Prepositions used with "cricket"

"of cricket" or "in cricket"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases cricket of is used

I've still a lot of cricket in me.

And the example of Cricket balls, classic.

At least we able fi win some sort of cricket.

Always excellent company, Amyas was known for his sharp wit and his great love of cricket.

The invitees were either stars and superstars from Bollywood or from the world of cricket.

The biggest supporters of cricket are found in Pakistan, Bangladesh, England, India, Sri Lanka as well as Australia.

He also covered four Olympic Games and has written several cricket books, including collections of cricket quotations.

The 2012 World Twenty20 final will go down in the annals of cricket as one of the oddest matches in the game's history.

The air was full of a minute clamor of crickets and murmurings, of the infinitesimal shouting of little living things.

In 18% of cases cricket in is used

It doesn't come that way in cricket.

In cricket the captain, when his side is fielding is a crucial figure.

Who will be thankful to the game? Will the West Indies ever regain past glory in cricket? I think so.

Arjuna Award In 1994, Sachin got the prestigious Arjuna award for his outstanding performance in Cricket.

We proved that in the midst of all the trauma, we can still punch and kick hard in cricket's global events.

What i always believed that greatness in cricket was to to be appreciated no matter which nationality they belonged.

Sponsors need to put money into football like they do in cricket, which will make people come and watch the matches.

The Australian and Afghanistan captains Afghanistan has made huge strides in cricket and has qualified for the T20 World Cup.

Graduating with honours, his scholastic achievements were matched by his sports prowess, getting his blues in cricket and golf.

In 12% of cases cricket for is used

There is enthusiasm among school children for cricket.

It involves passionate love for cricket and BBQ's and the beach.

I think I've the talents and right credentials for cricket's latest version.

England for example, has different sponsors for football, for cricket and various other sports.

That's when I realized that I had no talent and mentality for cricket and decided to hang up my boots.

Cricket Australia CEO, James Sutherland, says the Minister's decision is a fantastic result for Fawad and for cricket.

Zol was nominated by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for the best U-16 cricketer for the year 2010-11.

With the new golf ball core for cricket balls, we will have a more consistent compression and the balls will perform better.

The difficulty now is that it has to work in the size of our stadia to convey that information as quickly as it does for cricket or tennis.

A strong Australia is as necessary as a proud England and powerful India for cricket to become the entertainment product it wants to become.

In 7% of cases cricket about is used

It wasn't about one format, it was about cricket.

The condition: you can't ask him anything about cricket.

This game is about cricket and the game is being offered on PS2.

It is all I have ever done -- talk about cricket and play cricket -- all my life.

I don't know much about cricket, even though I blog about it and got published on thewisdencricketer.

But still i am passionate about cricket and think that there may be a twist and i may be a part of cricket team.

The nice thing about cricket is that, unlike in baseball, there are no troublesome strikes, walks or foul balls.

This article is ridiculous and Pat Howard knows as much about cricket as his namesake John Howard knows about bowling.

I have been into cricket since 1999 World Cup or little earlier but I was not very mad about cricket then compared to what I am today.

He was equally knowledgeable about cricket and in an earlier era would definitely have been an all-rounder in the style of his boyhood hero, Denis Compton.

In 5% of cases cricket with is used

People are drugged with cricket.

Because when I hung up my boots, I was fed up with cricket.

It was Harbhajan's family which persuaded him to stay with cricket.

In Darwin's eyes, Bangladeshi batsmen are still monkeys with cricket bats.

There was a time when hockey and squash along with cricket provided an ample cause for national celebration.

Even though my career has taken me to a monotonous Software Profession, my passion still remains with cricket.

If you really listen carefully you can actually hear the peace and serinity of the temple grounds, with crickets and birds chripping in the back ground.

Most Common Problems With Cricket Bats Over the years that we have been repairing and reviving bats we have found that the most common problems can be categorised into the sections below.

Andrew Leipus will answer the best ones every month Andrew Leipus, a qualified sports scientist and a physiotherapist, has been involved with cricket teams in Australia, South Africa and India.

In 4% of cases cricket on is used

All they could do was concentrate on cricket.

Its effect on cricket began to be felt well before DRS was in use.

It would be like me writing a blog on Cricket (?) whilst living in Atlanta.

And on top of that he was one of the best fielders ever seen on cricket fields.

Learie Constantine -- The man who put the Caribbean signature on cricket, Constantine was the pied piper who lured people to the ground.

The Governor was on Cricket, also an intelligent, experienced mount We traveled along the river through beautiful woods of Douglas fir and larch.

At the completion of the tour, R C Packer, grandfather of Kerry Packer, offered Bradman a job commentating on cricket matches - that did not involve a team he was a part of.

That is no doubt why Fraser-Sampson, an experienced author albeit not normally on cricket, chose to write about the era, and it also explains in part why I enjoyed his book as much as I did.

In 4% of cases cricket to is used

I have been hooked on to cricket since then.

Much to cricket lovers ' surprise, legendary cricketer Sunil Gawaskar also went in wrong way.

Of far greater long term consequence to cricket is the effect DRS has on Umpires and the way the law is interpreted.

I note KP reckons cricket in April in SL is a joke - I guess the same applies to cricket in Eng in May - the only time it seems SL play in Eng.

Aren't more and more youngsters in the West Indies preferring basketball and other professional sports to cricket, and going to the USA? No, no.

Before losing his eye and saying adieu to cricket, he hit the ball with a mighty wallop between long leg and long on, hooking, pulling and driving.

He writes about Geoff Edrich returning to cricket after a spell as a Japanese POW, and the boy of 12 who cycled 65 miles each way to see the great Don Bradman at Headingley.

In Victoria, a $25,000 grant will enable the refurbishment of the city's historic Beacon Hill cricket facility and enhance community programs to introduce more youth to cricket.

In 3% of cases cricket from is used

Money got from cricket was just an additional income.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has ruled that his life ban from cricket is unsustainable by law.

A couple of us have our partners with us, so it's going to be great to switch off from cricket for a bit, which I'd a big believer in.

What other sports do they play apart from cricket? Swimming, tennis, soccer, golf, badminton, netball, baseball and even a little bit of rugby.

Johnny James I think that he should have retired from the captaincy position but as a batsman I think that he is one the greatest batsmen so I didn't think he should have retired from cricket.

What are their professional qualifications? Apart from cricket what are they academically? Sri Lanka Cricket is wasting a lot of money hiring foreign coaches and having such a large entourage.

As a result, Imran Khan was able to make a living from cricket, and, he claims, he was able to instil the virtues of the professional cricketer onto the Pakistan cricket team, improving their play.

In 2% of cases cricket into is used

Friendly figure Wary that I am straying into cricket talk, I ask him instead which of his cars he enjoys driving the most.

I have been into cricket since 1999 World Cup or little earlier but I was not very mad about cricket then compared to what I am today.

In 1% of cases cricket by is used

Sachin also attended an interactive session moderated by cricket journalist Sunandan Lele, during which he felicitated Olympic bronze medallist Saina Nehwal.

Rocked the show? She stole the thunder from our athletes who has no state support, work and train in pathetic conditions and anyway are overshadowed by cricket in this country.

FCC was established in 2010 by cricket loving enthusiasts looking to provide local cricketers a home whether they are a seasoned cricketer, a weekend warrior or an ageless cricket lover.

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