Prepositions used with "country"

"of country" or "in country"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases country of is used

The list of countries goes on and on.

Now the condition of country turned worst.

This is a crazy kind of country, you know.

He is a legend of country music and isn't shy about who is he and what he stands for.

Throughout the 1970's the band released albums of country music which sold very well.

This can surely be said of countries that have suffered natural and other disasters.

He was President of the Disarmament Conference and the Chairman of the Asian Group of Countries in Geneva in 1991.

We do publish a wide range of country specific factsheets, which include greater reference to statute and guidelines.

This may partly account for the stubbornness of countries like Canada to take any measures to curb greenhouse gases.

In the meantime, of course, geocachers were busy hiding and finding geocaches in an ever growing number of countries.

In 26% of cases country in is used

But it's a plus on the ground in country.

Print newspapers cling to existence in country after country.

The truth is that blacks live in countries all over the world.

PS Nikkahs carried out abroad (in countries that recognise it as a true marriage i.

I understand this is a special case, since journalists in countries other than the U.

We will now look at Muslims in countries where the majority population is not Muslim.

People who live in countries with cold winters wanting to transplant themselves and their families to the tropics.

In countries where the rule of law is observed the corruption probes would have been wrapped up long ago, he said.

People who live in countries where the diet is plant-based have little osteoporosis even when calcium intake is low.

This suggests that entrepreneurship plays a different role in countries in different stages of economic development.

In 12% of cases country to is used

The form varied from country to country.

Cut off all aid to countries in which U.

The same logic has to apply to countries.

ISN: Chess has been bringing laurels to country from long? Still it is not that famous.

Then will he try rule with minority or will he go to country can add a few more months on.

Population in economocally developed countries are generally sparce in comparison to countries like India and China.

In addition to countries, such filtering can now be implemented for states, cities, and even individual IP addresses.

Trips are scheduled throughout the year to countries like Kenya, India, Thailand, Romania, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

The precise definition of majority and minority may, therefore, differ from country to country and from society to society.

In 9% of cases country from is used

The form varied from country to country.

Ramadan traditions vary from country to country.

No bids from countries in Africa have succeeded.

They often come from countries that have been on the frontline of war and armed conflict.

More confusing still, the jargon varies from company to company and from country to country.

Conflicts overseas have also meant that Australia is now taking refugees from countries previously unrepresented.

Furthermore, some migrants from countries previously thought acceptable were now reclassified as ' enemy aliens '.

Avoid purchasing your pollen supplements from countries such as China or America as these are highly industrialized.

Imagine cheap credits at low interest rates, plus strong supply of cash from abroad (from countries like Japan or China).

In 5% of cases country for is used

Finally the group called for countries not under the Kyoto.

Multiculturalism is for countries without long histories or significant ancient cultures.

There are also facilities for angling and short trip by Sampan, local name for country boats.

Through the seasons, whenever City Dog visits the country he runs straight for Country Frog's rock.

Demanding hard hitting consequences for countries that break the stability rules is pure evil! Mr.

It's true for countries as well as individuals, but too often neither one sees it until it's too late.

In this way, the demand for Country A's currency will increase, strengthening it against Country B's currency.

Since those early days, dozens of field guides have been published for countries, states, and entire biogeographical regions.

While one boy called for a strong, secure and clean energy mix, another called for countries to wean themselves off fossil fuels.

As for countries like Bangladesh, minority communities will be jolted into realising that any time their existence can face threat.

In 4% of cases country between is used

It is transported between countries by plane.

In Africa, farm size varies considerably between countries.

People are trafficked both between countries and within the borders of a state.

The contingents will be visiting the city with an aim to promote cultural exchange between countries.

As so sadly is often the case these days, so many couples have to commute back and forth between countries.

However, since labelling requirements are not fully harmonised between countries, compromises will be necessary.

Let us take examples of how clan based states could jeopardize international border between countries in the region.

With LTE going global, it means there will be less discrepancy between the time to market for handsets between countries.

He outlines a general approach to all conflicts be they between countries, neighbors, coworkers, family members or spouses.

Communication channels between countries should also be created for use when something extraordinary happens in the cyber domain.

In 4% of cases country by is used

This varies both by region and by country.

Export by Country Craft, Motor Launch or Truck.

The graph below shows visitor arrivals, by country.

Letters of Credit for Shipment by Country Craft, Motor Launch or Truck.

The policy matrix will differ by country but the contours are roughly similar.

They know this because IP addresses are allocated in numeric blocks or ranges, by country.

It can also be refined by characteristics such as whether they are an SME etc as well as by country.

Hardworkingpk, I submitted the birth certificate which is issued by country consulate based on my passport details.

The production company rehabstudio designed the video, grouping singers and their YouTube entries by country of origin.

You can use our text or map search and our filtering system to search by Country, Location, Business Area and Career Area.

In 4% of cases country with is used

And the same with Country Strong.

Not with countries like Bangladesh.

They are often associated with country furniture usually.

We have strong relationships and close friendships with countries across the region.

Then we'll have to have ongoing discussions with countries like Nauru, PNG and Malaysia.

We'll go through what people usually associate with country and what their capitals actually are.

A world map with countries gives teachers a quick and easy way to give students specific geographic information.

You can contact him by email or telephone; we suggest all volunteers talk with country coordinator before they arrive.

A large world map with countries allows today's busy businesspeople to know where customers are located at a glance.

As well as these agreements, numerous others are in place with countries such as South Africa, Hong Kong, England, Scotland &; Wales.

In 3% of cases country across is used

Check out wikipedia for the per capita income across countries.

The physical dimension of male organ varies considerably across countries, the average being 14.

Lim said in Singapore alone, over 100 elder care facilities are to be built across country by 2016.

The report calls the world to reflect on social justice and equity across countries and generations.

Even better would be for regional regulatoratory bodies to facilitate common standards across countries.

The importance of such jobs has increased in recent years, although with different intensity across countries.

With varying the well and the mine book online across countries, this creates even more fascinating, is the norm.

The knowledge acquired is then shared across countries, and reinvested in existing or new ICT-enabled education sector activities.

This role needs to be further realised across Europe and the planning and preparation for that should be accelerated across countries.

However, especially in comparative work across countries, such a definition is problematic because access to care can vary substantially.

In 3% of cases country on is used

What such residual capacity might be has to be based on country specifics.

It is true that limits on country roads often far exceed the safe speed for the road.

To the right of the globe sits a table of information on countries, cities, and islands.

Now is the time to use the momentum from the Summit to focus on country action and scale up successful programmes.

The paper is about community safety, introducing worlds best infrastructure modeled on countries who have no helmet compulsion.

A few years ago, she decided to concentrate more on country music thinking that this would be the best direction for her to follow.

As Africa's population continues to grow, job creation continues to lag far behind and will put even more pressure on countries, Ncube said.

Typographical layouts were required for a give-away leaflet, letterheading, membership card, one of a series of booklets on country houses, and one of a series of posters.

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