Prepositions used with "damage"

"of damage" or "for damage"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases damage of is used

The amount of damage is only slight.

The object of damages is to compensate 3.

The object of damages is to compensate 3.

Someone who says bad things about a doctor or a practice could inflict a lot of damage.

This would also do the least amount of damage to Dwight's notoriously sensitive psyche.

I am reluctant to accept this as there is no other sign of damage to the side of the car.

You can judge the immensity of the storm from satellite images or see how it has done billions of dollars of damage.

Homeowners may assume their basic home insurance policies will cover any type of damage, no matter how great the loss.

This special melee attack deals a silly amount of damage, and you can even dash into the air to attack flying enemies.

The Probe or any other ways to kill your creatures, and this is one of those decks where every point of damage counts.

In 21% of cases damage for is used

Do not approach them as they can ram you for damage.

Financial compensation does not atone for damage done.

After this, they can sit and discuss the modalities of paying for damages.

How much will it cost? If you're suing for damages, you have to pay your own lawyer.

We are not responsible for damages due to natural wear and tear during the time of use.

It will be noted that this was an action for the price, rather than a claim for damages.

Any loss of access or contributions to these thrid party vendors will not make us liable for damages or penalties.

If you're not covered by ACC, your lawyer can advise you as to whether you can sue the party responsible for damages.

It seems to me that there is every reason why the law should recognise a claim for damages to vindicate their rights.

The landlord -- well he's nursing thousands of pounds of lost rent and an even bigger bill for damage to the property.

In 17% of cases damage in is used

The rise in damages is not included in the Act.

The bank is claiming 50 million euros in damages.

A breach of warranty gives rise to a claim in damages only.

Earlier this week, a jury agreed and awarded Martinez ' family $3 million in damages.

The storm was responsible for 20 deaths and $40 million in damage in the United States.

The rains produced severe flooding that was responsible for one death and $400 million in damage.

They are in damage control mode at this point and will do and say anything to deflect the blame from the administration.

The most intense hurricane of the 2003 season directly resulted in 17 deaths and more than 3 billion dollars* in damages.

The most intense hurricane of the 2003 season directly resulted in 17 deaths and more than 3 billion dollars* in damages.

This hurricane struck with little warning and was responsible for 600 deaths and $308 million in damage in the United States.

In 3% of cases damage to is used

You shouldn't need to remove the head, only to damage the brain.

The general principles applicable to damages claims can be summarised as follows: 1.

But you may still have the right to damages for general and consequential losses, such as damage to internal linings.

It is true that the judgment of the recorder does not deal specifically with the way in which the breach led to damages.

Represented Sinochem Tianjin in lawsuits relating to damages and loss during carriage of goods by sea with subject matter worth around RMB800 million.

In 2% of cases damage from is used

You must protect it from damage.

Please protect your passport and the chip from damage.

Key-protected outlet prevents unwanted loads from damage.

Interiors are assumed to be clean and completely free from damage.

O Greens are powerful antioxidants which are known to protect the body from damage from toxins in the environment and the foods we eat.

Ivy Bridge maximum temperature before it starts throttling its frequency down to protect itself from damage is 105C, 5C higher than Sandy Bridge? s 100C.

The shower must also be sealed in a way as to protect against any water from flooding the bathroom and should employ a shower tray that's completely free from damage.

In 1% of cases damage about is used

That last question is all about damages, did Samsung willfully copy the software design of Apple's devices.

They believe that they are actually the ones out there doing these things, when, in truth, they are at home quaking with fear, and worried about damage to their property.

In 1% of cases damage against is used

The brain has many, many, many defenses against damage.

The body has defence mechanisms against damage induced by radiation as well as by chemical carcinogens.

A reinsurance is presumed to be a contract of indemnity against liability, and not merely against damage.

The body has defence mechanisms against damage induced by radiation as well as by chemical and other carcinogens.

In 1% of cases damage on is used

The Jamaican Ministry of Health does not have data on damage caused by skin-bleaching agents, though dermatologists and other health officials say they have been seeing more cases.

In 1% of cases damage with is used

This section deals with damages.

I'll want to buy new cd and not pretty litlle book with damage cd.

It ended with damages of around $500,000 (315,000) being awarded to a woman acting on behalf of the Patriarch.

In the same study, it has also been found that over 60% of the injuries are associated with damages in the joints.

Some kind of explanation with damage control splattered all over it has been proffered, including a reconciliatory breakfast session at Fortress Aso, but these wont change the underlying tenor.

In 1% of cases damage without is used

For instance, how war may be continued over long periods without damage to its warriors.

That is why a trader should work with the relevant volume of capital, that can be lost without damage to him or his family.

Handle trout gently and with respect and they won't panic or stress, ensuring their revival for release without damage and a minimum of fuss.

Other couriers may deliver nearly every parcel without damage but they're not delivering millions of parcels a week and so the ratio that each damages is probably the same.

As much as I agree with the underlying philosophy of self reliance and prudent financial management I know California can not not be set adrift without damage to our entire Union.

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