Prepositions used with "course"

"Of course" or "on course"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases course Of is used

ELA offers a variety of courses.

This guy is right on as well of course.

It is on AVTV as a commentary of course.

Fair enough -- of course using the median or mode would fail to reflect other aspects, i.

We expect polytechnics to provide a range of courses to meet the needs of their regions.

The university would need to fund several staff to coordinate the publishing of courses.

He describes how after a month of courses, Wertheimer decided to examine his students and asked about their progress.

Now, the article in Der Spiegel, edited of course, show Osho comparing Hitler and Gandhi as saying both were great men.

Now, the article in Der Spiegel, edited of course, show Osho comparing Hitler and Ghandi as saying both were great men.

In 24% of cases course on is used

I'd glad that PIB is on course.

Transformation agenda is on course.

Scotland is on course to be energy independent by 2020.

The government remains on course substantially to cut prison places and police numbers.

Anything can happen, but it appears Pogba is on course to be a truly class act at Juventus.

The big delays Sunday afternoon were for serious injurys on course and little other reasons.

The PPP led by Asif Zardari is on course to set up a government of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals.

Well, the fact is that polar ice has melted 80 percent since 1980, and is on course to be ice free for one day in 2015.

I learned French for years and took an immersion course as well but I can not speak it or write it past the basic level.

Postgraduate Courses Deferral of offer to postgraduate coursework will be dependent on course availability and fee structure.

In 14% of cases course for is used

Horses for courses Ed 70mm f/2.

It's all about horses for courses.

As always, it's horses for courses.

Registration for courses that begin in May, June, July and August takes place in March.

Having submitted to the CAO their order of preference for courses the system then matches.

The government can manipulate demand by charging less for courses that meet their strategies.

At the end of the first semester, final semester examinations are held only for course units offered during that semester.

It's horses for courses, there is no definitive PC tablet, just some that are better than others and at the moment apple lead the pack.

The changes to the format will mean more participants can take part than previously anticipated (very positive given the high demand for course places).

In 14% of cases course off is used

I could be wrong off course but.

Your point is totally off course.

The answer is religion off course.

I think failure is nothing more than life's way of nudging you that you are off course.

Off course, the Indonesian bible and dictionary can be proven to be linguistically flawed.

But for us it is off course positive that people enjoy our music, and the more the better.

I'd feeling bad about your back! I'll try to send good vibes and hopefully Hurricane Sandy wont throw them off course.

Otherwise a small slip-up here and there would easily creep up in a few days, and throw our schedule and budget off course.

So keeping in mind their popularity due to their scarcity and importance in wildlife and off course people interest in them.

Off course in order for the UK to defend the islands the argentines and possible argentine allies would have to attack first.

In 13% of cases course in is used

Diversity of students in course.

In course of their discussion, Br.

Get back to the stuff in courses such as this.

In Course Information, we can pull CourseProfessor information out and store it in another table.

In course of that function, he was coordinating all sixty (60) election campaigns which respondent No.

Fee is mostly predominant in courses in photography due to heavy equipment costs and lack of trainers.

And I don't know about you, but I don't have thousands of dollars to throw at new cameras, lights, and to enroll in courses.

The current Rules of Procedure is the result of the Judges ' experience so far gained in course of running the Tribunal since March 2010.

In course of time both the ruler and ruled grew proud of this rare good fortune and claimed it to be a reward of their personal righteousness.

You may register in courses in the Faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities and Science as long as you have satisfied all course prerequisites.

In 4% of cases course to is used

Go to Course Search to check application deadlines for courses.

Extrapolate that to courses and seminars and you get similar results.

Since it is non-reflexive, it must be that Raa (say) and Rbb (say ), where a and b must, to course, be different.

Next, we will discuss the various types of approaches available to course designers and the language assumptions they make.

Charges of 50% will be made for cancellations 16 to 20 working days prior to course commencement and 75% for cancellations 11 to 15 working days prior to course commencement.

On the other hand, due to their toughness, courses planted with Cowgrass sometimes tend to give them less tender loving care compared to courses planted with foreign grasses.

Charges of 50 percent will be made for cancellations 16 to 20 working days prior to course commencement and 75 percent for cancellations 11 to 15 working days prior to course commencement.

In 2% of cases course with is used

Enjoy the convenience of learning at your own pace with courses offered on a continuous basis.

In India his education proceeded with courses in the vinaya rules of discipline and the abbidharma system of metaphysics.

Schools and universities can provide students and prospective students with course catalogs, registration materials, student aid forms, etc.

In 1% of cases course about is used

While others must parse why they now disapprove and talk about course correction, Sen.

No-one has joined yet but feel free to join and maybe we can get to know each other, chat about course etc.

In 1% of cases course into is used

You may need to look into courses for locksmiths at your local community university.

In 1% of cases course per is used

Participation A maximum of ten participants is allowed per course.

Participation A maximum of ten participants are allowed per course.

Earnings can be meagre - often less than $2,000 (1,275) per course - and non-existent in some fringe cases.

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