iddat of death a guarded and suggestive message can be sent, but not in any other kind of Iddat.

Cause of death The surgeon Sir Astley Cooper reported that George had died from a ruptured blood vessel in the stomach.

Significantly higher rates of death were observed among women who aborted in every time period examined (see Figure 1).

By putting the ending first, it also allowed me to enjoy the story without the specter of death hanging over every word.

In 38% of cases death to is used

Watkins had bored them to death.

Boy, this has been done to death.

A wrong choice can lead to death.

I can't imagine being beaten to death, and you can't imagine being kidnapped and raped.

Since then, hundreds of people have been sentenced to death and many have been executed.

He speaks of offering himself up to death -- and ultimately God -- only to awaken alive.

Ryan and his friends beat Brian to death with a fire poker, a pipe wrench and a shovel, then put the body in a trunk.

At least now that I am no longer starving to death, perhaps it would be nice to enjoy my own cooking once in a while.

The two men were sentenced to death in October 2003 by the SICT, together with former Interior Minister Sadoun Sakir.

An autopsy performed determined the victim was a full term infant and that he was alive and breathing prior to death.

In 5% of cases death after is used

It is a place where one may go after death.

It continues to bring reward even after death.

It is not something that happens only after death.

Her elder son Rajiv Gandhi inherited her after death and was India's Prime Minister.

These are to scare humans who are afraid of death and do not now awaits them after death.

There are other sites but they are more of a spiritual category - life after death, and so on.

By this doctrine they also understood that there was no future state, and that the soul did not exist after death.

Dawkins is as much a believer as your average religious zealot - he believes he knows there is no life after death.

Properties can be transferred in two ways: inter vivos (in life) transfers and mortis causa (after death) transfers.

We often hear old people say that they want to be reborn after death in the Land of Gems, or in the Land of Immortality.

In 4% of cases death in is used

I also saw her in Death Note as well.

In death he will continue to be a blessing to us.

Even in death, Maita chose to keep a low profile.

Of these attempts, according to Suicide Prevention Australia, 2,500 cases result in death.

Further more his early investors were rich South American investors involved in Death Squads.

In my mind, I can't help but think, how even in death, he brought prestige to our humble city.

In many ways, this was a trap game for Alabama, coming off an exhilarating win six days and change ago in Death Valley.

This protection is vital for the baby because leaving this warm place for only a couple of minutes would result in death.

Well, Mr Rehn, we've seen a huge rise in deaths by suicides recently in Ireland, many shown to be connected to austerity.

While in Death Valley last year I was so overwhelmed at the beauty of the desert I was unable to capture any of that on film.

In 4% of cases death with is used

He also became familiar with death.

Offences not punishable with death 44 29C.

After a close brush with death the poet rejoices.

I can't bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face to face with death.

Links Living with Death in View Death is often described as the greatest enemy of Man.

There is no point in holding on to it; in holding on to it you will be fighting with death.

But those two statements (along with death and taxes befall us all) are truisms that you can be pretty certain about.

But 50 years with deaths at current rates and no new births leaves pretty much all remaining females past menopause.

John Rochfort, the man who made the first reconnaissance survey, was sometimes turned back and threatened with death.

Those in other positions of authority with death in view will be motivated to impact positively on their subordinates.

In 3% of cases death for is used

For the other 4 bad ' directions, do watch out for Death and Disaster lines.

I've gotten my hoped for death threats, so these articles aren't a waste of time.

Many Tanzanians still believe Barrick is responsible for deaths in 1996, though.

EAS liability for death or injury and the loss/damage of luggage is limited accordingly.

The Other Craig: 28 Mar 2011 2:18:27pm Now, a new figure for deaths, but not casualties, of Chernobyl.

Ian Smith, 21, was jailed for four years for death by dangerous driving but mum Sherri still struggles to cope.

USA is as corrupted as India is and the only difference is that in USA, you do not have to pay bribe for death certificate.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude liability for death, personal injury or fraud, as a result of negligence.

They created, trained and armed the National Police and controlled the Ministry of Interior, responsible for death squad policies.

Not only the journalists and the artistes but the whole country has been relived from the fear for death, which has hunted in the past.

In 2% of cases death about is used

QUESTION: My question is about DEATH.

We talked of the future but also talked about death.

Second, they used to remember and think a lot about death.

While the song is about death, I felt I was experiencing the freedom that he's talking about.


However, we try to keep away from uncomfortable thoughts of death; so are the British people who do not talk about death.

You have been the first Spanish reporter to witness and report about death penalty executions in the US -- another dark topic.

Your risk of committing suicide is increased if you think about death and killing yourself often, or if you have made a suicide plan.

The students filled out questionnaires and some of the participants were reminded about death while others were given a control topic.

In 2% of cases death from is used

We can not escape the pain from death.

Someone gives him an amulet which saves him from death.

Mara is then admitted to the hospital to save her from death.

Resurrection? Again, other religions had accounts of return from death.

The good: It's the place where every outed or closeted shopaholic which they would wake up to from death.

It's the kids who already have problems with violence or depression who perhaps should be kept away from Death Metal.

For that to happen, someone in your State Government must be given responsibility for protecting citizens from death squads.

He will bring us up from the grave, He will roll away the stone, He will lead us from darkness to light, from death to life.

As it was by his power that this man had been healed, so it was by his power only that people could be saved from death and hell.

If they did, they might even get suspicious and examine why Harry kept a gemstone with him at that time, and even bring the Dark Lord back from death.

In 2% of cases death on is used

He had spent 18 years on death row.

Appointment of new trustees on death, etc 73.

All the same, the novels that followed centred on death.

But people can't just go around blamming it on death metal every time a metal head kills some one.

Okrah, one time director of music, he said, promotion in the early days was based on death and dismissal.

He gives a clarion call for meetings in his apartment in order to discuss the many variations on death threadbare.

Those numbers are based on death certificates, and almost certainly underestimate the real scope, according to the CDC.

My nan is basically knocking on death's door, and it really is a matter of time before the unthinkable comes a reality.

In his Project on Death in America he stated that with the retirement of the Boomers our health care would be over run.

For that reason we thought it useful to have a reminder of the major effects on death rates - namely our sex, and our age.

In 1% of cases death by is used

Still punishable, but not by death.

He claims those charges could be punishable by death.

In Iran, apostasy is a crime that can be punishable by death.

Whether by life or by death, he will be magnified in our bodies.

We are forced to play the game, and none can leave except by death.

Rather than death taking it away from you, relax your hold; don't be defeated by death, don't struggle.

They were with the countless bones of the poor of the world, strewn about by death as they sought the promised land.

Only those anaesthetics, doses and applications which cause immediate loss of consciousness followed by death may be used.

However, I don't doubt that some of those kids were influenced by death metal to do what they did, but some just enjoy the genre because they feel the same pain as the band.

And there was given to them authority over the fourth part of the earth, to put to destruction by the sword, and by taking away their food, and by death, and by the beasts of the earth.

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