Prepositions used with "courage"

"of courage" or "with courage"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 70% of cases courage of is used
    He has lots of courage to do that.
    Read stories of courage under fire.
    A portion of courage lies in going on anyway.
    It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge these feelings and to get the help you need.
    Filmmaking is an act of courage on many fronts: Politically, socially and financially.
    A woman of courage, and faith, Rajeshwari is waging a war against all odds single handedly.
    It takes a great deal of courage from the wronged partner to give it one more go on the merry-go-round of marriage.
    The word has also been able to be interpreted as meaning the amount of courage, mettle or ardor that an individual has.
    It's easy to say that you will stand up against disrespect but to actually do it, takes a lot of courage and commitment.
    The old fashioned values of courage, hard work, honesty in public life and honesty of effort are what will get us out of this.

    In 18% of cases courage with is used
    I would sing these songs with courage.
    With courage, what seems impossible often is Possible.
    I feel we need to be filled with courage and strength.
    I would say we will have deficits until we have politicians with courage.
    Arm yourself with courage and focus on your eventual success and its rewards.
    But having reached this point, this means you've gone through them with courage.
    She exposed the evil deeds of Ibn Ziyad and Yazid with courage and fearlessness.
    Anyone can rise to the task in a crisis, but facing the grind with courage is hard.
    He shall go before Him with courage, zeal, holiness, and a mind dead to earthly interests and pleasures.
    At those times I did not pray for any relief, but I prayed for strength to suffer with courage, humility, and love.

    In 4% of cases courage in is used
    When I was lacking in courage, I channeled Mother Jones, that firebrand labor leader and angel of the mining camps.

    In 3% of cases courage for is used
    You search for courage, but the bravery is fading.
    Without a sense of risk, there is no need for courage.
    Defying to sign the impeachment motion calls for courage and conscience.
    When he has to face the fact that when the situation called for courage -- Yes, I follow this man -- Peter didn't have that courage.
    It is not that people necessarily agree with Boris about the bankers: but he gets marks for courage and honesty by defending them: a thought which may even have occurred to him before he did so.

    In 1% of cases courage about is used
    He hardly thought that the Weasley brat would know a thing about courage.

    In 1% of cases courage at is used
    As Remembrance Day approaches, The Enright Files looks at courage.

    In 1% of cases courage but is used
    Armed with nothing but courage, lost youth and burning frustration, they seek to draw out soldiers and create some kind of confrontation.

    In 1% of cases courage including is used
    He was an excellent exemplar of the noblest manners and merits including courage and bravery.

    In 1% of cases courage on is used
    But Roy, forever and always does his best, and runs on courage, through the pain of dicky knees and senior-citizen niggles.

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