Prepositions used with "control"

"of control" or "in control"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases control of is used

Damage of control panel line; 5.

A lot of control our own energy.

The situation is out of control.

There was a legitimate fear that the violence and anarchy would spiral out of control.

The pain has gotten to her so bad that it has robbed her of control over her own body.

It is a liberating act that is OK with all outcomes and holds no form of control, but.

Zoomify versions were later derived for metadata creation and identifi cation of control points for georeferencing.

This was attributed to the leaders ' greater sense of control, which is well known for its stress-buffering effects.

In NFS if u steer even slightly sidewards and pull brakes at the same time, ur car goes out of control and it spins.

Spending isn't just out of control, it's become the single biggest threat to the continued existence of this country.

In 27% of cases control in is used

God is in control of elections.

Our software puts you in control.

But God is still in control of all.

I think the problem with change is that most people are not in control of the change.

You stay in control with optimized trailing stop depending on the trading conditions.

Stay calm, stick to your plan and the routines you have developed, remain in control.

The party in control sometimes removes horrible homicide cases for the suspected person supports the ruling party 14.

At that time Mr McRae appears to be relaxed and in control of the aircraft which seems to be operating satisfactorily.

If you lean too far toward God's being in control, you come down on the side of fatalism: it doesn't matter what we do.

I found I was more in control and made better decisions when I was calm and not rattled by what was going on around me.

In 18% of cases control under is used

Everything seemed under control.

I thought I had it under control.

You need to keep it under control.

So, everything is under control (for the moment ), right? The short answer is yes.

Religion was a tool used by the capitalists to keep the working-class under control.

It is the hope of many people that AIDS in Africa will soon be brought under control.

When a diagnosis of juvenile diabetes is made, the first essential will be to bring the condition under control.

It is really good to know that factors leading to biodiversity loss in Mudumalai &; Anaimalai are under control.

How can it be brought under control? This is an ethical issue and not a matter of modifying economic incentives.

Vast contribution of man's ecosystem to restrain the rodent population under control, I even include that I have.

In 4% of cases control for is used

This is the method employed for control.

They are power hungry, lusting for control over the rest of us.

For eight days, loyalists and rebels battled for control of Brega.

It is precisely these to push for controls and drug tests by the university English.

Portpin -- Former owners of the club led by Balram Chainrai who are also vying for control of Pompey.

Learning how to balance the need for control with the need for innovation and solid delivery is vital.

Within it lies the Siachen Glacier, where the Indian and Pakistani forces have been jostling for control for decades.

Some may say they are less chaotic than FB or Twitter which seems to show a pattern Some tools are designed for control.

The rise of China will thwart American ambitions for control and there's not a damn thing the Yankoffs can do to prevent it.

Azharuddin had challenge the Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) in the Hyderabad civil court, which upheld the ban.

In 2% of cases control to is used

It was unable either to control it or to win its unqualified allegiance.

Possible remedies: Go to Control Panel > Services and select the service ' OracleService '.

Controls on free speech in order to protect religious sensibility seem to run parallel to controls on religion.

Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.

President Barack Obama has been reelected, and the Republicans have held on to control of the House of Representatives.

Or you say I want to play with my dad, who likes FPS games, but struggles to play them (due to controls? age? I don't know).

Technology offers myriad options -- some evil, some wonderful -- but it will be up to us to control technology and use new inventions wisely.

The trace element Zn showed significant variation in both hair and nails of LFA group children when compared to control group and other study groups.

In the camps possession of cell phones was prohibited, and operation of small-scale shops and tea stalls was subject to control by the camp authorities.

I should not tell the reason to reach out to those evil wizard, but the body is not subject to control, left the town of the South China Sea, leaving the Knights.

In 2% of cases control with is used

Two State Senate races remained too close to call, with control of the chamber in the balance.

Vidhyashankar is a senior consultant with Control Risks group, a global business risk advisory.

Success may be defined as handling of situations with control and acceptance instead of resistance.

With control knobs that go all the way up to 11, this incredibly detailed amplifier fridge holds 4.

There is you actually and with control plus may keep most people for the center of newspaper and tv community.

A left arm quick with control and variety he is a real danger and not just a star of the future - he is a star right now.

For instance, a 5-kW equipment with controls and metering devices cost US$11,000 while a 100-kW equipment costs US$64,500.

Without a consistent national approach, with controls to prevent fraud and assess outcomes, the disability sector will remain a swamp.

In November 1980, the 69-year-old Ronald Reagan won 489 electoral college votes against Jimmy Carter's 49, along with control of the Senate.

In 1% of cases control about is used

It's all about control, and if you can take it.

Obama is all about control, power the history of himself.

No boiler? Find out about controls for electric systems too.

It was about control, defying her mother, and even about Will.

PeterD says: 09:37am 09/02/10 Zeta, I think the ' internet filter ' is all about control.

My point was that the Burqa is a cultural phenomenon which is fundamentally about control over women.

According to the Commentary they seem to have been in dispute about control of the trade along the Ganges river.

If it's all about control, then I know the decision not to marry is one thing I have complete control over, without obligation to anyone other than myself.

In 1% of cases control from is used

Uninstalling You can uninstall the Add-In from ' Add or Remove Programs ' options available from control panel.

However, no difference between populations from control fields and problem fields was detected on Cry34/35Ab1 maize (F<0.

By contrast, on Cry3Bb1 maize, survival was three times higher and significantly greater for insects from problem fields than from control fields (P = 0.

In 1% of cases control on is used

See the topics on controls and displays for details.

The tutorial mode really helps newbie gamers get a hold on controls and other gameplay aspects.

I think what the future of internet censorship holds is more emphasis on control and less emphasis on blocking content.

Preventive controls may also be thought of as application controls in the sense that they are embedded in the intended transaction, process, or activity.

Rather than GLP, academic scientists rely on control groups and peer review prior to publication of their research to assess the quality and integrity of the science.

Maybe you are used to relationships that are very controlling of your life and time; but these are never healthy relationships if they are based on control of you or by you.

This should encourage more interdisciplinary study, and reduce outmoded notions of specialist professionalism ' premissed on controlling information (Katsh, 1995: 178-81; Arthurs, 1998).

In 1% of cases control over is used

In the end, this fight is over control.

It sounds counterintuitive, but we're more likely to be successful at something when we are willing to hand over control to a system.

The Dutch and the British established a strong presence and over the years the Europeans competed and fought over control of the rich resources.

Fernandes immediately took over control over the race and built up a gap of 20 seconds to Ana Burgos (ESP) in 2nd and Nadia Cortassa (ITA) in 3rd.

If the trustees deny the request, then the opportunity to once again challenge the league and the trustees over control of the cup is wide open again.

Mysore is the former capital of the Wodeyar rulers who held control of the city for most of its rich past except for a few years when Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali took over control.

Will be interesting to see if Brisbane voters go the same way as they did in the state election or decide to hedge their bets and hand over control of the Council and Mayoralty to Labor.

Jacob Schiff came to the United States with Rothschild capital and took over control of a small jewish banking concern founded by two Cincinnati dry goods merchants Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb.

A complicated way for some old-school CIA clique to get back at DNI &; Pentagon who are slowly taking over control of global intelligence and marginalizing thereby the CIA network as it used to be.

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