Prepositions used with "cup"

"of cup" or "in cup"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases cup of is used

I drink a lot of cups, coffee cups.

The guests were relieved of cups that were still half full.

Fond of tea you'll take couple of cups, if not pots of tea, to wake you up.

Finding Happiness is about Doing and Being This is why the 9 of cups is called happiness.

The solution is to mix 1 teaspoon of starter with 1/2 of cup of flour and enough water to make a smooth paste.

In part because of the association of cups with emotions, but more so because of the flowing nature that is happiness.

The wood was in effect a crop that could be regularly harvested with many uses including fuel and the making of cups and bowls.

Mixes we would splice together, and there'd be lots of panning and loads of cups of tea, but his performances were pretty damned complete.

Other factors leading to the demise of cups were a lack of safe materials and the perception that menstruation was ' unclean ' or ' messy '.

These tiny notations are placed in out-of-the-way spots (the undersides of cups and near the seams of the paper pouches burgers are placed in).

In 20% of cases cup in is used

Why just pre-packed sandwiches, chocolate bars and teabags in cups of hot water when a little flair.

It is popular to use a sling in cups for larger breasts or for any size when the outer fabric is too delicate to provide enough support on its own.

All this allowed ample time to settle in the on board tea room, where waitresses served you at a table, with tea and cakes served in cups and saucers, with teapots.

Fortunately Boselli is back at Wigan, some two years later, biding his time to get into the starting lineup and scoring goals galore in cup and reserve fixtures in the mean time.

In 14% of cases cup to is used

Will pour out clean and not stick to cup.

Then he brought up his other hand up to cup Andrs ' cheek, and hold his face still.

Prior to cup ties Roberto Martinez typically reiterates that they are an opportunity for the fringe players to break into the first choice lineup.

In the summer months when humidity enters the wood, it will cause the wood to expand and if there is too much moisture, it can cause the floor to cup.

Tottenham's idea to split sponsors from Premier League matches to cup matches is an idea that many others should bring in, especially those without the backing of big stadiums.

In 7% of cases cup after is used

I hopped in my track pants, sprayed green tea all over my face, devoured cup after cup of herbal tea with coconut oil, then created some sacred space in my room.

In 5% of cases cup into is used

If not, mold into cups and sprinkle with brown sugar if desired.

In 5% of cases cup on is used

I would have gone further in determining the total impact force needed for the punching, but have no indications on cup thickness 's, alloy and hardness.

In 3% of cases cup as is used

THEME NIGHTS: We have theme nights with entertainment to celebrate special days such as Cup Eve, Australia Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and more.

Accessories such as cup holders, pram liners etc are not included in the package sold in Australia but are readily available from many online and retail outlet sources.

In 3% of cases cup per is used

Use 1 cup of sugar per cup of fruit mixture 2 mixture forms 2-6 clots of jelly -- moderate in pectin.

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