Prepositions used with "crisis"

"of crisis" or "in crisis"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases crisis of is used

We turn to these writers at moments of crisis.

Igboland -- Nigeria -- is in a state of crisis.

The level of crises now just confirmed my observations.

Now, there is certainly a role for a regional or national leader in moments of crisis.

Jackie provided a lifeline during Tina's time of crisis and instilled a sense of hope.

Street protests happen because of crisis, and organizing happens through various channels.

It's hardly as though we're enduring any type of crisis, so there's no need for anyone to start getting stressed out.

The budgetary ceiling had thus affected not only the strength of the Pacific Fleet but also its mobility in time of crisis.

But I also know that in a time of crisis, we can not afford to govern out of anger, or yield to the politics of the moment.

In 36% of cases crisis in is used

We are looking at the media in crisis.

Ireland, in the meantime, remained in crisis.

Coronation Street producer Phil Collinson this week insisted the ITV1 soap is not in crisis.

Further assessment and necessary action at EU-level in crisis management will be an immediate priority.

All this makes it all the more absurd that the Indian government should be in crisis over fuel subsidies.

Our efforts to protect people will include the EU's role in crisis and disaster prevention, preparedness and response.

The comprehensive report by respected demographer Bernard Salt reveals an extraordinary picture of a region in crisis.

You don't need to hear another list of statistics to know that our economy is in crisis, because you live it every day.

RELATIONSHIP IN CRISIS You don't look at me anymore Our research showed that consumers feel somehow abandoned by big brands.

In 7% of cases crisis to is used

There can not be clinical answers to crises.

We are so used to crisis that we have developed a resiliency to it.

Moreover, it may be extremely difficult for national NGOs to call on reserves to respond to crises.

He says the following in response to the quoted section above: It's a good story: Europeans dithered on deficits, and that led to crisis.

People in some parts of the world may be forced into subsistence and self sufficiency, but that should never be our first response to crisis.

It has been shown convincingly that companies with good corporate governance practices see robust growth, good return on investment, and resilience to crisis.

If Hume's point is that many federal agencies are not related to crisis management, I'll gladly concede the point, though I haven't the foggiest idea why that point is supposed to matter.

Some concerned parents and members of civil society groups have also reacted, calling on the federal government not to post corps members to crisis states or, in alternative, scrap the NYSC.

In 5% of cases crisis into is used

Mali was plunged into crisis after a separatist uprising that led to a coup.

This will throw decision makers into crisis mode, and sound decision making rarely comes out of such crises.

This has resulted in those governments elected on the basis of such promises being quickly thrown into crisis.

Social democracy went into crisis as it lost the room to manoveure and all over the world right wing governments came to power.

Many good marriages slip into crisis because we don't or won't believe how much work it takes to keep relationships humming at optimal levels.

Also as Britain slips into crisis even more these precedents of arrest before an event will be used against all kinds of workers ' organizations.

The survivor may go into crisis upon the loss of their mate, and within a short time, he or she may come down with something medically challenging, like cancer.

Modification of the electoral law which allowed PASOK and New Democracy to govern to the detriment of the Greek population and to plunge the country into crisis.

Washington fears such a strike could provoke retaliation against US interests, and disrupt oil exports from the Persian Gulf, which could in turn plunge already fragile Western economies into crisis.

In 3% of cases crisis for is used

The scene where our hero talks down a lynch mob could be a textbook lesson for crisis counselors everywhere.

It can be said that there were four main lessons learned, all leading to a more effective organization for crisis management.

Another area of cooperation is to ensure, during these times, that we put in place the framework for crisis management, for surveillance, and for capacity building.

In 3% of cases crisis from is used

Devolution around the world is a highly political process, often resulting from crisis.

Saud also ensured Saudi support for pro-Wahhabi rebels from crisis zones extending from North Africa to Chechnya to Southeast Asia.

In 2% of cases crisis after is used

We are driving towards chaos, as the ruling party is engulfed crisis after crisis.

He said that we will continue to face crisis after crisis unless the course of economic development is changed.

Consider the debate between the Keynesians and monetarists -- crisis after crisis the same debates are rehashed.

In 2% of cases crisis by is used

The e-voting boom Major policy changes are frequently spurred by crisis.

This is an old age method adopted by crisis ridden personalities seeking publicity by courting controversies.

In a Wall Street convulsed by crisis, it's Dimon, grandson of a Greek immigrant and son of a stockbroker, who has emerged as the closest thing modern finance has to a statesman.

In 2% of cases crisis during is used

Growing your Circle of Business Friends A business house can succeed only when there are people who can guide during crisis.

Insurance adjusters are aware that a lot of effort is required in helping families during crisis, more than just packing the boxes.

In 2% of cases crisis with is used

For many reasons other than Iraq, there is today a new appreciation for multilateralism and diplomacy in coping with crises.

Positive feelings of self-esteem, good support systems, previous success in dealing with crisis and economic security all enhance the ability to heal.

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