Prepositions used with "criticism"

"of criticism" or "to criticism"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases criticism of is used

Lots of criticism, but - that's all.

What we need might be called a criticism of criticism.

The Seleao has recently come in for a lot of criticism.

It's come under a lot of criticism for being racist -- and yes, in some ways it is.

Copyright material is posted on this website for the purposes of criticism or review.

As you grow old, retaining an effective stability when strolling is a kind of criticism.

He did face a lot of criticism due to the usage of simplistic languages and personal choices in life among others.

There is a HEAP of criticism for women's arts in the art world and in the eyes of the snobby traditional art world.

Because he was the first to criticize the means itself of criticism, I conceive of Kant as, the first real Modernist.

Fowler's getting a lot of criticism here, but let's remember he was a total Walker Cup stud and lives for match play.

In 16% of cases criticism to is used

Naipaul is no stranger to criticism.

However farmers are not immune to criticism.

Pollard doesn't take kindly to criticism of his views.

The most extreme reaction to criticism of Manning was leveled against Tiki Barber in 2007.

And Ven was -- as usual -- unwilling to adapt to criticism or rethink his design in any way.

Promoting one approach to criticism is like saying there's only one good way to write fiction.

Jack Charlton can dish it out and take it much more easily than Bobby, who has always been sensitive to criticism.

GHCN's failure to properly collect and archive non-CLIMAT stations leaves the indices open to criticism on this front.

I know firsthand how powerful this practice is because I'd no longer a yo-yo when it comes to criticism about my work.

In 9% of cases criticism for is used

Open for criticism BR viraj Hi Viraj, Good suggestions.

And as for criticism for Asuna, I believe you'll find it around too.

By the way, we have a prize for Criticism: the Randall Jarrell award.

This proposition has disquieting implications for criticism of governmental conduct.

But being mature, you'll realise how in that state she is not in a receptive mood for criticism.

Therefore, that's why you're perfect for criticisms that I usually won't hear- for my drawings.

On March 27, 2009 at 5:06pm Karena wrote: It seems like Matthew Zapruder is simply calling for criticism period.

The Bathurst Street Bridge project has also come in for criticism from the City's Design Review Panel (see item 4).

They came in for criticism in 2010 when it emerged that millions were being paid in bonuses at some of the covered banks.

There may be plenty of grounds for criticism of the current president, but publishing and academic achievements are hardly paramount.

In 6% of cases criticism from is used

Are you suggesting that: 1) Black Conservatives should be immune from criticism.

A circular-logic, masturbatory, shielding phrase that only serves to exempt an artist from criticism.

But if Rush switched to satellite he would be free from criticism and could speak on whatever he wanted.

Follow this age old advice: respect one another, actually listen to what's being said and refrain from criticism.

The National Council of Muslims in Tanzania switched from criticism to respect after Teweli took representatives on the tour.

Chantal since the libel laws were intended to protect the then powers-that-be from criticism, they are still doing their job.

In the two and a half years I have been studying abroad, I find myself trying as hard as I can to defend Pakistan from criticism.

In 5% of cases criticism with is used

The Embassy staff agreed with criticism of a Christian made by Moslems.

After he made that comment, the man got slammed with criticisms of being unpatriotic by fellow Americans.

Dealing with criticism is a massive issue in the online market, and any perspective on the issue is appreciated.

My name may not be familiar to anyone on here, but I deal with criticism, anonymous and in-person, and I rarely let it bother me.

He sounds like a good man and Let most of us be with him as friends rather than fill our hearts with criticism and hatred towards Calder.

Now you come out with criticism when you helped get him there? You are going to have to work ultra hard to wake people up because you helped put them to sleep.

When the Terps announced top linebacker Demetrius Hartsfield would be the fourth player to miss the rest of the season with an ACL tear, fans flooded the Internet with criticism.

In 4% of cases criticism in is used

There is much, too, that may be said in criticism of the Olympics.

Too little of this has so far been discussed in criticism of the book.

But it seems like you do place a lot of value in criticism at the same time.

We see equal danger in praise and in criticism; this is called making the postures even.

Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! The Central Bank is being told it should have gone further in criticism of other banks yesterday.

If anonymity and impersonalization allow for easier virulence in criticism, then personalization and connection work in the opposite way -- to preclude it.

In France they will soon be discussing allowing same-sex marriages and the Primate of the Gauls, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, has come out in criticism about what this could lead to.

I know it seems like a million years ago, but I and I know other people were really interested in what some of the participants wrote about difficulties in criticism, and/or reviewing.

In 4% of cases criticism on is used

Instead, it relied on criticism, persuasion, and pressure on the generals in Cairo.

In the chapter on criticism of Hadith by Muslims, Guillaume makes the suggestion that Abu Hurairah was in the habit of fabricating hadith.

In 3% of cases criticism under is used

The extractive industry in particular has come under criticism for its impact on freshwater supplies.

The referee Ruby Goldstein, a respected veteran, came under criticism for not stopping the fight sooner.

This sense of ownership will equip the designer with new allies to defend the work when it comes under criticism from external forces.

Palin's experience in foreign and domestic politics came under criticism among conservatives as well as liberals following her nomination.

Although the Irresistible Impulse Test was considered to be an important correction on the M'Naghten's cognitive bias, it still came under criticism of its own.

The resistances the commissions would face was discernible from the fact that the proposal quickly came under criticism from an MP and Law Society of Kenya, especially on its legality.

In 1% of cases criticism against is used

If you're offering one reference to support your argument, you need to be prepared to defend it against criticism.

She has championed its champions and its wines, defended it against criticism and been on hand nearly where ever necessary to discuss its trends and substance.

In 1% of cases criticism by is used

What then is to be done? This blogpost was in some degree prompted by criticism of the transition year.

Facebook, stung by criticism over the efficacy of its ads, concerns about its mobile business and questions over growth, turned on the charm in the past month.

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