Prepositions used with "dance"

"of dance", "in dance" or "for dance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases dance of is used

For me it was the cartoon version of Dances With Wolves.

That's right, the style of dance we see at every wedding.

Kaufman adds the beauty of dance to USC ' s expressive range.

The short plays are informative yet entertaining with a mix of dance, song and dialogues.

This is one of the biggest things that has bugged me about the recent turn of dance music.

Most of the songs of this movie have fast beats and belong to the category of dance numbers.

The USC Kaufman School of Dance is the first school to be established through an endowment at USC in nearly 40 years.

He evidently became familiar with the radical work of Dance, Soane, and Ledoux and of engineers such as John Smeaton.

One week was all the international superstar needed to decide that Parris was as good as it gets in the world of dance.

The best in dance the way it used to be This show is a special 4 way dance of mixes featuring 4 different genres of dance music.

In 13% of cases dance in is used

All of the pieces in dance reached the reginal finals.

Chiffon moves beautifully in dance, is very light and easy to drape.

Especially in dance music which I feel is more about the timbre and rhythm.

You have participated in Dance India Dance as a contestant but could not make it through.

I am impressed with your Hindu dancer in Dance of Bliss and the description of the creation of.

Orpheus ' singing and playing were so beautiful that animals and even trees and rocks moved about him in dance.

I am going to be trained up in dance, the traditional dances of the land of spirits which is what we call our country.

She has had extensive experience in Dance, Singing and Acting and in 2010 graduated with a BPA in Musical Theatre from NASDA.

The best in dance the way it used to be This show is a special 4 way dance of mixes featuring 4 different genres of dance music.

They do cost money, but will never cost what a kids does to feed, cloth, day care, put in dance class &; other activities and college etc.

In 11% of cases dance for is used

We entered the regional finals for dance with three pieces.

Accompaniment Preferably, even for dance, unobtrusive, not in your face.

If you have a passion for dance, consider opening up a studio to instruct courses.

And then they'd be playing for dance sets, often solo, repeating tunes many times per night on a very regular basis.

Re: Backup Playing - to shoot or not the accompanist Hey folks, the quoted folks were talking about playing for dances not sessions.

Re: Backup Playing - to shoot or not the accompanist Hey folks, the quoted folks were talking about playing for dances not sessions.

And Dimitry's was clearly better made and better suited for dancers generally, but the Rockettes are absolutely nothing without camp, nostalgia and gimmicks.

Most people see the genre as possessing little artistic merit, and as a specious caricature of the love for dance music in a wide-reaching hedonistic party scene.

If its the band, then we keep strict time (as one must for dances) but we all mess about with swing, stress and syncopation apart from airs, most ITM is dance music.

In 6% of cases dance to is used

Growing up going to dance school your body and looks were everything.

In collaboration with television juggarnauts, Simon and Nigel Lythgoe, Ovation is gearing up to premiere a brand new kind of dance on television experience called A Chance to Dance.

The only other acceptable place to dance is at a retro-themed club night but the trouble with those is that one has to dance ironically -- and for some of us music means more than that.

In 5% of cases dance about is used

Like this: At the heart of today's readings are two dances, two VERY different stories about dance.

Here, people are passionate about dance, about more dance happening by more people, for more people.

Personally, I'd rather have the beat absolutely constant throughout, if you're talking about dance tunes.

In 4% of cases dance at is used

And that's a totally common thing to happen at dance gigs.

He earned popularity as a cabaret artiste who performed regularly at dances and in Colombo nightclubs in the early sixties.

In 4% of cases dance with is used

That made me fall in love with dance all over again.

Kaufman's name is synonymous throughout the world with dance.

Then I got a bit bored with dance music and moved into live music.

My personal favourite of the night was the amazing new single Let's Have A Kiki complete with dance routine.

Many people, especially the relatively learned leaders acquaint culture with dance, queer beliefs, rituals, witchcraft, traditional beliefs and such practices they may consider archaic.

In 3% of cases dance as is used

Hobbies such as dance are excellent ways to get kids moving.

Events such as dances, concerts, public meetings and land auctions were held at these pubs.

For several years, Fechter rented spaces, such as dance studios, where she taught her classes.

I was pulling long days in an office a half an hour away from here while Matthew balanced his own work, as well as dance lessons and soccer, and all of the other things that needed to be done here.

In 3% of cases dance through is used

My knees were squint and by the time anyone noticed (again -- through dance classes) it was too late to do anything about it.

A narrative, developed through dance, was textured with loaded symbols such as the crucifix, red wine, candles, a subterranean water tank and music sung in Latin.

In 2% of cases dance from is used

He went to buy ice, because the sale of drinks was the means of earning money from dance sessions.

Voluntary Arts, the UK based network for the amateur arts, has a membership which represents over 140 different arts forms: from beading to orchestras: from dance groups to informal art classes.

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