Prepositions used with "darkness"

"of darkness" or "in darkness"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases darkness of is used

Bait al-Dhulma (House of Darkness).

Full of darkness and danger, they were.

We yearn so hard and long to be rid of darkness.

Just call my name and I will take your hand and pull you out of this pit of darkness.

Park rules do not allow vehicular transport in the park during the hours of darkness.

Perhaps the North is a place where there is no point hiding from this kind of darkness.

But provocations under cover of darkness only escalate tensions in a situation that calls for mediation and dialogue.

What makes it interesting is that the statue of Ptah is never hit by the sunlight because Ptah is the god of darkness.

I personally think human beings in general give too much credits to the forces of darkness, which the devil is master.

In 24% of cases darkness in is used

Everywhere else was in darkness.

Tim on finding beauty in darkness.

The Earth was a flat surface, in darkness.

All the drive along the reservoir was in darkness but I felt it must've been beautiful.

For all of President Olusegun Obasanjo's achievements, he left Nigeria literally in darkness.

You will linger on in darkness and in doubt as nightfall in winter that comes without a star.

Yet a military coup lay less than 10 years in the future, which would send Burma on a near 50-year journey in darkness.

Lizzy Her team didn't think the producer of Lie Down in Darkness would come out and publicly state that they didn't offer her the role.

Being able to see very well in darkness and underwater and being able to hear very low sounds are abilities that human beings don't possess.

The Dawn team is hoping to be able get images of the north pole, which, as a result of the seasonal angle to the Sun, is currently in darkness.

In 8% of cases darkness into is used

The world was plummeted into darkness.

Abrams, Star Trek Into Darkness has been a well-guarded secret.

As soon as it was dislodged, critters fell from the ceiling and the room was plunged into darkness.

Plunged into darkness, Helen would have to use a torch to navigate her way around and collect the stars.

So, depending on where you see The Hobbit will determine which bit of footage you will get from Star Trek Into Darkness.

The temperature will drop as the moon overtakes? the sun and casts a shadow so large the land will be plunged into darkness.

Given a torch, she was told that to get the first star she will need to remove the light, which would plunged the room into darkness.

The storm has plunged homes right back into darkness and stopped some commuter trains in Long Island by downing trees and power liens.

The mysterious woman in POTP is called Phoenix, and just as Bill chases his bird into darkness, so will Winslow chase after the love of Phoenix.

A Far Eastern syndicate with links to London gangsters nobbled two English games in the 1990s by tampering with floodlights, plunging the matches into darkness.

In 4% of cases darkness from is used

But it was there alright, where the river emerged from darkness, shimmying in the fast current.

It takes families from darkness to a more enlightened existence and it energises local economies.

He can not get hold on Jesus himself as the divine purity of Jesus makes a personal attack from darkness impossible.

The act of leaning forward from darkness into light is a metaphor for moving from the unknown into the almost knowable.

He will bring us up from the grave, He will roll away the stone, He will lead us from darkness to light, from death to life.

Allah ta'ala says for all who truly want guidance, He will lead them from darkness into light; and I know that is what He did for me.

In 3% of cases darkness to is used

Theynove lit up a civilisine and vanished to give locine to darkness as soon as.

Now, it is n't, and I continually think of how I would prefer to pass from light to darkness.

As the light faded to darkness around them, eclipse watchers removed their eye protection to see a big event.

These portable nightlight globes are available in any color you like, and stay lit for thirty minutes before fading to darkness to ease any kid into falling asleep.

At night they are everywhere, dotting the sky; in the daytime, one, our Sun, dominates, its brilliant light washing the others away until twilight yields to darkness.

In 2% of cases darkness With is used

With darkness quickly falling, a frantic search.

With darkness everywhere, so was looting and shooting.

With darkness setting in, all that was left to do was sleep.

The decoration of this restaurant are not so good with darkness blue light but it have much indian cultural atmosphere in there.

With darkness around during power cuts, we had candlelight dinners and had a lot of fun playing ' catch the moving shadows ' on the walls.

The Pompeians, as all the Southern Italians, were fond of banishing the light of their sultry skies, and combined in their voluptuous associations the idea of luxury with darkness.

In 1% of cases darkness but is used

The ship was swallowed up, leaving nothing but darkness and silence in its wake.

In 1% of cases darkness by is used

They will come surrounded by darkness.

In 1% of cases darkness for is used

The study of this biological need for darkness is called scotobiology.

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