Prepositions used with "couple"

"of couple" or "for couple"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases couple of is used

Lots of couple's (all ages ), newlyweds, and, few kids.

Twelve percent of couples used contraceptives in 1990-91.

Now, a new wave of couples are eloping for a very different reason.

She told us that 80 to 90 per cent of couples with special-needs kids end up divorcing.

Creates harmony and strengthens the romance of couples who are having a long distance relationship.

Performance suffers and the desired futures of couples, teams and organisations remain as unfulfilled dreams.

In the 1990 census, about 4 percent of couples reported they were of different races or one was of Hispanic origin.

Also, 20% of couples trying to get pregnant will not conceive in the first year, even if your reproductive health is good.

Give each other space A number of couples think being married means always being together and serving each other hand and foot.

All this is not just a matter of couple of days as it demands continuous efforts with proper understanding and learning methods.

In 28% of cases couple for is used

Ideal for couple or small family.

Others are just designed for couples.

The same can be said for couples and teams.

As I said, this is very common and happens for couples young an old, beautiful or not.

But Gajendra Singh weaved it into a game show that tasted runaway success for couple of years.

Afterwards, I hadn? t seen Roger for couple of days without his informing to us where he would go.

For instance, pensioner payments have already started arriving, equating to $250 for singles and $380 for couples.

Some of the programmes he organised include counselling for couples, monthly midnight vigil and breaking of curses.

The tenth standard pass girls are recruited from the villages and are trained for couple of years and placed as nurses.

Motion is easily Troy Polamalu Nike Jersey transferred through the mattress decreasing the quality of sleep for couples.

In 12% of cases couple in is used

Violence in couple relationships is a problem of power and control.

She specializes in couples and family therapy and parent education.

I hope this will change in couple of years with technology reaching common man.

I love this couple and WZ is a cold person, but let CS to follow him as seen in couple season.

I've a 3 yr old daughter and we're planning to move back to India (B'lore) in couple of years.

He ordained that they should pair off in couples consisting of a man of the Muhajireen and an Ansaar.

During the late 1980's to early 1990 's, students had to buy tickets to the dance in couples, creating the need for a date.

Work in couple communication recognizes the importance of participation from both women and men to good family decision making.

The trend is at work across Australia but at a slower pace - the share of women in couples earning more than men nationally has risen 1.

I sent him an email 3 days later saying I'd going to be in his town in couple of weeks and if he'd like to meet up for a drink or something.

In 9% of cases couple with is used

We have these same dynamics with couples.

Famous movie soundtracks with beach themes and words are popular with couples.

We try to design with couples in mind, and the many different weddings they might have.

Vijay Mallya flew down to London yesterday along with couple of executives in UB Group and United Spirits.

This weeks tip deals with a pattern that I see occurring frequently with couples who are dealing with fertility issues.

And when you're dealing with couples, make sure you ask the woman first, and try to look at her just a little more that you look at the man.

Josephine has a distinctly family feeling with couples and many generations of family member eating side by side in the big sepia dining room.

I think the constant back-and-forth is especially fun with couples as sleep-on-the-couch jokes start to come out as you send a shark after your spouse.

I used to think maybe it was a case of people not really listening to the lyrics, as happens (happened) with couples who love The Police's Every Breath You Take.

Recognizing the success of their own marriages, the authors decided to share their experiences and advice with couples in that make-or-break first year of marriage.

In 6% of cases couple to is used

We don't give tax relief to couples just because each other.

Creativity is not just reserved for married couples, or to couples at all for that matter.

This fellowship ministers to couples through counseling, seminars, prayer sessions and interactive picnics.

We are going to see quite different Arsenal compared to couple seasons ago with many players who has never played together or in EPL.

The Queen has sent almost 540,000 telegrams to couples in the UK and the Commonwealth celebrating their diamond wedding (60 years) anniversary.

We would recommend this place to ANYONE with a family and even to couples who want enjoy a Cleanliness Service Was this review helpful? Yes Problem with.

By this time Sandra and I had stopped offering GTLYW Workshops as what we were finding seemed so much more teachable, efficient and useful to couples on their way.

I also worry that a change to the law can't be misused by legal activism which seeks to sue churches for not offering services to couples who request a gay marriage.

In 5% of cases couple between is used

A number of broken marriages became the result of the very long separation between couples.

However the difference between couples and teams starts with a lack of a clear desired future in the first place.

Who's in charge? One of the biggest problems is the tug-of-war between couples over who is in control in the relationship.

He is married with two daughters, and his book mines the field of brain science to help improve relations between couples.

It may seem odd, but one of the most common disagreements I see between couples revolves around their children's education.

One issue that emerged in a number of interviews as a source of tension between couples was the issue of the relative value attributed to women's work.

There was yet another notable omission: the women's unit material did not differentiate between couples who were married and people who were living together or had irregular lovers.

The beauty of flirting is in the sheer magnitude of factors that contribute to and occur parallel to an otherwise very innocuous interaction between couples with little regard to who they are.

In 3% of cases couple by is used

Sexual pleasures by couples using hand contact? 3.

Contemporary Music This is the most popular genre chosen by couples.

I suppose I should add that, at least where I live, ' partner ' is often used by couples who are not allowed to get married (e.

Some of the expenses incurred by couples like the Joneses may seem lavish -- such as $5,000 on a housecleaner, a $1,200 annual dry cleaning tab and $4,000 on kids ' activities.

In 3% of cases couple on is used

Move on couple of years, im now in happy relationship and due to become a father in few months.

Obama is demanding that any deal must include higher tax rates on couples earning more than US$250,000 (S$305,000) a year.

Ideally I will not support Bhajarang Dal or that Muslim organizations forcing their will on couples, but then there is a pretty good chance that some poor kids will be longing to go to outskirts.

In 2% of cases couple from is used

We are seeing quite good movies from couple of years.

The TAT to deploy additional server(s) has decreased from couple of days (onsite) versus 5 minutes (cloud).

Allow each couple a credit to have one child and they could either use it or sell it to someone else or buy additional credits from couples who choose to remain childless.

In 2% of cases couple per is used

Any central government measures like in China one child per couple can only be done in dictatorships.

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