Prepositions used with "convention"

"of convention" or "by convention"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases convention of is used

It is purely a matter of convention and habit.

In our society we are suspisious of someone who doesn't stick to these type of conventions.

We explore, read, and interpret visual language in terms of our understanding of conventions.

We can see from the Goddess's warnings that whatever the role of Justice, Her's is not the way of convention.

A smart person can think very well within the box of convention, while it takes genius to break out of the box.

Government of India should ratify UN convention on Torture and enact a law in tune with the spirit of convention 4.

A complete list of convention countries can be found in Schedule 2 of the Family Law (Child Abduction Convention) Regulations 1986.

Making international human rights treaties part of domestic law Each State must create legislation that incorporates the articles of Conventions that have been ratified.

Why did you decide to go to Olympus? A desire to once more dip my toes into the world of conventions which happily coincided with suggestion and gentle persuasion from someone close to me.

In 25% of cases convention by is used

By convention, stamp duty is shared equally between the landlord and tenant.

By convention and by implication the Sovereign is also Patriarch of Novaltia, and therefore Head of the Novaltic Communion.

Secondly, the Vote on Account is a device of public finance that is entirely governed by convention and parliamentary practice.

By convention, she normally follows the advice of the Prime Minister, but, at least as far as I'd concerned, this is only in his role as the head of parliament.

By convention, the positions of President and Vice President rotate annually, each Councillor thus becoming Vice President and then President every seven years while in office.

Note that spectro-temporal filtering of the spectrogram is directional and captures upward and downward frequency sweeps, which by convention are denoted as positive and negative rates, respectively.

In 10% of cases convention to is used

I went to conventions and paid the price of admission.

It is going to be a coyote ugly fight to convention now.

That the representatives of the County Champions for each grade be notified to Convention.

The concession to convention and necessity over pursuing a more passionate life wove a deep thread of grief and exhaustion through every experience.

In 8% of cases convention on is used

This proposal if implemented will likely have an impact on convention attendance.

ReverendBlair Because there's no written law about it, it runs on convention and precedence.

In 7% of cases convention from is used

As far away from convention yes but a radical alternative.

And the parts that most appealed to me were when she strayed from convention -- short, succinct sales page, straight up pricing, short tasty preview.

In 6% of cases convention at is used

That nominations for selection committees for each grade be listed separately on nomination forms and voted on separately at convention.

Read More THREE OF the five nominees for chairman of Wicklow GAA County Board are contesting the election at convention while a fourth has yet to make up his mind on whether to stand or not.

In 4% of cases convention about is used

Teenage boys roam in knots about conventions, all holding papery requests for hugs.

In the moment we didn't give a damn about convention or anything, we just did it, and tape was running most of the time.

In 4% of cases convention as is used

Many residents will want to leave, but they won't qualify as Convention refugees or have the skills to.

In 3% of cases convention with is used

In a world of nearly unlimited sharing, another break with convention is your premise that limiting information engages the imagination.

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